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Found 3 results

  1. Basically, help! We have a small business, opened one year. Our business banking is with barclays- as are my personal accounts. Didn't have much choice with that, for lots of reasons. Barclays are awful. They refused us an overdraft or any funding whatsoever - the account was in credit by considerably more than the overdraft we'd asked for, but we needed the ability to have credit in the future because we need to buy stock. Refused when we had contracts worth thousands, almost lost one because of it. Told us to use 'payday loan' type companies for credit for stock. We actually had to, to ensure we got stock for an order. When the money hit our account, they took a hefty chunk- even though our free banking wasn't to end yet and at that time, we weren't overdrawn. More recently they took our money earmarked for rent, out our business savings account. We told them we didn't give permission for them to do this- so they did it again. This left us overdrawn on the main account - they'd agreed a temporary overdraft, which we pay off monthly - we didn't really have a choice at that. Today they cancelled that - because they've taken us over limit - in response to me contacting them to tell them not to empty the savings account! Money goes in - on paper, we're fine, until Barclays take hundreds out every month. Since September, almost £2000 has gone to them. They won't actually provide us with where it's gone, or what our monthly fees are meant to be. We can't speak to our bank manager directly - and when we did - she actually said that the computer says no. And apparently no human could look at it sensibly, and make a decision on actual income or our business plan, or anything. Just- no. Our business is everything, we put absolutely everything into it. Then Barclays take it. We can't pay the rent because they've taken it, they've shut down our account. I've got a personal barclaycard - this morning checked it and that's inexplicably overdrawn. To add insult, barclaycard put up my credit limit on the account and dropped the interest rates the SAME month they turned down the business for a barclaycard - and sent us awful wine to say 'sorry' after the application apparently was turned down on their system before we'd applied. I just don't know what to do anymore. We put in a complaint in October and got back £200 of the charges, we told them we accepted the part payment but we were not considering the matter closed and would take it further for the rest of the charges/fees/random amounts they swiped. We've applied for other banks, but the more we're turned down, the worse we look. We've applied for a no-credit check business account today. That takes five days- won't be surprised if they turn us down too. How do we stop Barclays ruining our business? How do we get another business account that we can have card payments paid into? We can't swap to a personal account for business merchant services. They're meant to be ringing back in half an hour. I am not very happy with them Don't think I can speak to them, had a massive rant at them earlier, which wasn't helpful and didn't make me feel any better either. But just at the end of my tether with them. Barclays are just destroying us. Logged onto the online banking- and they're offering ways of funding small businesses as an advert, ffs!
  2. My son has come to me today completely shattered, BCW have ruined his credit rating with a debt which was wiped out in 2010 from provident due to thier collections agent not making the payments given to her and taking out fraudulent loans in her customers names. How can I help him to get his credit file cleared I know what its like to try and deal with these , but he has always paid his way and I know he made all the payments on this loan and the balance of 300 odd pound was totally down to his payments not being credited to his account by the agent. I did write to BCW for him to explain what had happened but we had the standard response of we bought the debt in good faith and our client has confirmed the debt is correct, his credit file was excelent two months ago but now since BCW it has gone down to poor as they have updated the records on 23/03/14 showing a default date of 15/11/2009 how can they apply a default that old now without investigating it properly and dose the default stay 6 years from the later date or the date of the default this is all so unfair, but the credit ref agency and BCW work like thiefs together against people. and lastly how can they apply a default to an account which is clearly in dispute. Any and all help and advice would be most appreciated.
  3. A timely warning on the BBC website http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsbeat/21191420 One of the first things that many prospective employers now do when sifting job applications is to look up the applicant's Facebook profile, so it is important that if you are in the habit of posting pictures of a boozy night out, or litter your posts with profanity, you should always consider whether this is likely to impress or put off a potential employer - maybe even years down the line! And don't even think about posting your innermost thoughts about the company you already work for online - it is very easy for an employer to make the case that what you have written, or even how you appear to the outside world, can bring the company into disrepute.
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