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  1. Thanks for pointing that out, I should have read the fine print!!
  2. Thanks so much, didn't realise that. Much appreciated!!! T
  3. Hi, I've just switched electricity supplier and they debited my bank account for the monthly payment on the same day I switched over to them. As I was expecting to pay a month in arrears this has left me short of cash. Is it normal for them to do that? Doesn't seem right. T
  4. Can anyone give me some advice about this please?
  5. Sorry for the late reply, no I don't know who it was sold to. Would knowing that be useful? Yes, it's from the letter I send back in February.
  6. The estate agent put my property on the market on 26 June at £79,950 Then continually reduced it as follows: 2 August - £72,500 31 August - 65,000 21 Sept - Sold at £62,000 Does the above seem reasonable? I'd appreciate some feedback. Thanks
  7. Thanks, I'm going through the information. Do you know how long I have to dispute the selling price?
  8. I now have all the info from the SAR. What should I do now?
  9. Hi Ell-enn, Thank you so much for posting the text of the letter. It's much appreciated, I'll get it sent off recorded. Thanks Tez
  10. Thanks Andy, just tried it again but I still can't access it.
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