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Found 10 results

  1. Hi, please people need your help. Received a letter from Gladstone solicitors. It refers to a parking notice. They said I owe £160 to DRP. To date I have ignored their letters but this is the first one from Gladstone. It mentions the case of Beavis It asked me to make full payment to DRP, if I dont in 14 days, I should keep them updated with address change so I can defend court proceedings. There have only supplied one photo which was taken from the shop assistant of the rear of the vehicle. No times or anything. The signs were very unclear and small. Do I pa
  2. My son, had received a letter back last year claiming he had parked illegally, the charge was £163, I told him to pay it as it be very difficult to prove there was no proper signage, anyway he forgot about it then today he received this letter with a charge of £270. They say they have obtained a judgement against him and if he wants to avoid it he must pay the charge within one month, if he does that they will contact the court and tell them to remove the judgement. I have never heard anything remotely like this before. I have attached a copy of the letter to this post just hope
  3. Hello all, I received a letter today in the post from Gladstone solicitors requesting for £160. I checked online at HX car park's website the PCN quoted on the letter does not exist as it is not recognised. So I called the solicitors as they said to if matters needed to be discussed. Called to find out why there's a charge for a parking that was paid for and why no PCN issued and why is this the first time they can contacting seeing as date of charge is 04/03/2018. In which she responded rudely that they sent a letter in June and they are acting on behalf of HX Car management
  4. I live in an apartment building which comes with a parking space. One day my parking permit was not displayed as it had fallen off my dashboard of my car so a Parking Charge Notice (PCN) was found on my screen. I emailed the company, Spring Parking Ltd, to inform them that the permit had simply fallen on the floor of my car. Their response was that it is my responsibility to ensure it is displayed and that the PCN still applied. However, I never heard anything further from them about this. I subsequently had the same issue occur but as they never followed
  5. Sip parking are taking me to court. On the 21/2/17 I overstayed my parking by 45 minutes, while at a meeting. I hadn't noticed how long I'd gone over unfortunatly, otherwise I would have paid the extra £1 charge it would have cost me. received notification from Sip parking some weeks later and they were to charge me £70 for the overstay. sent my letter off claiming I was not the driver of said vehicle. received a letter from Gladstone solicitors, letter before claim, on the 10th July. decided I may as well just pay up. then started reading about parking ticket
  6. Hi all, Hoping you can help, I received a ticket on my vehicle for staying longer than I should however the NTK which I received stated I had the wrong ticket displayed (I had another parking ticket displayed in the window on the other side of the car) I presume the attendant saw that one and wrote up the charge. I followed advice to ignore the spam letters coming through the post I believe what I was ignoring related to a fine from over 4 years ago (these letters didn't state as to what fine it was just an outstanding payment that was owed to DCBL)
  7. Hi Petroholic, http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?466036-PPM-PCN-claim-form-from-Gladstones-Solicitors-received&p=5014823#post5014823 Hope you are well. I just wondered if you had your court appearance yet and if so, how did it go against gladstones. I have received similar letter from gladstones few days ago. As with your case, there was no NTK and no PCN on the car, only letters from Debt recovery plus last August asking for the fine to be paid, which i ignored as other forums indicated that was best call of action.
  8. Hi all, I started this thread following a post on Ginger's thread located in this forum (unable to post links yet). I have the same situation: 1) I sent a standard letter asking for the basis of the invoice and offering to go through POPLA as court is unnecessary. 2) Got an "appeal rejected" letter despite not actually appealing, rather just requesting information and offering to resolve the matter. 3) Got further letters from ES Parking and then one from Gladstone. I didn't bother wasting my money on postage sending a reply as I saw from every other person that
  9. Hi I have received a claim form with a stamp and the county court address on there. It says on the back of the letter - Do not ignore this claim form - if you do nothing judgement may be entered against you without further notice. This will make it difficult for you to get credit. Included in the pack are Admission Form N9A Defence and Counterclaim Forrm N9B Acknowledgement of service The top two are options are self explanatory i believe it does state the following under the 'acknowle
  10. Hi, Hoping for some advice. The driver pulled up on a road in Spinningfields Manchester to allow the passenger to get out, and put on the hazard warning lights. There were double yellow lines, but not hashed up on to the pavement edge, as per the highway code 'no stopping'. The driver and passenger had not seen any obvious other signage 2 weeks later and a £60 PCN was received by the registered owner. A letter outlined on Money Saving Expert was sent asking for the companies right to pursue the claim (as this was on the road, and not on 'private' land as such.)
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