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  1. I've sought advice from a couple of the suggested avenues. It seems that on the balance of it, it's not worth pursuing any further. the chances of success are perhaps around 40% and it's due to the nature of the justice system i.e. judges will stick together and support each others' judgement regardless of how fair they are....
  2. So how does that change things on my end? I assume wait for Parking Prankster and then take it from there. I am happy to pay for somebody who is going to give me a greater chance of taking them down....
  3. I called the county court and gave them the reference number. They said the appeal would cost £120 and it would then go to the High Court in Manchester.......
  4. Money isn't a massive issue and I can afford to lose it to be honest.... this is more about the principle. If I take it to the high court and lose another £120 then that's not the end of the world for me by any stretch. The judge summed up that had the car been there for less than 5 minutes, the case would have been different but because there was a period of grace then the full fees of £100 + solicitor + court fees was payable. I've sent a message to the Parking Prankster through his website. I'll wait for his response. Appeal forms coming through the post tomorrow.
  5. It's £120 to appeal against the decision and then it goes to Manchester High Court..... I think I'm going to do it. Do I have the forum's support? Who do I get in contact with in terms of BMPA? Also one other question: Should I decide to get some representation in now that I'm looking to take it to the high court? Any suggestions? Thanks
  6. I think I'm just going to call it a day. I've lost faith in the legal system after today. Judge clearly contradicted himself.
  7. He overlooked this point. I did state it clearly in the witness statement and in front of him.
  8. Lost the case today. Judge ruled that because Mr Hargreaves said there was a grace period and that the vehicle was parked for 17 minutes that the penalty stood. Not a good day at all. Have dropped the DPA claim too. Judge was very harsh and ruled that the penalty stands as the car was parked for 17 minutes. Very unfair.
  9. What are the possible legal avenues at this stage? Honestly don't mind shelling out money at this stage if I have a good chance of winning.
  10. No probs - I'll take that on board and accept but only if they offer me the full amount. Do you think I should mention it to them on the day that I'm looking at additional legal measures and that I'll consider dropping additional cases if they pay up the full amount? Thanks
  11. Really wanted to say thanks for all your help ericsbrother. I am keen to keep working on this and also hope it will help many others. I would be very interested in finding a 3rd way to sue them and take them down further. If you believe this is possible then I'd be more than happy to file a 3rd claim against them. I'd really appreciate your continued support on this and if you believe there is any ground for us to take this much further then work with me and we will hurt them bad.
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