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  1. ok thanks Gick. so find their address and send them a letter explaining whats happened ? with the reference number for the parking charge and date of the unauthroised parking ? and tell them my new address ? or email ?
  2. Thanks for the advice guys. ill get in touch with DVLA and get address changed. ill phone smart parking and explain,so tell smart parking letters went to old address as ive not changed address on licence yet ? things are better now between me and my wife,so should get any letters that get sent there
  3. Thank you, after reading about the PCN i never receuved any of the letters from "smart parking" as id not lived at the address since June 2017. The date of the parking was 09/08/2018. The first thing i knew about this was when i was given this letter by my son, the letter from Zenith Collections. should i ring smart parking and ask them about it ? and tell them what happened ?
  4. Hello. today i received a letter from zenith collections saying they want me to pay £160.00 for an unauthrorised parking charge. the address this was sent to is my old address not where i am living now as me and my wife separated in June 2017. i think the other letters from smart parking have also gone there, which ive never seen or been aware of. they are asking me to pay the £160.00 by 17/12/2018 or theyll start court proceedings and ill have to pay solicitors fees court fees etc. i parked by a local health centre not knowing it was smart parking for the health centre as itss not inside actual car park reason i parked there was my blood sugar was low as i am diabetic and it was the nearest place i could stop to go get something sweet as i did not have anything with me in the car. i would like anyones advice on what is the best thing for me to do ? thank you for reading Geddy1961
  5. Will Do Thanks again for the quick replies. Much appreciated
  6. Thanks unclebulgaria67 I will get her to write this letter to Go Skippy. She also lost 9 months no claims bonus from having to change from them to another insurer. So was already losing out from their customer service. And the letters from ICB ? just ignore ? Thanks again
  7. Hello. Im not sure if im posting this in the right section: My wife was 3/4 way through her 12 month car insurance policy (second year with company). We wanted to add me to her insurance when she phoned she was told by the lady that as I am diabetic she wasnt sure if I could be added. She was told we would have to ring again next week to find out if I could be added. We thought this was absurd as I have already been driving for over a year no claims etc. We also needed me to be able to drive by the next week took out insurance with another company who insured us both no problems. Go skippy contacted my wife several times for the remaining £35 of the policy, which with one thing and another has not been paid yet. Today she recieved a letter from "ICB - insurance collections bureau ltd" saying "our client has appointed us to recover the amount of £148.20 to prevent further action being taken" My wife has said she will phone go skippy and offer to pay the £35 to them. i told her never to pay a DCA but shes worried etc any advice please ? Thanks.
  8. Hi again. The guy from ceo's office phoned me today. and told me he looked further into my account etc. He told me i was told when i put in for the home move i was told the landline and broadband would be up and running the day we moved in but the fibre broadband would take a month to be live. which didnt happen.i got a email saying the go live date was not until march 24th when being told broadband would be running february 8th. he said like you told me they had to have it all up and running within 14 days. he said it was no acceptable for me to wait this long. they have waived the £160 they expected me to pay and are refunding the £107.20 i paid them from the £257.20 they said i owed them for the 11 months left on the old contract. Thanks for all the help & advice.
  9. Hello again. any advice on a "deadlock letter" and contacting the ombudsman ? Thanks.
  10. hello again. the guy from talktalk ceo's office told me he would be sending me a "deadlock letter" which then I get in contact with the ombudsman. any advice on this please ? Thanks.
  11. Hello again. I received this email today after declining their offer. I refer to our recent contact via phone in regards to your complaint. I would now like to confirm the outcome of my investigation and the resolution to be offered. You contacted TalkTalk in relation to an outstanding balance that you agreed to pay and due to this being sent to a debt collection agency you have expressed your wish to be refunded for what you have paid and the total outstanding amount to be waived. You were issued the balance due to leaving your contract before the end date of the contract. You agreed to set up a payment plan were you paid £50.00 towards the outstanding balance every month on the 4th of each month starting in the month of May. This was agreed on the 4th April. As you made a late payment in the month of May you deferred on your payment plan and the balance was passed to a debt collection agency. You have stated that due to this you want to be refunded the £107.20 you have paid and want the remaining £160.00 to be waived. As a result of my investigation I would like to offer you a credit to the amount of £50.00. This would leave you with a remaining balance of £110.00. You have already had a £10.00 late payment charged waived on a previous bill. TalkTalk will not be refunding you the amount that you have paid, this is a you agreed to a payment plan and you missed the agreed date to make a payment. This is your responsibility. If you do not accept this offer, we will have reached something called a deadlock situation. In that case, I will provide you with a letter confirming that we have exhausted our internal complaints process and advise you how you can take your complaint to an independent Ombudsman should you wish. I hope this information provides some clarity with regards to your complaint. However, if you do have any further questions I can be contacted directly on 0333-0011-254 Finally, if I haven’t heard back from you within the next 10 working days, I will consider your complaint to be resolved and will close it down on our systems. However as you have already advised that you will be rejecting TalkTalk's offer, I will request you a deadlock letter immediately. Kind regards David Quinn CEO Case Manager
  12. a hold on them not chasing me for the money I guess. the balance was £150,now its £160,£10 was for a late charge he said the reduction was the £10 late charge and £40 to make it the £110. He said £50 was the most he could deduct. Yes I will definatley decline the offer and see what happens from then. thanks for the advice
  13. Hello Again. I spoke to guy at ceo's office this morning. he offered to reduce the balance from £160 to £110. He said he would contact debt collection agency to put their thing on hold. I received a letter form dca yesterday saying if I contacted them they would reduce the payment also. I am definatley not paying a dca. any advice on what I should do about the reduction from talktalk ? accept or decline ? Thanks
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