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  1. I well believe that. BT's choose to refuse service and turning the ringer off on our landline has worked wonders, but somehow Allied International got hold of my mobile! (I have had the same number for 10 years and am very careful to only hand out to work and family). I have received a letter confirming the last action on the account as the date I have given I just want to know if I can write the statute barred letter or not.
  2. Natwest got the decree. We were paying Anderson Strathern when we stopped payments. It was our understanding that they were acting solicitors for Natwest. I do not know if Natwest had sold the debt or not. I cannot remember all of the debt collectors and yes I suppose I do mean DCA's but the first was Apex Credit Management, and it's currently Allied International Ltd
  3. Does that affect time barring? With this particular debt it should be time barred, but are you saying the inhibition can be renewed regardless?
  4. Does that affect time barring? with this particular debt it should be time barred, but are you saying the inhibition can be renewed regardless?
  5. My question that I do not seem to get an answer for is this... Is my debt with Natwest time barred or do the inhibition and intimation affect it? I have worked to pay off/clear all my debts totalling about £20k but there is one I just cannot seem to be rid of. An overdraft of £600 that turned into a debt of £8k due to their charges and interests! Here's a brief timeline. . 2006 Default occurred. . 13.9.2011 an inhibition was granted by the Sheriff's court . At this point we had paid back much more than the original £600 and refused to pay any more. writing to them got us no where. From this point on we made token payments, which despite our income and expenditure they said they refused yet still banked. . 10/1/12 last token payment made . We have not acknowledged the debt since or written to them ourselves since January 2012. . 8/10/12 In an effort to sort out our situation we went to the CAB who put an intimation in place. We never actually used the plan proposed by CAB as it really didn't help us beyond what we were already doing to remedy our full financial situation. . 9/10/2012 Anderson Strathern send an earnings arrestment to the local authority assuming I was working for them. They disclosed my debt and personal details in a huge breach of data protection. . 15/10/16 We tried to apply to remortgage our home to clean up the last of our debt but the matter of the inhibition came up. I was told they expire after 2 years, now I am told it is 5. So it possibly hadn't expired when we applied for the remortgage. This was the only block to our application. There are dates and interest rates missing from the court paperwork completely, and we have letters that give different figures of what we owe (one month £8k then 3 months later £14!) the discrepancies are multiple. The debt has been passed to various other collection agencies although I'm not sure it's been sold.
  6. 8 yrs ago my husband and I had a Natwest account with an overdraft facility. Abbey National had an offer for new customers to transfer all existing debt from your current account if you opened a new account unfortunately they didnt make good on their promise and the overdraft was left with Natwest along with a small business loan for my husband. The overdraft was just under £6k and the loan was £2k. We then fell on hard times and my husband made a huge loss in the year he got the loan and we fell behind with regular commitments. I am not disputing the debt and because of late notice we missed a summons where Natwest took us (both of us) to court and got a charge on the house for £14k which we have not contested. Nor have we persued any counterclaim for interest charges appplied during a difficult time when we asked if they could freeze the accounts and they refused hence a total of £6k interest. Now however I recieved a summons for £7k?. The summons says I pursued loan facilities on the account. Which has already gone to court. But I didnt get a loan - my husband did and they arent pursuing him. Our intention was to get on top of the mortgage and our mortage lender has agreed that they will add the debt to the mortgage when our account is managed for a sufficient time - which is about now, but Natwest have treated us so poorly this whole time I am fed up. Can they take me to court again for the same amount of money? Can I put in a counter claim for charges at such a late date? I am entitled to legal aid and need a good solicitior for this case in Scotland. Any suggestions?
  7. Their explaination was that they have a list of categories for people they should not employ from the council regarding the disclosure details. One of the categories was "dishonest" and fraudelent use of a tax disc falls into that category.
  8. We are residents in Scotland (might be significant with differences in law) My hubby was elated when, after a period of unemployment he got a maintenance job in a school with a company that has a 30 year contract for the local council (in current economy this presented a good chance of permanency). We are both approved foster carers and he has a conviction which has been disclosed and was considered extremely low risk considering he has no other convictions and it was so long ago. The conviction is fraudulent use of a tax disc - he was young and naive and when needing to get to an appointment took the disk from another taxed vehicle that had a mechanical problem he owned and put it on his other vehicle. He was fined £150 in 1994. In order to become foster carers this has already been scrutenised and he had an enhanced disclosure on which this conviction appeared. He presented a current enhanced disclosure (for fostering) detailing the offence to his employer at interview and again when he had to send documents for them to do their own disclosure. He was offered employed on a 3 month probabtionary basis starting 22nd June. We recieved his disclosure in the post on 2nd July and we can only assume that his employer recieved their copy on the same day. Today (17th July) he was taken into his managers office and told he was being dismissed due to dishonesty on the basis of the conviction on his disclosure and he has no right of appeal. He has been offered one weeks notice but they dont want him to work his notice. He has had nothing in writing, but more to the point there were no other incidents to give them cause to dismiss him, he fulfilled his contractual obligations with regard to time and duties. Can they do this when they employed him knowing about his offence? He is quite offended that anyone would say he was dishonest given the fact that he disclosed everything and is worried about future emploment prospects is this discrimination? Any advice would be gratefully recieved as you can imagine I am the main fostercarer and we rely on my husbands income to pay bills. This particular job is worth fighting for and we want to know if there is any action we could or should take.
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