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  1. So this is my situation... I was 21 and was visiting London for vacation back in few years ago (2015) ,I shoplifted in a Primark store, and I'm from Hong Kong. It was an item valued at around 12 pounds...And I did paid for other items at the cashier. I was followed and got caught by a security guard after leaving the store, and went back with the security to a room at the back of the store. They took the item back and I was scared and crying...AND was asked to sign a form(name, address, email), I was worried so I wrote down the wrong address and email which they cannot contact me and
  2. Hi, I'm disabled and live with my parents. I claim IR-ESA and PIP, my mum gets Carer's allowance for looking after me my dad is approaching retirement age - he's on contributions based ESA, and receives a private pension from the job he was medically retired from. My question is - when I eventually get moved over to Universal Credit, will my ESA amount be affected by my dad's income? I don't think it should be, as it currently isn't I'm under the impression your parents' income has no effect on your entitlement. Hope someone with better knowledge can he
  3. the other week I checked my bank and realised I hadn't got enough in to cover the insurance that was coming out the next day cancelled it with a view to ringing and paying and reinstating, forgot about it, went away for a few days came back to a letter ring us by this date etc and sort it I did all be it 3 days after the date on the letter. Yesterday I get in and have another letter from More than dated 4th July(10 days to deliver??) i.e. the date they wanted me to call them by. Enclosed a Default notice served under under s87(1) of the cca. It ju
  4. My question that I do not seem to get an answer for is this... Is my debt with Natwest time barred or do the inhibition and intimation affect it? I have worked to pay off/clear all my debts totalling about £20k but there is one I just cannot seem to be rid of. An overdraft of £600 that turned into a debt of £8k due to their charges and interests! Here's a brief timeline. . 2006 Default occurred. . 13.9.2011 an inhibition was granted by the Sheriff's court . At this point we had paid back much more than the original £600 and refused to pay any more. writi
  5. At the beginning of October I booked a one night stay at the Black Horse Hotel in Otley via Laterooms for the night of 15/10/2016 at a cost of £80. The terms of booking are payment on arrival and if you cancel less than two days before arrival you forfeit the cost of the first night’s stay. On 13/10/2016 a pending transaction of £80 showed up on my account On arrival at the hotel I was asked to pay, which I did. This resulted in a second pending transaction of £80 appearing on my account, which, when combined with the £80 from two days earlier reduced the available balance by a to
  6. 950% increase in vehicle exist duty!!!! Feel free to comment on the vid or here if you prefer about this
  7. Today (6th April 2016) marks the official beginning of the 2016/17 tax year, which brings with it a raft of changes to pensions, tax and savings. Here's a guide to what you need to know. https://uk.finance.yahoo.com/news/handy-guide-tax-010447129.html?cache=clear
  8. Today marks the official beginning of the 2016/17 tax year, which brings with it a raft of changes to pensions, tax and savings. Here's a guide to what you need to know. https://uk.finance.yahoo.com/news/handy-guide-tax-010447129.html?cache=clear
  9. Child diagnosed with a disability at age 4, made a claim for DLA a few years later and has been receiving it to date, child now 16 and has made a claim for PIP after being invited to. With an unrelated issue, contact was made to GP to ask proof of disability, GP's can't find medical notes so were unable to help, all records computerised, there are notes relating to his disability though not an actual diagonsis - child has very rarely seen GP and his difficulties have been dealt with by his family. Fast forward with regards claim for PIP, child would not go to an assessment so Ato
  10. I started claiming in December and from 23-12-15 I wa given an 82 sanction (dismissal from work) and 2 weeks ago I had a back to work appointment but couldn't attend due to me having a doctors appointment at the roughly same time. I called up universal credit and there was a problem getting me a new appointment so they said my local job centre would call me with s new app intent which they didn't (didn't bother me I understand they're busy) I didn't get a call so called up this morning and was given a new appointment for this Thursday morning with the same advisor that spoke to me like **** pr
  11. My friend Lee, who I posted about on here a while ago, cannot work as he has severe epilepsy. He had his money stopped and was told to get a job, but won his appeal a while ago. All benefits have just been renewed this year. with no problem whatsoever. He gets ESA and is in the support group. He gets DLA at high rate. He has his rent paid by HB and also his Council Tax. He lives in a one bedroom ground floor council flat in a lovely little block, and has done for 20 years. The extra money has enabled him to kit it out so his home is safe as it can be for his disabilities
  12. Hi guys, a little reassurance needed here to help with the sleepless nights! Long story short, both me and spouse are students and she works part time in a bank. We have a mortgage and have never missed a payment or even been late with one. Since becoming students we have applied for a few CCs and Loans, all which were approved, however we always selected 'full time employed' even though this was not the case (we really didn't realise how important that was, since we knew we could afford payments). We are going on holiday soon and a few days ago, through work my wife tried apply
  13. Hello, I have 2 current defaults on my credit file (both of which are being appealed). Both are from April 2010, and both debts become SB in August of this year. I am in contact with both debtors with the 3 letter process and nervously awaiting any action they may take before August. My question is regarding the affect these old defaults have. My noddle credit rating still say 1 out of 5 despite the fact I have no other problems and an up to date bank account and mobile phone contract, and on electoral role etc. What would happen after the 6 years, will these
  14. The press are reporting a crackdown on nuisance calls with ever larger fines for the transgressors, such as PPI, onlime marketing etc. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2967040/Will-FINALLY-end-nightmare-nuisance-calls-New-law-make-easier-hit-firms-500-000-fines.html https://www.politicshome.com/home-affairs/articles/story/crackdown-nuisance-calls http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/news/article-2865158/Britain-s-one-billion-nuisance-calls-face-crackdown-task-force-warns.html As DCAs engage in constant calls and texts even after being told in writing only, by letter
  15. Hi There, I've just received a County Court Claim in respect of sum of money owed to a previous employer for a lease car. I dont want to dispute it although i think there are a couple of things wrong with it and will look to pay it in full before the 14 day deadline. My question is will this show on my credit rating that a claim was issued against me? Many Thanks
  16. We were granted planning permission for a rear and side (wrap around) extension which doubled the floor area of our very small bungalow. The approved drawings showed that all of the walls except the front facade are to be demolished and a completely new roof structure is to be constructed. All work is being carried out under Building Control supervision. However, a local busy body complained that we are undertaking more than just an extension. The council have agreed and requested that a new application for a new build/rebuild is to be submitted. The enforcement officer has been involved
  17. Hi, long story short, I am currently on benefits and have been since April of this year. My previous employer has now agreed after a long battle, that I was underpaid for the last few years and is paying me the difference between the pay that I actually received and the wage rise that I should have received, for those previous years. However I am concerned that they will give it as a wage payment, as if it is earnings for this year, when none of it would be applicable to this tax year since I have not received any wages in this tax year only benefits.
  18. Currently I am receiving Attendance allowance as I am disabled and require care. The company that handle my care are independent organisation who were provided to me by my local council. Presently, I receive care from the company twice a day, however I am unhappy with their workers and the level of service in general. What I would like to know is whether I can withdraw all or part (i.e. receive care once a day) of the service from this care company without affecting my 'Attendance Allowance?' Additionally, would it be possible for me to cancel this care service and select
  19. Had a one off payment from csa from backdated csa, and there wont be any other payments other than this, its a large amount and we get child tax credit, working tax credit and a little help with rent and council tax, does anyone know if this payment affects any of the above benefits?
  20. I'm in the process of claiming ESA as a single parent, not that I know if that makes a difference as my daughters now 16. If my partner was to move in with me, how would this affect my claim for ESA? His ESA has just been turned down and he's had to claim JSA as he's trying to appeal. I know this doesn't look good for trying to appeal, but he has to live on something whilst the appeal is being processed. I have been told he could claim Income Support whilst waiting, but he was under the impression, along with the Job Centre (who have told him the same) that Income Support no longer exists,
  21. Hi there, I wrote already a post in the employment forum and it may be that I will be dismissed soon. My partner is receiving ESA, I was working but I'm currently off sick. I send my SSP1 form yesterday to get paid for my sick days.. so I'm claiming ESA as well soon as long as my sick note lasts. After that I'm still on my partners ESA claim. Is that correct? If the worst happen and I will be dismissed, will I and my partner receive sanctions? I'm worried because my employer wants/will? dismiss me for a wrong reason and I'm still in probation period. So he can dismiss me
  22. Hello I've recently found myself out of work and am in the process of claiming JSA however as I 'technically' left my job I anticipate some difficulties with that. However, it's got to the point now where I literally have no incoming funds at all and as a result I've had to move back home to save money. I literally am unable to afford my outgoing bills to the following companies. I notice that in the CAG Library there are multiple letter templates that allow me to (a) ask them kindly to write the debt off (b) offer them a massively reduced payment each
  23. Hi there, Let me start by saying I hope I have posted this in the correct area, I narrowed my options down to two and ran with this one! Firstly, I have a UK debt with two high street banks and one high street shop chain. I would think total debts are around the £10,000 mark. I am working through my options as to what I can do about clearing this. Secondly, I am flying to the ROI via Heathrow this year from my home country of Australia and was concerned as to whether I might encounter any visa issuing problems as I pass through UK Customs? I have read quite a bit on this matter
  24. Hi. I`m self-employed (wife is not working), looking for new contract but no lack during last two weeks, so decided to claim JSA. I`m in receipt of WTC and CTC. should I let tax credit office know about my recent JSA claim or DWP would let them know and they will stop my WTC? (as now none of us is working). I`m still looking for work but there is nothing I could get. also I`m due a payment for work I done (invoiced 09/04/13 and 18/04/13. knowing guy I was working for I`m expecting payment sometimes in MAY don`t even know when. should I let them know about this? and how would that affec
  25. I will shortly have to pay the shortfall in rent as my house will be under occupied. I currently have non dependents here whose income is not taken into account wrt to HB or CTC as I am in receipt of DLA. If I were to get a lodger, would their income also not be taken into account as with my non dependent adult children, or as they are not related, is that different? Also, how would any money they pay towards the household bills be taken into account for HB, CTB or even my ESA (ir)? Thank you.
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