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  1. I took out a Virgin Money/MBNA credit card in 2005 to take advantage of their 0% balance transfer offer. To cut a long story short, Virgin steadily upped the credit limit over the following three years, in late 2008 I wrote a credit card cheque for several thousand pounds to pay for a home extension. The global economy crashed the following week and I found myself without employment, my wife petitioned for divorce, I became homeless etc etc with, amongst other things, a credit card balance of over £13k After years of being grindingly poor I am now starting
  2. I have had a Loan, overdraft and credit card with Lloyds bank which they have agreed to freeze the interest on. They’ve had said that from this I will then have 1 default on my credit file on 6 years and within 35 my account will be passed over to the collections team and then the recovery team. What does this mean? It totals about £10K but I’m worried about bailiffs!
  3. Dear All, I received an email today from Stockslegal stating I have not responded to previous nor arranged repayment of my outstanding liability. In the circumstances our instructions are to commence legal proceedings against you.. It goes on to say in terms of prospective legal proceedings they ask me to please note that our clients position, HSBC, is fully reserved in terms of the choice between a) Debt revery proceedings or b) Bankruptcy.. There is some more info giving me another 7 days to make proposals to pay the debt. Then the last paragraph says please not
  4. Hello people, I hope you can help. I worked in Abu Dhabi about 5 years ago. Had a credit card and used it after I left. Originally I was only about 1,500 GBP in debt. Kept paying a bit off when I could but the interest and bank charges were massive. I wasn't able to afford it any longer as whenever I paid it didn't make a difference so I just left it. The bank charges and interest were so big that the debt doubled every year. It's around 9,000 GBP now. I was also able to take a loan out on the credit card. I'm not exactly sure how this works but it w
  5. Hi guys, I've been trying to read and learn as much as I can from this site, but there's a lot to learn! I used to have a Vanquis credit card, unfortunately I couldn't afford payments because I was off work for a few years due to illness. Apparently I defaulted in November 2010 (according to my Noddle credit report), I've been receiving letters from Lowell but I've been throwing them away, hoping that the debt will become statute barred and forgotten about. The other day I got a claim form from Northampton County Court (I've attached the form), they are claiming a total of £1,97
  6. Hello Everyone, It took me more than 3 years to have the courage to write it and I wonder if any of you can advice me what to do. I had two credit cards back in 2009, I went through incredibly tough time and even had no place to live so eventually couldn't make payments. Eventually I went behind payments October 2009 on first credit card of £1545.00 and second one of £1445.00. I wrote to them asking to take £800 each as final settlement even this much a friend of mine was helping me with but never heard from them. (that was in October 2009). I had no place to live after March
  7. Can anyone help? I have some large credit card debts on about 5 cards. I have sent a standard letter asking for a copy of the CCA and had replies back but some seem a bit dodgy. I'm no expert sp I joined the forum to see if there is any help here for me. Do I tell them that I dont think they have complied with what I asked for and put the account in dispute and pay the £10 for the SAR? Are they legally entitled to chase me for payments while the account is in dispute? I can post documents if anyone wants to have a look. Cheers
  8. Hello, I just received my information back from the Royal Bank of Scotland today from a SAR I sent them end of June 2014. One of the requests I made was for my RBoS MasterCard Credit Cards. I received all of my credit card statements from 2004 but they only go as far back as October 2001. I had my credit card from the mid 1990's So I contacted the SAR Team at RBoS Cards Customer Services at Southend-On-Sea (0845 835 5470) I told them I only received my credit card statements but they only went as far back as October 2001. I was also told that they chang
  9. hi all In 2002 my mum was sent a letter with an application form for a Capital one credit card. She signed the form and sent it back as she's never been offered credit before and was quite excited. She was unemployed at the time as she is long term disabled. She didnt sign an actual agreement, they just sent her a credit card. It was a normal Cap1 credit card. After a month it went up to a silver card, then a silver sleepy kitty card, then a gold card. She was making regular payments and was well on top of it. Then one month she was late with the payment an
  10. Hi All, My problem is this (this could turn into a rant due to me frustration, so apologies now lol): I got a credit card with Sainsburys bank in 2003 In 2006 I had an accident and ended up out of work, as a result i incurred an awful lot of overlimit and unpaid DD charges plus interest. I went for debt advice and was told to offer a £1 a week for the foreseeable future while I got back on my feet. (At the same time I nearly lost my house and had to VS my car and i was suffering with anxiety and depression) What I wasn't told by Sainsbury's Bank is that the agre
  11. Hi , my wife had an old Halifax account that she hasn't used in over 5 years (last used around Feb 2008) and she accrued a debt of over £1400 on the credit card + £500 on overdraft. The original debts were well below these figures but added charges + accrued interest on top, makes these figures as things stand. We then left for Australia as part of my work, and only recently been back. Fast forward now, and the greed machine have been grinding away hard, the latest company to have taken over is Bryan Carter LLP (no less !). This outfit now sent a lett
  12. hi im new to this forum so dont know if this is the right place to post. last year i recieved a ccj claim form i defended with a amended defence as i ran out of time to force them to cpmly with my cpr31 request and now i recieved a notice of transfer to my county court for summary judgement. i have not recievde from them any of the items on the cpr but i did a dsar request to halifax and found out that i originaly borrowed 4000 but have repaid 12000 over the years with all the charges for being overdraft and late payments my debt is still 4000 plus interst my question is how should i
  13. My partner has a graduate loan and credit card with hsbc. The guy at the time said he'd 'sort out' the fact that he didn't work full time. Boxes were ticked by the guy after he left the bank. There was also some ppi. My fiance has written to them several times regarding the ppi and their response has always been that they have thwarted wrong signature on file and can he go into his local branch and sign something and get them to take photocopies of Id. He's done this 3 times. We sent a sar to them a few weeks ago after reading the info on this site.
  14. Hi All, I use section 75 a lot. Unfortunately i have found that the credit card companies deliberately make it as difficult as possible to claim. This ranges from using low quality staff with no legal skills or experience and arming them with counter policy to claiming letters are lost in post. I have found taking matters to the FOS is unreliable - and depends on who you get - and very often they make judgements counter to law. I note that Section 75 is spread across CAG. I have put this tread together to try and catch as many section 75 experiences as possible, and hope we
  15. Hello All, (sorry I think I may have posted the first copy in wrong area...newbie lol) I hope someone can give me some advice on this matter as not sure where to go from here? In a nutshell, 6 months ago HSBC closed my credit card account after I alerted them to fact I hadn't received my new card at the same time as got my debit card as usual (I only noticed a few months later as I only use my card in particular times of year). They were in process of sending it out to me again when the account was closed with no notes and no one signing off on it, according the the advisor who had b
  16. Hi All, Having finally come to terms with the severity of my financial situation i am now about to start my first steps with the kind help of StepChange. Your help, advice and guidance will be greatly appreciated as i have no income and have to leave my privately rented flat within a month... My current account with HSBC has had an agreed overdraft limit of £2000 for about the past 5 years ( having had a reasonably paid job ). I also have a credit card with them with a limit of £12,000. My account has been incurring charges for about the last 5 months and recently i have has letters
  17. Hello, I recently purchased a gas boiler that was brand new but old stock and heavily discounted from 7k - 1.5k On the face of it a great deal complete with warranty from a quality manufacturer, on offer from a supplier I use at least once a year, this time for my personal property. In a nutshell the boiler arrived minus gas shut off valve, minus controller, connection pipes and manuals, guarantees etc. The boiler was being installed and was required urgently due to a new arrival, this was made clear at the time of purchase and that time was of the essence.. It to
  18. Hi I'm currently in dispute with a hire car company over a refuelling charge. I have raised my query and they are, they say, investigating it. The transaction is for more than £100 and was paid for by credit card (Mastercard). The hire car company has already processed the charge for the disputed amount. What's people's view on whether or not I should inform the CC company now, or wait until I have a response from the hire car company? One twist is that the hire car company has processed two separate charges, each for less than £100 - does this change things or can I link
  19. 2 YEARS AGO I STARTED PAYING THE CAPITAL ONE CREDIT CARD WHICH IS NOW CLAIMED BY LOWELL. I STARTED DEFAULTING ON THEM IN 2006. I AM NOT SURE WHETHER I ASKED for a CCA file or not but all of their correspondence mention the original creditor name. So far I have been advised by DX to send them a CCA file. Which I shall do as soon as my printer is fixed. A new development is that none of these appear on my Equifax credit file any more. Do they still have enforcement powers as I have been paying them a statutory payment for each account. They have offered discounts in the past.
  20. 2 YEARS AGO I STARTED PAYING THE LLOYDS TSB CREDIT CARD WHICH ARE NOW CLAIMED BY LOWELL. I STARTED DEFAULTING ON THEM IN 2006. I AM NOT SURE WHETHER I ASKED for a CCA file or not but all of their correspondence mention the original creditor name. So far I have been advised by DX to send them a CRA file. Which I shall do as soon as my printer is fixed. A new development is that none of these appear on my Equifax credit file anymore. Do they still have enforcement powers as I have been paying them a statutory payment for each account. They have offered discounts in the past.
  21. I have a Halifax One Credit card, the balance of which has been around £2400 for a year now, with me paying around £40 regularly, but not paying off any debt. I missed the payment by a week last time for the first time, but paid the amount, £38 a week late. now I have incurred a £12 late payment charge in addition to my monthly interest. This is the first such charge on my account. If people believe these charges are illegal, can I simply pay my next payment without the £12 charge and let the bank know I dispute the charge? Or should I pay it anyway and then argue
  22. If you plan to declare yourself in some months, and have 4 credit cards you have been paying the minimum payment for every month. But your expenditure has increases, and you have no disposible income int he bank account, which was paying the 4 credit card minimum payments, so for the next 2-3 months you wont be able to pay off your credit card minimum payments. (due to lack of funds) and in month 2-3 you will consider declaring yourself bankrupt so you are leading up to an ongoing problem of debt, that you cannot repay, you have no money from your expenditure to pay t
  23. "Russian man who altered credit card contract small print sues bank for not sticking to terms" "His version of the agreement was rather more favourable than that from the bank. It had an unlimited line of credit, no fees and no credit limit. He also added a provision stating that the customer "is not obliged to pay any fees and charges imposed by bank tariffs", and an extra clause to the contract should the bank seek to break or change the agreement. Crucially when the document was returned to the Russian credit card provider they failed to follow their own instructions and didn't check t
  24. I was donating to 4 different charrities via my credit card via autharised monthly withdrawals for several years. Out of the blue one of them started sending mail to a previous address. When I rang them to correct the error they claimed to have no knowledge of who I was. So therefore could not stop charging my account if I was to ask them. I decided to contact BOQ (Bank of Queensland) to stop these transactions as I now regarded these particular ones as un-authorised. They stated that by cancelling the card and issuing a new one they would not have access to my new card number and theref
  25. I'm writing about requesting PPI from MBNA re: my old credit card account. I am also wondering about claiming back charges to the account i.e late fees, overlimit fees, interest. etc. The monthly interest rate charge was 1.6674% . MBNA c/card a/c was opened on 7th May 2003 and on the statement it clearly shows Payment Protection Cover. The opening credit limit was £4,100.00 and the closing balance on 8th December 2005 was £5,926.16 . The a/c was sold to 1st Credit dca in January 2006, and then I started receiving discount letters from Connaught Collections. To date I have estimat
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