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  1. Hi all - sorry about the photos - I willt ry again later but they are orientated the right way on my PC. Just to clarify, the company said:"Please therefore confirm a date within 4 weeks from the date of this email for me to book our engineering team to come and remove the door. This allows you sufficient time to commission another company to replace the door on the day we remove ours. On this day, we will process the refund required back to you." Apologies if I created the wrong impression by saying rip out the doors but they did give me a 4 week deadline.
  2. Hi all, I had a garage door supplied and fitted in May and to cut a long story short, there was a long list of issues to sort out after installation. The company have returned a couple of times but they have now said that I will never be satisfied so they will come and rip out the door (they have already removed my old one and disposed of it) within 4 weeks and that I must engage another company to come and fit a door for me on the same day. I purchased it with a deposit and the rest on 12 months IFC . I thought that the payments had already started but the finance company advised me not to sign a certificate of satisfaction until I was satisfied. I told the door company that I would sign it but still state I was dissatisfied with the cosmetic look as the garage door does not lie flush with the outside brickwork and inside, there is evidence of poor workmanship. my next door neighbour's garage lies flush with the wall. The company have said "The garage door has been installed in this position to allow the operation of the door to be used for its full capability. " I am currently waiting for them to come and put a new handle in the door as the handle has fallen off. I have attached some photos of the door. My question is - can the company come and remove my door and leave me without a door? I don't want a refund - I just want them to realise that I am not happy with the way it looks but I do want them to be paid. I have already called 5 other companies who have already told me I must wait months due to needing a survey, the door having to be made and then installed.
  3. I've taken your advice. AD were great. They're replacing the machine with a brand new one at the same price and refunding the delivery charge. Thank you all!
  4. Thanks. I've actually talked to the CAB and they have referred it to Trading Standards for being an unsafe or dangerous product as the casing is open. AD, the supplier insisted it was cosmetic damage - let's see what Trading Standards say.
  5. Hi all, I purchased a PAC from Appliance Direct for £239 - some £60 below the brand new version for an A3 grade PAC. It arrived Saturday and I unpacked last night (filming it) and found that the casing was cracked and a line of tape covering some of it. I have attached photos before. I have informed AD and rejected it - yet to hear from them, but the original product page said that A3 grading was "moderate exterior damage". Who thinks a cracked case in an air conditioner is safe and whether it is reasonable to sell a product like this and class it as "moderate exterior damage". I expected dents or scratches perhaps, but not a crack as shown. Surely this is unacceptable?
  6. Indeed. I think the most concerning thing for me was the prospect of a sale being forced and I think the CH1 has precluded this.
  7. Indeed as though there is a claim number, no documentation exists. It is actually a fascinating case. Though I will still have to decide what to do if MC start threatening me...
  8. "Do you know if permission was sought with your Mortgageproviders ?" I very much doubt it as I wasn't asked to seek permission from my lender and I am sure that they didn't approach me as I have never heard from my lender on the subject. So it could be that this has fallen foul of the lender requiring consent. Also - your links are fascinating - this in particular, though I am not sure that this is applicable to me as this was about a mortgage: "Therefore, as more than 12 years has passed without acknowledgment or payment, the whole of your client’s debt is statute barred. The debt purchaser’s rights to repossess are statute barred and its rights under the secured agreement are extinguished. The fact that the debt is statute barred does not mean that it does not exist and does not, in law, stop the debt purchaser trying to recover it by any means other than court action. The debt purchaser is, therefore, entitled to pursue the debt by any legitimate methods that do not involve court action. However, as there had been no contact with your client for more than 12 years, under 3.14(b) of the recently revised OFT Debt Collection Guidance, it should not continue to press for payment once your client has said she will not be paying the debt. Continuing to pursue the debt in this situation could amount to harassment under s40(1) Administration of Justice Act 1970." Mine was not a judgement debt - it was voluntary of course - so perhaps my case is a new one of its type. There doesn't seem to be a precedent,case/statutory law to help me decide!
  9. "A copy of the original credit card agreement is not enclosed as it is not held electronically or in a relevant manual filing system. If it is held it will be in a manual format in a non relevant filing system (as defined by the UK Data Privacy Laws). HSBC is satisfied its search procedure meets the Information Commissioner's guidance." From HFC Bank,22nd March 2019.
  10. Just heard from a lawyer that I consulted with last week before I posted here and they are still looking at the situation - but the colleague I spoke to briefly - now seems to think that MC could still take me to court and enforce the charging order before the 12 years expires and then after this time enforce it against me. She felt that the charging order means that the debt cannot be statute barred even though the CCJ may have been set aside! Now she did say this was following a brief review of the documentation I sent over - which you've all seen - and they would get back to me later in the week following a full review. I totally feel that you guys are right as you are so experienced in this type of thing, but how would you rebut what she said?
  11. Thanks Andy - you have been telling me that. Now that I know no records exist anywhere and Weightmans may or may not come back to me, (but cannot see them admitting reneging on our agreement) I can rest easy knowing that MC cannot do anything - it is just bluff and bluster. Thanks to all of you guys - especially Andy and DX for magnificent and patient help.
  12. Right - so I can just sit tight and ignore rather than prod the bear.
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