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Found 2 results

  1. WRT135 [#10827333] This message is intended for Lee Vodafone Company rep as I require urgent help with an error made by Vodafone. Vodafone repeatedly and admittedly miscalculated my bill by failing to apply a Vodafone Ireland Plus Bolt on to my existing £20 all calls all texts 30 day rolling plan. Each month I would receive bills close to and above £400 which would be taken out of my account and only acknowledged and resolved upon my notification to them of the problem. This occurred for three months in a row. I resolved the issue, cancelled the contract and was emigrating to New Zealand. However, they made the same mistake again, I was not there to notify them of their mistake which they were already informed of repeatedly. They then attempted to charged me £435 for an invoice, sent a debt collector to pursue this whilst I was away and obtained a bad credit rating against me for the same miscalculated bill they had admitted, apologised for and rectified for the three months previous. I now need this resolved as soon as possible and as I cannot now get my graduate loan to do my masters this September until this unfair and unacceptable problem of my credit rating is resolved. I need this resolved immediately, I've contacted Quality Assurance but they take days to respond and my graduate loan deadline is the 14th of July 2015 for this to be resolved. Please help I need this resolved immediately. I am requesting the same assistance you have provided to so many others on this website to restore my credit rating and resolve this issue admittedly created by your company. Hi Lee I have an extremely urgent problem as a result of Vodafone's service that I would like you to help me resolve. I purchased a 30 day rolling contract in May 2014 at £20 per month for all calls and texts to Landlines and Mobiles in the UK. I then also purchased a £5 Vodafone Ireland Plus bolt on, to use those calls and texts to any number in the Republic of Ireland, whilst in Belfast or in Dublin. However the Bolt on was not applied correctly to my account, as whilst getting charged for all calls and texts in the UK, and to Ireland with the Ireland bolt on, I was being charged for each and every call and text made to the Republic of Ireland at an international rate. My bill was over £400 pounds when it should have been £30. Vodafone took this money out of my account, money which was set aside to pay rent and electricity bills. I notified them of their mistake. They recalculated and apologised profusely for their mistake. They then proceeded to make the same mistake in May, June, July and August. Each time they would take an inordinate amount of money out of my account, I would notify them of the problem, they would apologise for their failure to apply the Bolt on correctly and their resulting miscalculated bill. They would rectify it each month after my notification by way of a 2 to 3 hour phone call each month. However, last August, having cancelled the rolling 30 day contract in July I went to live in New Zealand. Your company had been aware of the problem of the misapplied Ireland Bolt on since may. I instructed them to resolve this problem and to cancel my account. I had left ample money in my UK account to pay for my final bill in June, and I had received £30 goodwill voucher as a result of my extremely difficult and expensive experience with your company. However and somewhat unbelievably, they yet again failed to apply the bolt on and sent a massively miscalculated bill in August and September, for the forth and fifth month in a row. The bill was for all the same problems they inadvertently created as before, charging me for each call and text made to Dublin, whilst charging me for a bolt on that was paid for to prevent any further fee for any such call or text. The bill came to £435. I was unaware of this issue as I had left to spend a year in New Zealand with my Girlfriend. I was however made aware of this issue late in August and early September and I was absolutely shocked and disappointed that such an error could occur again. I could not contact Vodafone constantly to remind them yet again of their repeated monthly mistake. After my attempts to contact them I expected as with the previous 3 months this would be resolved. But due to me being in the Southern Hemisphere at the time, I could not make constant calls to ensure they would do what they promised. I was then shocked even further to find that they had instructed a debt collection agency to obtain this massive, incorrect amount of money from me, resulting from their miscalculated bill, which they had miscalculated and apologised for for the past three months previous. I emailed to resolved the matter and expected Vodafone to resolve it also. I changed emails for work, and left notification to contact me if any other matters arose. However, now that I have returned to Belfast to complete a masters in Law, for which I have just been authorised a Graduate Loan from the bank, I have discovered that instead of resolving the matter, they have put a bad credit rating against me. This to me after admitting their mistake for months previous, to then make the same mistake again and try to force someone to pay for it, to then instruct a debt collection agency against that person and to then obtain a bad credit rating against them is an absolute disgrace. It is extremely unfair and I cannot not obtain my graduate loan until my bad credit rating is resolved. The deadline for obtaining my loan is next Tuesday the 14th of July and I cannot stress how much I need this resolved before then. It is important for my future and it is the reason I have returned home. Can you please help rectify this, by looking at my account, seeing their repeated mistakes and rectification of those mistakes and by examining the two miscalculated invoices to see the same mistake has been made and to rectify that. I need this resolved, and I need this credit rating restored immediately. The staff at Vodafone in Billing and elsewhere where shocked at my experience and have tried to resolve this by getting me to contact the Quality assurance team, but that takes days and I fear it will be too late. Can you please resolve this immediately or as soon as you possibly can. I will provide you with any details you need. My name is Fiachra. I can provide my date of birth, account and mobile number out of action at present) and all other personal details privately to you. If you could please get back to me as soon as possible I would really appreciate it. Yours sincerely, Fiachra
  2. I need to restore an old company in Scotland that was dissolved voluntarily in 2007 as unfortunately my business partner (now deceased) did not change the bank account when we restarted the company. Stupidly, we kept using the same account for the new company. Now the bank has finally spotted the company is dissolved (took them 7 years) and froze the account and given the Crown all our money. About £4000 I have established we can restore the old company by court order for sole reason reclaim the money. There are no creditors. The costs of hiring a solicitor looked quite high and so I want to attempt this myself. Does anyone have any advice ? Long shot but just thought I'd ask. Main issue seems to be laying out all the information and evidence correctly in the order as there is no set form or template.
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