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  1. Yes, a few people had a look (and smell) before rapidly exiting! He's left an absolute ton of clothes, quite a few pieces of musical and electrical equipment and a stack of other miscellaneous personal items. Yes I could store it if necessary but, want shot of it all as soon as possible (and would be reluctant to sell any of it as it's all probably so contaminated, any recipients would keel over... )
  2. He has a full-time job that he manages to get to every day so, yes, I'd say he does. I know where he lives now too.
  3. Yes, have documented the whole process of removing everything in both photo and video form (including some heartbreaking footage taken today of my poor dad quite-literally nearly passing out while pouring the contents of the even-more-unpleasant homemade toilet into the drain as the smell was so disgusting)...
  4. Hi all Have recently found myself in a situation that I can't quite believe... At the beginning of 2012, my lodger moved in. He lived here 11 months and moved out on the 1 Dec 2012. At least, he officially moved out, the fact is, he only took a couple of car loads of stuff and then said he'd back for the rest of his stuff. Apart from a couple of phone calls, I've not heard from him at all and, he never turned up at the agreed times. Funnily enough though, he forgot to cancel his Standing Order so I got another months rent out of him for December that I was more than happy to keep. Hi
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