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  1. Thanks for that honeybee, that's made me realise I was entirely muddled. I'd thought you could draw down 25% of your whole pension pot tax free, but that clearly demonstrates that 25% of any tax year's withdrawals are tax free, the rest is taxed at your normal rate. So withdrawing 15,000 would be silly. That would be why the IFA recommended getting an interest free deal on a new car. So I could drawn down 5,000 and pay that as a deposit then a month later draw down 4,000 or whatever to pay the year's monthly installments. That would mean at any one time the amount I held would be beneath the s
  2. If someone has an income draw down pension and decides to draw down a large amount to buy a new car, say £15,000 as an example. The day it arrives in their account they pay the garage having pre-ordered the car; how does that 15,000 they had in their account for less than a day affect their income related benefits? Thank you to anyone who can advise. Thank you.
  3. Thank you so much Margaret. An adviser had told me they wouldn't be entitled to esa but that says different. Also the fact they can claim housing benefit is going to make the difference needed to be able to do the course so that's fantastic.
  4. Hi I wonder if you can help me. Someone with various disabilities is starting a full time vocational undergraduate degree at university. They receive lrc and lrm of DLA indefinitely. They will be receiving all the necessary support via DSA though obviously that doesn't provide money. They are single with no dependants. Unlike other students because of their disabilities they will not be able to work at all to supplement their income. They have no parental support available. Are they entitled to housing benefit towards the cost of their halls fees? The cost of that alone is almost ev
  5. Yes the DWP are very rarely there at all and them not being there is no reason at all to adjorn a Tribunal. I've attended many Tribunal's and the DWP have only attended one and as you say, the Judge gave him a right earful!
  6. Rapha, there is a difference between SDA (given to people with severe impairments regardless of their 'ability') and ESA (given to people who are unable to work due to disability or illness). On the face of it, I do agree with some of the ideology of it. However the flaw in the plan is many people are deemed fit to work by the ESA50 form and assessment process when they are definitely not just because they don't meet the set criteria. The ESA assessment needs changing NOW, rather than blaming and binning Atos as has been done. But looking at where we are now, your brother's partner is mo
  7. I don't think being deaf in and of itself would make someone eligible for ESA. Do they have additional problems, socially, emotionally etc.? I think we would need to know more to be able to advise about an application. I have 2 close friends who have no hearing at all and both work full time for example.
  8. Sometimes it would matter if the other people were deemed to be supporting you, such as a partner, and the form is such that it 'captures all'. Just fill the form in and you will be fine.
  9. I think I'm getting somewhere with this. I've managed to arrange by email an inspection for a couple of months time when I ought to be able to have some support at home and e.on have said they will inspect both the gas and electric meters that day so that should then give me a 2 year break. I also had a letter from e.on today telling me applications are now open for the warm home discount for the coming winter so I have applied for that online. If I have any criticism of that process, it's that I don't get an email telling me my application has been received (though the webpage when I di
  10. Not odd at all. A person would normally change their address for their accounts to their new address and if they are sofa surfing so that is difficult then they need to find a friend or relative who is not claiming benefits so that he can use their address as a care of address. Failing that, the DWP can provide an adress for mail to go to as they do for homeless people. Him having his accounts set at your address creates a financial tie between you and muddies the waters as to whether you are a couple. It's simple to reectify, ask him to change all of his addresses to somewhere else so you cut
  11. She can spend her savings on a holiday or such. Why would she need to pay for a council property? You don't even pay a deposit when renting a LA prooerty, just rent weekly in advance and HB can be claimed for that if needed. Some money is useful as the property won't be carpetted, and will need curtains and a cooker etc but £16,000 is signficantly more than would be needed for that. Maybe she is worrying unecessarily about expenses? Also as she is housed I would assume adequately at her parents she will be way down the list, in my LA someone like that would unlikely be housed at all and would
  12. Because his mental health was such that he didn't have the strength to appeal so accepted the sanction that the Government gave him due to attempts to cut the welfare budget. So the budget cuts led to the increased sanctions which are impossible to deal with if you do not have the mental capacity to fight them so indirectly the budget cuts did kill him so the title is not misleading. It's only those who are mentally strong or have family support that can get through this.
  13. Well done! It took about 5-6 weeks to get my backpayment when I won my appeal. Hopefully yours won't be too long.
  14. one too many noughts then CitB Sad though that is, it's a totally different story/thread/topic.
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