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  1. I had a loan via satsuma loans (provident financial ltd) I started to find unaffordable. I did the right thing and rather than paying late I contacted them being honest and setup a payment agreement, which I have stuck to 100% and not missed a single payment since it was setup in may 2017. Despite this and the fact ive made major strides to improve my debt handling and credit record over the last 12 months its still had something dragging it down and ive just found out that its provident financial ltd. The record for them on my credit file is still showing as per the original loan
  2. Hi All New to forums, so please move if I have posted in the wrong place. Thank you in advance for any comments. Introduction My wife (38) and I (44) are currently in a joint ownership mortgaged property, in a debt management plan, with defaults on bank loans and credit cards. We both have good earning potential and hope to remortgage in approximately 2 years (after April 2019/20) to achieve full ownership. Current financial position Our current property is in my wife's name. It's a joint ownership (50%) 3 bed semi. Our 50% is valued at around £85k. We have £1
  3. The Consumer Action Group Guide to understanding how the Credit Reference Agencies work. The guide to help you understand what Credit Reference Agencies are and how they impact on your lifestyle financial decisions and the information that is shared with Financial Institutions . Credit Reference Agencies.pdf
  4. The Consumer Action Group Guide to understanding how the Credit Reference Agencies work. The guide to help you understand what Credit Reference Agencies are and how they impact on your lifestyle financial decisions and the information that is shared with Financial Institutions . Credit Reference Agencies.pdf
  5. Morning All, I have been battling with Lowell for a few days now I am looking for a bit of advice. I'm not at all clued up on legal jargon so I'm not sure what to do next. In a nutshell, I'm a teacher just starting to think about buying a house. I've always paid off any contracts that I have and cancelled them under the 30 day grace period respectfully. Upon looking at my credit rating I noticed that it was horrendously low (503) I checked through Noddle why this was the case and Lowell have been defaulting two supposed debts... I have emailed Lowell asking what the debts are fo
  6. Hi all, After many long years, I am finally free from most of my problem debts and had expected my rating to improve dramatically. However despite this, it is still showing very poor on Noddle, Checkmyfile et al. I spoken with Checkmyfile for their view and think i know what the issue is. I lived in flat from Dec 2007 to April 2012 where most of my issues racked up - lost job, British Gas meant i stopped paying certain things to keep them off my back - stupid i know, but when backed into a corner not knowing the way out, i just acted. i finally moved from
  7. Guest

    Poor Credit Rating

    Hi everyone After years of struggle and bad choices whilst being young, all of the defaults and old accounts have dropped off of my file. I was happy about this but I have just checked on clearscore and my score is still extremely low 313 ... can anyone tell me why? I haven't taken out any credit until a recent £500 PayPal credit. Please see screenshots attached (with private info cropped) What can I do to improve it? Many thanks
  8. Hello All, Hoping this is in the correct forum. I am stuck in limbo with Lowell and 3 Networks with a default on a Pay as Go direct debit, which should not have been there. I called into the 3 Networks Store and asked for my direct debit to be cancelled, I also left £40 credit in that account. It was agreed into store that no money would be owed, I unfortunately do not have anything to back this up in writing I went to apply for a Mortgage last year and was told by the broker to check my credit rating, I checked my credit rating and seen 3 years of defaults for Low
  9. After some research on here I now know the true horror of what Vodafone have done to me. To cut a very long story short my Vodafone account was closed early and paid up by me in June (so I thought) PAC code transfered all done. Goodbye Vodafone - hurrah! Get a letter in September saying I still owe £90odd . I have contacted them on many occasions saying please can I have an invoice so I can see why you think I owe this? Athough promised each time nothing received, next I get mail from debt collection and then black mark on my (previously perfect) credit history -
  10. WRT135 [#10827333] This message is intended for Lee Vodafone Company rep as I require urgent help with an error made by Vodafone. Vodafone repeatedly and admittedly miscalculated my bill by failing to apply a Vodafone Ireland Plus Bolt on to my existing £20 all calls all texts 30 day rolling plan. Each month I would receive bills close to and above £400 which would be taken out of my account and only acknowledged and resolved upon my notification to them of the problem. This occurred for three months in a row. I resolved the issue, cancelled the contract and was emigrating to
  11. I have been an HSBC customer in three countries and I've never seen anything like this. Everything we do with HSBC UK seems to have a negative affect on our credit rating. I've never defaulted on a payment, and was planning to buy our place in a few months time. It's way beyond illogical, it's just plain ridiculous. I opened an HSBC Advance package a few months ago, as I was told that getting a credit card would help my credit rating, and help me secure a mortgage. I was offered a credit card limit for a few thousand pounds, but as I was not planning on using this that m
  12. Good afternoon all, I was wondering if anyone could help. Last week my employer contacted me to say that they had received an Attachment of Earnings Order from the London Collection & Compliance Centre, relating to unpaid fines. I had no idea what this related to but after phoning them it transpired that the DVLA never received the change of address for my car when I moved in April 2014. As a result, I never received a car tax reminder in October and so only taxed my car at the end of December when it got clamped. However, unbeknown to me, the DVLA had already fined me twi
  13. Hi All, I was hoping to get some advice on the best way to handle a dispute I have with Virgin Media, which is probably something I should have done a long time ago. About a year and a half ago I switched from Virgin to Sky and informed them in writing (as is their policy) but it they deny receiving this letter. I wrote to the most local office to me and addressed it to Customer Services. Two or three months went by and I noticed that Virgin were still charging me by Direct Debit. I canceled it through my bank and called Virgin up, informing them of the situation.
  14. Hi all, I have a query relating to my overall score on Noddle. I understand that score can be all but ignored because it has no relevance to financial institutions, but still I wondered if anyone could offer any insight on why my score is what it is: 4/5. Here's an overview of my situation: I have a monthly after-tax income in excess of £2000. I have two credit cards, one with the BoS that isn't used, ever. The other is with Tesco Bank and is used infrequently for modest amounts and always paid off in full each month. I have a loan with Tesco Bank for circa £160/month.
  15. Hi All Wondering if I could get some advice from people who have possibly be successful with a query with Tesco affecting their credit file? The long and short of it - plus from what I can remember it was a while ago! I had a mobile phone contract with Tesco in 2012 and cancelled during the 30 day period, I returned the phone to store (where I had taken the phone out) as it was freezing a lot and I wasn't getting on with it. I had to pay the first month upfront so when I returned it the guy in the store the guy helped me transfer numbers across and said 'that's it - nothing mor
  16. Hi, I recently switched a bank account that I'd had for about 14 years because another bank was offering 100 quid to switch. Prior to this I had a 5/5 credit rating (although not sure what the score was). It had been like this for about 8 years. The month after I switched my credit rating went down to 4/5. I assumed this was normal and it will improve however, the next month it changed to 3/5 It has been a long time since I missed a payment, at least 10 years. I've had loads of mobile phone contracts over the years and also have three credit cards and another current accou
  17. Hi There, I've just received a County Court Claim in respect of sum of money owed to a previous employer for a lease car. I dont want to dispute it although i think there are a couple of things wrong with it and will look to pay it in full before the 14 day deadline. My question is will this show on my credit rating that a claim was issued against me? Many Thanks
  18. Hi Not sure whether I'm in the right section here or not, but I would like to rebuild my credit rating with the aim of getting a mortgage. You can read about my debts and history at http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?432514-settling-a-old-CCJ-from-CL-finance-for-old-HSBC-card-debt/page2 I'm going to wait until my ccj falls off my credit rating next month, in fact probably be Dec before I can do anything as I assume it takes a month for the credit reports to refresh after that (ccj ends on 10th of Nov! Yay!), but what is the best thing to do to ge
  19. Hi all. Under the terms of my contract I can return my vehicle to close after x amount of payments. I've already reached this milestone so wondered what the effects of voluntary terminating my agreement would have on my credit report. See I want to change my vehicle for something much more fuel efficient but part ex amount is ridiculously low the only option I appear to have is to return the vehicle. Any advise appreciated.
  20. My mate is getting a place of his own (lucky guy). But he is in overdraft of £1,500. He got a loan out of £2,000 last oct and feb of this year and is still struggling. But does that mean that he won't be able to get a place of his own when he gets a credit check? I said I will ask this form as I ain't got a clue myself lol. I mean surley if he pays it back fully won't that be enough? :/ thank u all
  21. Bit of a long story but here goes: I moved house in 2012, called Vodafone to change my address and they said it had been processed - end of phone call. It became apparent some months later it had not been processed, I called again, advisor said it had been processed, end of phone call. Fast forward to January 2014, I wanted an upgrade but couldnt get the phone I wanted through Vodafone (wanted me to pay for that handset). Went via phones4u instead, got the phone I wanted, on a Vodafone contract, but new phone number. called Vodafone, made what I thought wa
  22. My son has come to me today completely shattered, BCW have ruined his credit rating with a debt which was wiped out in 2010 from provident due to thier collections agent not making the payments given to her and taking out fraudulent loans in her customers names. How can I help him to get his credit file cleared I know what its like to try and deal with these , but he has always paid his way and I know he made all the payments on this loan and the balance of 300 odd pound was totally down to his payments not being credited to his account by the agent. I did wri
  23. Hello all, This is my first post here, I have been reading through several threads and am delighted to see the overwhelming support and guidance this forum offers, I would be truly grateful if some of you would take the time to help me with my situation. I was a victim of identity theft in 2006, this is not disputed by either HSBC, the police or myself. I've never had a credit card, yet in 2006 someone was able to take one out in my name, with my own bank (HSBC). I was called by HSBC in 2006, they asked me to pay off the debt owed on "my" credit card, I t
  24. Hi everyone I'm new to Consumer Action Group and found this website after searching for details regarding RLP. I have read many threads on here and so far have found them very helpful I have a question or two for anyone willing to answer them, but it's probably best that I explain why I'm in the current mess that comes with being in the scope of RLP. A few days ago me and my partner were in Boots where I brought some comdons. Whilst she was looking at make up, I got bored and ended up pocketing another packet of 3 condoms and some lube. Although nervous when doi
  25. Hi My first post here so be nice please. Also may be a bit vague as I haven't all my credit report to hand as I am writing this from laptop in work. Mods - please move if in wrong section or forum. Im 26 years old now and looking to get a mortgage in the next couple of years and currently saving for a deposit. I have two CCJ's against my name and a number of defaults leaving my credit score absolutely terrible. First off HSBC bank for about £90 - I somehow went £7 overdrawn when I had no agreed overdraft and they put 3 £30 charges on. Being a young and naive 20 year o
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