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Found 22 results

  1. Guide to taking in a Lodger What is a Lodger? A Lodger is a person who rents a room in your home without having exclusive rights to any part of the property. Usually there is a formal arrangement in place that sets out the rooms that the Lodger can use and those that they share with the rest of the household (e.g. the kitchen, living room and bathroom) for an agreed payment. Close family members such as a parent, step parent or parent-in-law, a son or daughter, step son or step daughter, a son-in-law or daughter-in-law, a brother or sister are not normally c
  2. Back in August I moved into a 2 bedroom flat that was sold to me as a 2 bedroom self contained flat. The landlady is now beginning to cause me some issues. She keeps referring to me as a lodger, and the 'Lodgers Agreement'. True, I do have a lodgers agreement, but she does not live in the property. The landlady is getting shirty with me having people round, namely, I have begun dating someone, and she has an issue with him staying. She was quite vile to him the other day, and made reference to the fact that he is 'moving in'. This is not true, he occasionally stays over as we
  3. A friend is interested in moving in for an uncertain amount of time and i wanted to get an idea of how this works as i am on benefits. I am currently receiving ESA and DLA as well as having my rent (minus the under occupancy charge for one spare room) and council tax paid. My friend works self employed as a pointer. If he was to officially move in what would be the repercussions? I found some information on Housing Benefit. It appears i would no longer receive the bedroom tax cut and anything upto £20 in rent charges to my friend would also be ignored as income for myself. Does
  4. Hi there, I'm having some problems to get the balance of my deposit back, this is £290. I have sent 3 emails to my former landlord and he said that I'm his lodger, I don't have any right and they are not willing to give me anything back. The problem is I'm not his lodger, he didn't live in the property. The landlord is a business of 2 Spanish guys (agency) taking advantage of other foreigners in London. They rent properties through letting agencies and they sublet every inch in the house to people. We were living in London 8 people in a house with one bathroom. As far as I know the o
  5. Dear all. My tenant are asking me to repair the rear fence. However, because of the different configuration of the garden behind us, our rear fence is actually the neighbour’s left hand fence. If this is the case, then are we still definitely responsible for this fence? The deeds do not say whose fence it is! Does anybody have any ideas please?
  6. Guide to taking in a Lodger What is a Lodger? A Lodger is a person who rents a room in your home without having exclusive rights to any part of the property. Usually there is a formal arrangement in place that sets out the rooms that the Lodger can use and those that they share with the rest of the household (e.g. the kitchen, living room and bathroom) for an agreed payment. Close family members such as a parent, step parent or parent-in-law, a son or daughter, step son or step daughter, a son-in-law or daughter-in-law, a brother or sister are not normally c
  7. Would really appreciate some sound advice. I have my landlord's permission to sub-let a room in my home. This income covers the shortfall between my HB and my monthly rent. On Saturday, my new lodger paid a holding deposit and two weeks' rent in advance after we had verbally agreed to an initial three month tenancy. (He originally viewed the room three weeks ago.) The guy was desperate to move in and it was all very last minute. (He and his girlfriend had been having significant relationship problems.) We agreed terms and I promised to provide him with a Licence to Lodge the
  8. Hi all We had a long term lodger in our home, a female, who stayed here for about 3 years We know she was having financial problems, but four weeks ago, she just packed up and left, leaving us in the dark She kept telling us she would be back, but never returned Now we're getting debt collection letters through the door, addressed to her We also found a bunch of opened ones in the room she let One of them was about her car, which was towed away about 7 months ago, because she stopped paying tax on it, from what we've found out through one of her fri
  9. Hi, apologies if this question has already been asked - I've searched and haven't been able to come up with anything answering my questions. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I'm in quite a muddle! I was a lodger in a landlady's house for two months last year. I paid a deposit of £420 and signed a lodger licence agreement (relevant clauses given below). My landlady is now refusing to return my deposit for the following reasons: (1) A month's prospective rent (£420) lost because my room was in such a state that she was unable to show the room to prospective tennants and was unable t
  10. Hi, I am helping a friend sort out a problem he has with his council. He left his wife and started a new relationship a few years ago. This didn't work out and moved back in a separate room. For the last 6 years he has hardly been able to work but has not claimed any benefits etc. The council have looked over their housing benefit claim and are saying that he can't be a lodger as the he had been in a previous relationship with his ex-wife. They had put that he was living there and ticked that they wasn't related. I have looked at the tenants handbook and on t
  11. I am/was a lodger in a house where the landlady also lives. I know that under the law, because I was only a lodger, I have no rights and the landlady can treat me as she pleases. But I just want to see if there is anything that I can do because I do feel I have been treated unfairly. I went away for a week. Whilst I was away, the landlady let someone else use my room. When I came back, that person was still using my room, so I had to use a much smaller room and bed for a week. I no longer had access to the fridge and all my toiletries had been removed from the bathroom. Also, there was no
  12. LODGER INFORMATION PACK ALWAYS SEEK ADVICE AND CONSENT IN WRITING FROM YOUR LANDLORD This pack is intended to be used by council and housing association tenants who are thinking about letting a spare bedroom in their home to a lodger. The pack takes the form of: Ø A series of questions and answers about things you need to think about and do before you let your spare room to a lodger. Ø A lodger licence agreement which you can use to establish an agreement between yourself and your lodger. Lodgers some basic information What is a Lodger? A lodger is
  13. Hi All, I'm new here so fingers-crossed that this is in the correct forum. Until around 3 weeks ago I had a former friend lodging at my home. He was only here, on & off, for around 6 weeks, I had to throw him out because he caused substantial damage to my home and neither arranged to have the damage made good, paid for it to be done or even apologised (& I'm talking about what will in total be over 1,000). I've since received a number of items of post addressed to him. Today when I got home another one had been delievered except I didn't notice it was for him until aft
  14. Hi Folks - I alongwith my wife lived as a lodger for around 6 months in one of the rooms in this property with resident live in landlord. On one morning (November 2012) I saw a letter addressed to me mentioning "Urgent - Do not Ignore", and found that it was a letter from Moorcroft (on behalf of Thames water) asking for paying debt of around GBP 300 as a matter of urgency !! I never ever contacted Thames water and had never had any agreement with them or requested their services at all ... Neither I ever gave my address to them nor I understand how they got to know that I l
  15. I will shortly have to pay the shortfall in rent as my house will be under occupied. I currently have non dependents here whose income is not taken into account wrt to HB or CTC as I am in receipt of DLA. If I were to get a lodger, would their income also not be taken into account as with my non dependent adult children, or as they are not related, is that different? Also, how would any money they pay towards the household bills be taken into account for HB, CTB or even my ESA (ir)? Thank you.
  16. Hi all Have recently found myself in a situation that I can't quite believe... At the beginning of 2012, my lodger moved in. He lived here 11 months and moved out on the 1 Dec 2012. At least, he officially moved out, the fact is, he only took a couple of car loads of stuff and then said he'd back for the rest of his stuff. Apart from a couple of phone calls, I've not heard from him at all and, he never turned up at the agreed times. Funnily enough though, he forgot to cancel his Standing Order so I got another months rent out of him for December that I was more than happy to keep. Hi
  17. Ive had a 'friend' staying with me for 5 months. I drafted a written tenancy agreement with him and stated I was happy to wait until he had sorted out housing benefit to pay rent to me or to the housing association that the house belongs to. Written permission from the association was sought and granted, and the application was put in. After 5 months of him piddling about I finally had enough as I hadn't received a penny. I told him rent in a week or your out. He subsequently did a bunk leaving the house in a disgusting state as I had been away for a couple of weeks looking after an
  18. Hi, I'm currently claiming Income-Based JSA and receiving £71 per week. I am considering taking in a lodger under the Rent a Room Scheme. The rent would be £85 per week. How would that affect my benefit? At present I'm not liable for Council Tax either would that be affected? Any replies would be appreciated. Thanks Terry
  19. Hi, I am new to this site, so not sure about where to post my questions...hence putting it into the 'Welcome' section...I have had a very nasty experience with my landlord... I rented a double room in a flat sharing system; this was my first time as a lodger...On the 10th of September (Monday), I deposited a full month's rent of £450 directly into the bank account of my landlord and then collected the key and put some of my stuff in, before leaving for london..The flat had two rooms, one for me and the other for another lodger...The landlord would use a bedroom put in the living room, ov
  20. Hello there, i hope you can help. Is there anything i can do to get out of a 6 month contract as a lodger? My live in landlord isn't a very nice person at all, this evening I have just sat with him and suggested that this agreement is not working however he refuses to return my deposit and let me leave. My deposit is not protected, it appears that as i am lodger, he does not need to put it into a protected scheme, he will not give me a receipt, he tells me bank statement is fine, and i am pretty sure that regardless of how quiet i am or how much i clean the house, i will not get my deposit b
  21. Hi people. I have a notice of distress warrant for a magistrates court fine. I have read that for magistrates court fines bailiffs do have the power to force entry. But the house where I live is not mine, the landlord/house owner lives here and I'm a lodger and receive housing benefit for my rent here. Can they force entry under these circumstances? Thanks in advance.
  22. Hi, I had a lodger about 4 years ago who was from Poland. he got a job here, very nice chap. He moved about after about a year and I haven't heard from him since. I was getting post for him for a while occasionally, but now more worryingly I am getting banking post - e.g. credit cards and bank accounts - for him AND his wife. How do I approach Lloyds bank, for instance - about this? I contacted them a year or two back but they just kept saying as I wasn't the account holder they wouldn't tell me anything - I kept trying to explain I didn't actually want to know anything - just w
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