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Found 22 results

  1. Hello again CAG, it's been too long! You'll be pleased to hear (I hope) that my own debt problems are now behind me, however I'm now looking for some help for my wife. She recently received a letter from Moorcroft regarding a Thames Water debt. Moorcroft state the amount outstanding is £692.48, and that they have asked their local representative to call on the 28th November. I would normally fire off a CCA request, however, as I understand it, Utility debts aren't covered by the CCA. What would you lovely CAGers recommend as my next step? We've talked about sorting her debts a
  2. To quote from Thames Water on their Assessed Household Charge Now I was assessed in late 2008 and placed in band 1 and have been billed band 1 ever since. Only recently did I discover that the single rate also exists so have applied for it and been accepted. Now luckily I have a copy of my original meter assessment form (completed and signed on the day of my assessment) which states on it 1 bed 1 person.......... I can't remember a bill or leaflet that advertised that they had brought in a lower rate I was eligible for or I would have applied for it. So the q
  3. Thames Water has a fund in place which can help to pay your water bills if you satisfy their hardship criteria. If you have used this fund before or if you decide to use it now, we would be interested to hear about your experiences of it. You can post in the Utilities forum:- http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/forumdisplay.php?121-Utilities-Gas-Electricity-Water Other water providers may well provide similar schemes. Check on their websites and let us know.
  4. Hi guys, I received my last water bill a while ago and it's double what the previous bill was. I'm having problems understanding what's going because there have been no major changes to the house. They had been sending people round to access the meter in our front garden which they have never done before. It was a rather bizarre incident. These guys showed up and asked who they should write to at this address and I explained that we were already with Thameswater and I didn't understand what's going on. I don't know if we're getting
  5. Hi Just posting this in case something more happens. I am a tenant in a privately rented house which we have lived in now for two and half years. We pay all the utility bills, water, gas, electric ourselves. I receive my water bill by email from Thames Water, and it comes regularly every 6 months in April and October, and I always pay on time. Imagine my surprise to receive an email from Thames Water this morning, informing me that my account is closed, and enclosing the final bill! Strange really as we are still living at the same location and have not notified
  6. I wonder if someone could kindly advise what to do regarding and outstanding debt my brother has with Thames Water. The gist of it is that he has fallen behind on his payments with Thames Water and now owes about £500. He advised me that he keeps getting letters from Robinson Way threatening legal action / doorstep collection if amount is not paid. Well he got home from work this morning and there was a card left for him to call someone at power2contact within 24 hours to avoid any further action. He is worried sick on what to do next and does not want the debt to increase and t
  7. After sorting my brothers water issues out a while back with help from fellow CAG's my OH has fallen behind with a couple of statement payments totalling approx £600. Now received latest billing for approx £260. To cut a long story short doorstep collection bloke turns up unexpected and OH assumes it is someone from TW and agrees there and then a repayment plan for £30 per month. Unbeknown to me (until my now involvement) she received acknowledgement of plan from a company called Credit Solutions. She made 4 payments totalling £120 but the amount outstanding had not
  8. Hi I have a problem with my water changes as below if anyone can help please. Actual water usage for period 01 April 2013 to 20 February 2014 (365 days) Fresh water used= 11.87 price per m3 = 128.43 Fresh water used £15.24 Fixed charge £25.01 Used water disposal £8.36 Fixed charge £50.01 I didn't use much water & the fixed charges amounts to way more than the water. I asked if they were allowed to charges so much & they claimed they were. I'm very annoyed with them because they claim that this is for work done. Bu
  9. On Friday I received a threatening letter from Advantis regarding an unpaid water bill. 1. The bill was for the flat I left over 18 months ago. 2. The flat has been empty since then. 3. I was up to date when I moved (was moved, sheltered housing) and Thames water were informed. 4. My current water charges are paid for in the rent and so I don't have an account with Thames or any other company. I contacted Thames water and explained this and told them I had no intention of paying this and why. They told me to get the housing association to contact them with details of the pa
  10. Pls i'm in need of urgent help with a bryan carter litigations proceeding on behalf of thames water( £853.). Received a claim form from Northampton(CCBC) dated 16/10/2013 but received 21/10/2013. I am a novice at this sort of things. I initially called BC to try and arrange a kind of repayment plan but they are bullying me into making a monthly payment plan I can not afford. don't know if that was a good idea. Now stumbled on this forum . The particulars of claim says " Pursuant to section 142 and 143 of the water industry act 1991 The claimant claims 85
  11. Ofwat, the water regulator, has confirmed that it has turned down Thames Water's request to increase customer bills by up to 8% next year. Thames had asked to add an extra £29, or 8%, to the annual average household bill for 2014-15. But the regulator has ruled that it must stick to a 1.4%-above-inflation maximum rise, set in the latest price review. The company said it was reviewing the decision carefully. It has the option to appeal against the decision to the Competition Commission. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-24864714
  12. Ofwat, the water regulator, says it plans to block Thames Water's request to increase customer bills by up to 8% next year. The regulator has published a draft decision blocking Thames Water's request for the interim increase. Thames had asked to add an extra £29 to the annual average household bill. The draft decision will be followed by a short period of consultation to allow for any new evidence. The final decision is due in November. Thames says it has faced extra costs of £291m, because various items have cost more than the amount estimated when the price regime was s
  13. Good afternoon everyone! I've been renting a room in a flat with live in Landlord for 5 months. The landlord and his 2 little daughters live in the other room of this 2 bedroom flat. I didn't register with Thames Water and have no idea why the bill came in my name. I don't mind paying bills, but this situation seems ridiculous. As far as I know everywhere people pay around £100 pounds a year(!) for water. But here they ask £500 for the 4 month's period. The landlord receives benefits from the Council and it is very easy to establish who is the main person here. Why on
  14. Thames Water has asked its regulator, Ofwat, for permission to raise prices. It wants to put up bills by about £29 per household during 2014-15, but has asked Ofwat if it can spread the rise over more than one year. The company says the rise is needed because of increases in Environment Agency charges and to cover the cost of preparing for the construction of the Thames Tideway Tunnel. Ofwat will examine the proposal and make a decision in three months. More...
  15. Amazing. Just called ThamesWater - you know, one of those companies which doesn't seem to pay much tax and whose CEO only got £274,000 bonus because he didn't do very well. I wanted to inform them about a new address and to open a new account. I asked them what the fixed charges were for and the woman told me that it was for maintaining the meter and for taking meter readings. I said great, so you'll be round to read the meter, then. She said, No - we don't do that on moving in. You'll have to do it yourself. When I started to point out that this didn't seem to make sense when she had
  16. Hi Folks - I alongwith my wife lived as a lodger for around 6 months in one of the rooms in this property with resident live in landlord. On one morning (November 2012) I saw a letter addressed to me mentioning "Urgent - Do not Ignore", and found that it was a letter from Moorcroft (on behalf of Thames water) asking for paying debt of around GBP 300 as a matter of urgency !! I never ever contacted Thames water and had never had any agreement with them or requested their services at all ... Neither I ever gave my address to them nor I understand how they got to know that I l
  17. I have noticed on the bill Thames Water have a charge for waste water to be treated. Was this always the case but not itemised? As I have never seen this on a bill before. Seems like an extra revenue source has been created to squeeze consumers pockets further. Thanks.
  18. One week ago I moved in a flat which I am going to leave by January as the house is going to be sold, Today I received this letter: The Landlord is unwilling to pay this bill and says that before moving in we agreed that I would be paying all bills except council tax. What should I do in this case? Should I write Thames water that it is unlawful to disconnect the supply as the property is occupied??
  19. I recently checked my credit file and have discovered something that I don't understand. It is under the heading Thames Credit HBOS it is a bank account that was opened in 1998 - with an opening balance of £634 and a current balance of £868. I didn't open a bank account around this time and I also definitely wasn't in debt at this time. What can I do about it? All the entries are starting in Dec 2008 D - then US or D until September this year. Thanks
  20. Hello everyone. I have a situation and I'm really confused what to do. Me and my bf live in a rented house. Twoo weeks ago someone rings the landline and asks for someone who we've never heard of. My bf answered the phone and said that this person doesn't live here. They ask for his name as a referer and he gave it to them. Last week we receive a bill for £2700 dated 3 years back till now. That was a really nasty suprise. When we moved in we signed a tenancy agreement(it's just my name on it) that the rent we pay each month is inclusive of all utility bills. Once we received the letter, my bf
  21. I've been on before under a different username (can't recall the password!). Summary of previous history is that I was sent claims for 4 debts from Thames Credit, which were from more than 6 years previous. I sent the Statute Barred letters from the library for each of them by recorded delivery, and had letters back asking that I get in touch by telephone with them to discuss why I thought that they were Statute Barred - which I ignored. In the last few months, I've started getting letters from Aktiv Kapital (who owned the now defunct Thames Credit), chasing the smallest of the loa
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