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  1. The Police will not be interested I wouldn't have thought as it's a civil matter, unless your grandmother or her sister choose to make some kind of allegation. Do you have any other family members who might mediate the process? It's clearly not advisable - for your own protection - for you to be in the house with either of them sans some other witness. If they're not happy with your friend fulfilling that role, suggest someone else or ask them who they would consider acceptable? I'm just trying to think of ways to defuse the situation. It seems to me on the basis of your descriptio
  2. @Jackmeowy - Just a quick tip, the folks on this site are extremely knowledgeable and gracious with their time, but they don't have time to tease the details out of you. Could I suggest you bullet-point your story with dates (as close as you remember them, or look back at your emails), and set out a history of what has happened and when, who you've spoken to, what their response was etc. This needs to be understood before we go lunging towards a small claim.
  3. I'd have thought the crux of the matter is the line: "should you leave the employment of the company at any time then the outstanding balance at that time would need to be immediately settled." You are leaving the company, just not by your own choice. I wouldn't have thought your method of leaving actually came into it, but I'm the farthest from an expert you'll find so...
  4. I know this post isn't useful and I shouldn't be posting it, but I can't help but feel the OP is hopelessly naive about their future here. In my layman's view, the OP had a target on their back way before this harassment complaint raised its head. Remember when you said this: You were involved in all that BEFORE all of this harassment stuff came up! You can't honestly, reasonably, believe you have a long-term career here?
  5. The finance and accounts team at my place of work alerted us to this, is it the same thing? https://www.gov.uk/tax-relief-for-employees/working-at-home If so, it's important to understand it's not a rebate in the sense that you don't end up with cash in your bank, it's an adjustment of tax. In other words, based on your tax rate and the amount of time you claim for, you'll be taxed a smaller amount to compensate for your home working. I think a lot of people have missed that point and expect to be issued with a cheque. As for whether or not you can claim for
  6. I have a couple of further thoughts along with BankFodder's, whose advice you should follow. If they do in fact have GPS data, then that data will only be accurate enough to place the delivery driver near, or at best, in your building. It will not be accurate enough to place him definitively at your door and certainly doesn't prove you received the parcel, even if it was pinpoint accurate. Moreover, any GPS trackable services I've ever used tracked the van, not the package itself, which would further dilute its usefulness. Secondly, if their claim is that your package w
  7. I would certainly explain that it's unfair of them to expect you to be out of pocket as a consequence of their mistake, even if it is only temporarily, and that you want them to transfer the money to you first. I assume their initial approach was to ensure that you actually pay the penalty and don't simply take the £200 without settling anything. It's notable that there's no apology in their message. I think I'd be pointing that out to them. The other option you have (albeit one I wouldn't condone) is to tell them you've paid it. That's all their email asked
  8. As a quick aside, on the subject of the MOT and any suspicions you might have about it, you can use https://www.gov.uk/check-mot-history to check the past MOT history of the vehicle. That will tell you when the vehicle was last tested and what faults existed at the time of the test. If no faults were recorded in relation to the brakes or driveshaft boots, yet the car has done very few miles since the MOT, you might choose to report the garage responsible for the test via the telephone number at this link. I would normally expect such a complaint to go nowhere, but havin
  9. The first thing you'll want to do is make sure you have screenshots of the advert you posted, any photographs that went with it and all pre-purchase conversation that went on between you and the buyer. Keep that safe. The next thing to establish is how he paid you. Did you send him an invoice that he paid, did he send you a payment for 'Goods and services' or did he send you a 'gift payment'? Your account history should tell you what sort of payment it was and you would know if you'd sent him an invoice. If he paid you as a gift he's had it. PayPal will not refund him b
  10. @labrat I'll bet it isn't the subframe itself that's broken. It'll be the subframe mounting bolt(s) that have sheared off inside it. Because the bolt is seized inside the subframe, it effectively renders the subframe scrap. I suspect the garage are simply talking in terms the average customer is more likely to understand than going into the detail of it. The Golf, Jetta and Beetle, which are all mechanically identical, are notorious for it. A smaller independent garage may have tried to get the bolts out, but you very quickly reach the point where time/effort/cost is simply not wo
  11. Have a read at this link: https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/news/2020/03/uk-coronavirus-help-and-your-rights/#carfinance The content available via that link describes guidance issued by the Financial Conduct Authority in relation to payment deferrals. Their guidance suggests those struggling with repayments should be able to defer for a maximum of 6 months. You've already deferred your payments for 3 months, so your lender should support you in deferring for a further 3 if you need to. Importantly, those deferrals, up to a total of 6 months worth, will not be recorded a
  12. I think it'd be wise of you to tell us the story behind this; why is the balance negative in the first place and how did that come about?
  13. Looking at your photo one thing is quite clear; that panel has been repaired (badly) in the past. You can see in the 'chunk' that's missing towards the front of the wheel arch there's a significant depth of body filler in there (the green colour around the edges), some of which has de-bonded from the steel and chipped out on impact. My point in raising that observation is to highlight that at some point in its life the owner has had their repairs done 'on the cheap' and certainly not by any sort of Mercedes approved repairer. Maybe it makes no difference to the OP and the claim aga
  14. Perhaps @BankFodder meant to respond but hasn't had an opportunity yet. Tagging in case they may appreciate a gentle nudge. But in any case, you must do as BankFodder suggested in post #6 - write to the bank and raise a formal complaint. Inform them that you, as their customer, are giving them a direct instruction to recover your money which has been taken without your permission and without justification. Ask that they issue a complaint reference number as it is your intention to pursue the matter with the ombudsman if they refuse to perform their duty. I would ask them to confirm
  15. If there's illegal activity taking place in the house call the Police, particularly if it's making you feel unsafe. I would begin keeping a detailed diary of what happens in the house in relation to this person, including each time you raise the matter with the landlord so you can demonstrate that you raised the issue with them and what their response was. I would make it clear that you will be reporting the matter to the authorities each time an incident occurs and invite him to reflect on whether he wishes his property to gain a reputation for having the Police attending regularl
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