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  1. My son, had received a letter back last year claiming he had parked illegally, the charge was £163, I told him to pay it as it be very difficult to prove there was no proper signage, anyway he forgot about it then today he received this letter with a charge of £270. They say they have obtained a judgement against him and if he wants to avoid it he must pay the charge within one month, if he does that they will contact the court and tell them to remove the judgement. I have never heard anything remotely like this before. I have attached a copy of the letter to this post just hope it comes up ok.
  2. Got everything in writing despite Moorcroft having another try BT have sent them a letter and sent me a copy, so happy days again thank you all.
  3. Well rang BT direct queried the wrong name on account found out they had realy messed up, so have given me the Tablet and written off all charges, as well as agreeing to kick Moorcroft into touch so happy days Thanks all for your help
  4. Hello all, I have had a long running issue with BT I have my broadband no problem paid by direct debit and with no issues, however when I renewed, because I was on a business line I asked to be changed to a standard domestic line long story short I was persuaded to keep the Business line with promises of any faults being pushed up the queue as businesses take priority and there was a free Samsung Tab E when renewing the contract so I said yes and away we go. So the twist is when I was renewing the contract they had my business listed completely wrong and for a completely different industry, I informed them of the error, and requested they change me details but they haven't, and then they started sending a separate bill for the tablet, I have rung them several times telling them the tablet was supposed to be a free gift, which they say it is but I have to pay for the sim card which is £8 per month, I complained again then relented and told them if I was going to keep the sim card which is not being used and has accrued no data usage as it is only used in the house by wife through the wi-fi, I wanted the correct business name applied so I could set up a direct debit through my business account, they did nothing except keep issuing the bills which I ignored assuming they had been told enough. now today I receive a letter from Moorcroft under the wrong company name demanding £365 for an £8 a month contract which lasts 2 years where do they get their figures from. So to the point what do I do to get rid of these idiots. And sorry for the long post Sorry just to clarify I still have the broadband with no arrears and no issues its only the separate tablet account that is an issue.
  5. Thank you is there a link to the guide I have been looking for the tab but not very good on here sorry
  6. Thank you is there a standard template letter or an example I could use please
  7. Just received the following reply from Quick quid, Customer Summary Number of Loans 6 # payday 4 # OEC 1 # P2P 1 Number of Loans > 6 Years 2 All loans out of scope? N Number of loans post 2015 0 We are in receipt of your complaint dated 25/07/2018 where you allege that QuickQuid irresponsibly lent to you. As a responsible lender, we have reviewed your lending as it relates to QuickQuid and Pounds to Pocket as these brands are both owned by CashEuroNet. Both brands will collectively be called CashEuroNet moving forward in this correspondence. In our assessment we look at: • Affordability • Creditworthiness • Dependency • Hardship I’ve investigated your complaint and would like to bring your attention to the following points: Under the Financial Conduct Authority’s rules, complaints cannot be made where they concern an event that occurred more than six years ago. Of course, we will still investigate your allegations as they pertain to any loans you have received in the last six years. AFFORDABILITY & CREDIT WORTHINESS The investigation of your complaint considered all relevant information contained in your application. It was noted your monthly income was stated as £2300 per month. I compared your income to your total monthly repayment for each loan you took with us. From this I can see that the income you made during each payday loan with us was always more than enough to cover the amount you had to repay us for each loan and thus I cannot agree with you that your loans were unaffordable. DEPENDENCY If there was dependency we would expect to see constantly increasing amounts in order to cover the prior loan interest and principal. However, your loan amounts varied and actually decreased from the previous loan which shows that you were not relying on one loan to repay the previous loan. You are claiming that you were dependent on loans. Yet if you were dependent on taking out one loan to repay the other then you would have taken out numerous loans, for equal or increasing loan amounts, and with very little time between paying off one loan and taking out the other. When I reviewed your loan history I see that you never had more than four consecutive loans with less than 15 days between loans. HARDSHIP I reviewed your file and noted that on 06/05/2014 you informed us of your financial difficulty. However, your file also shows that we did not issue you another loan after you claimed financial hardship. CONCLUSION: COMPLAINT NOT UPHELD Therefore it is for the above reasons we cannot agree that CashEuroNet irresponsibly lent to you. As this is our Final Response regarding your concerns to the above referenced account, if you are not happy with this outcome I need to ensure that you are aware of the ultimate availability of the Financial Ombudsman Service. You have the right to refer your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service, free of charge. The Ombudsman might not be able to consider your complaint if: • what you’re complaining about happened more than six years ago, and • you’re complaining more than three years after you realised (or should have realised) that there was a problem. We think that your complaint was made outside of these time limits but this is a matter for the Ombudsman to decide. If the Ombudsman agrees with us, they will not have our permission to consider your complaint and so will only be able to do so in very limited circumstances (see below). If you do decide to refer your complaint to the Ombudsman you must do so within six months of the date of this letter. If you do not refer your complaint to the Ombudsman within six months of the date of this letter, the Ombudsman will not have our permission to consider your complaint and so will only be able to do so in very limited circumstances. The very limited circumstances referred to above include, where the Ombudsman believes that the delay was as a result of exceptional circumstances. I have provided you with a link to the leaflet for your information to assist you if you decide to pursue this further course of action. They can be contacted at: The Financial Ombudsman Service, Exchange Tower, London, E14 9SR.
  8. I have emailed them and requested either a hard copy or email in pdf just wanted to record they have not given me access to the information.
  9. well Quick quid have allegedly provided all the information from my DSAR on my account page on their website for me to down load, when I try to log on ( yes the log on information is correct) it keeps coming back with, this page can not be opened and they are telling me the information is only available for 7 days. do I send another DSAR and specify hard copy's of the information?
  10. That would be quicker, I will ring them tomorrow, Thank you. Could the SAR and the IRL be sent by email.? Edit. Don't worry seen your advice in another thread I will send first class post.
  11. The only information I have are the two loan reference numbers from Lantern so will have to issue the IRL with those I am assuming they are the Quick quid ref numbers.
  12. So I send the SAR to quick quid first then when I get all the information back issue the IRL is that correct.
  13. I have not sent the OC an IRL I didn't know if I had to send it to Lantern as they have now bought the debts. I also do not have all the information anymore about all the accounts and different loans I had with them.
  14. Well back again after a number of years following your success in getting unwelcome finance out of my life forever. I have been receiving emails from lantern relating to a quick quid loan I admittedly did not fully repay as I was at the time backed into a place where my only way out was to stop paying the payday loans and then deal with the fallout or lose everything. Just at that Time I had loans with Wonga, Myjar, quick quid and pounds to pocket using one to repay another and getting deeper and deeper in. Anyway Wonga wrote off their balance in full with no comebacks following a legislation change. I sent quick quid a letter stating I was intending to defend the way the loan had been approved after a number of previous loans, Irresponsible lending, and received a letter saying they were looking into my complaint and received no further communication from them so forgot about them, then sent their reply to Quick quid as they are the same company they simply replied saying they would take me to court, then heard nothing, now fast forward four years and I start getting emails from Lantern, I have not replied to any of them. Firstly for one quick quid account and now they are saying I have 2 quick quid accounts totalling 2,900 pounds. If I try to pay this it will put me right back to square one after managing to get back on my feet and clear all other debts, and start to rebuild my credit rating. Any advice will be welcome.
  15. Had letter back from the court, they are sending my defence to them and they have 28 days to respond or the case will be stayed, not expecting them not to respond but it gives me breathing space. Thanks for the help up to now I expect I will need more before this is sorted lol
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