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  1. Hi dx100uk, Thank you very much for your email. I am really glad that I found this forum . I have not received any bills from BG for almost 4 years, I never signed anything with them as all my utilities were included in rent. This means I should just relax and ignore them even if they show up at my door ?
  2. Hi everyone , I received this morning a letter from Advantis Credit Ltd regarding an outstanding bill for British Gas (the letter states ending 8/10/2009) .They are asking for almost £ 4 000 in debt . I have been separated from my husband for almost 2 years and we lived at that address when we were students .During our stay there all the bills were included in rent but we have left the property due to a landlord refusal to repair the property. At the beginning of this year after joining Equifax, I received a letters from various collection agencies telling me that I owe them some money .However, is only today I found out about the amount of debt and the name of creditors. I am really stressed about having debt collector at my door or harassing my neighbours ( just moved in a new property).I am thinking of seeking legal advice from a local solicitor, how much do you think they will charge me or is better to give it a go on my own first? Thank you B.
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