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  1. Hi, I parked in a loading bay for what felt like no more than 15 minutes and received a parking ticket. See images attached. I couldn't see any signs that clearly displayed the time allowed or the terms and conditions. Is this legal? Please let me know if you need any information and thank you CAG in advanced!
  2. Hi All, Any help would be greatly appreciated on how I appeal this parking Charge, I paid for the days parking via the PayByPhone app but selected my previous vehicle in error (same make and colour in list with similar number plate!). As per the sticky post here are my answers to the questions; 1) Date of infringement: 17/05/18 13:24 2) Appeal lodged: No (I have however opened the web page to do so!) I also have not received an NTK. 3) NTK Mention Schedule 4 PoFA: N/A NTK not received 4) Appeal after receiving NTK: N/A NTK Not received 5) Parking Company:
  3. Hi All. The SIP and Euro carpark are both right next to each other. I bought a Sip ticket on my first day parking and parked in the euro car park side. Was parked here for 5 days. Made this mistake on the Monday. Then bought 4 Euro car park tickets for 15,16,17,18 of August. I have retained the ticket for all 5 days. It's a confusing area to park. The Euro car park is on the left of the big Sip car park. This is where I parked. Google maps location link: edit. won't let me paste link. 1 Date of the infringement (Date of event 14/08/2018) 2 Date on the NTK [
  4. Whilst parking for my case against WY Parking (which I won), I return to my car with a PCN attached (FML) I paid (confirmed money has left my bank account also) using my debit card - The ticket machine gave 2 tickets (both saying DISPLAY THIS WAY UP ON DASHBOARD). I took the ticket showing my parking fee more clearly to claim for costs.. Still displayed the counterpart though. I am still within my appeal timescale: Just want to confirm what I should write where it says "Why do you think you should not have been given a ticket" Tickets.pdf PCN.pdf Manchester Council Picture
  5. Hi, the driver parked at Walmer Street car park on 8/4/17 and went over the parking time by 20 mins. After 28 days i received the 'Notice to keeper', which after reading online i ignored and any further correspondence thereafter. Unfortunately it is now being taken to court. My argument was that I did not receive any photo of the parking as i or any other driver of the vehicle couldn't recall parking at the relevant car park. I have a court case on 27th February 2018 and just received the Witness statement from Gladstones Solicitors. I have attached a few of the page
  6. Oh dear, I have spent from 8 am this morning till 3 pm at Manchester Eye Hospital. I parked in a Disabled Bay, correctly displaying my blue badge. I could not drive because of the eye drops which were not wearing off - giving me extremely blurred vision, so at 12 noon my daughter came to pick me up until my vision improved. At 3 pm she drove me back to retrieve my car only to find a Parking Notice Enclosed stuck on the windscreen. When opening it it states that 'Blue Badge Not Displayed'????? I find this rather odd as my badge was clearly displayed. My daughter went
  7. Hiya guys, Missus had parking ticket in June this year and did nowt with it. Now has a letter which says Final Letter Before Action from UKPE saying they require £100 for breach of contract. I have dug out what she got but cannot scan and post it. offence 24-6-16- Notice to keeper dated 14-7-16 received on 17-7-16... Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
  8. Hi all, A 78 year old good friend was due to fly back home to Austin, Texas, via Houston on Wednesday. Singapore airlines would take him to Houston and then United were due to take him to Austin. His flight were cancelled so I contacted Singapore and they agreed to pay for BA flights tomorrow from Manchester to London and then on to Austin, which is great. However, they have refused to reimburse him for his accommodation and food costs. Is this correct, please?
  9. havent been on here for a long time but here goes My father in law took a loan out in 1990 with consumer loan company ( now defuncked) for £50k interest only. the loan was fully repaid after 5 years and transfered onto another loan ( Repayment) which had a charge on his property. After quite a few years when the loan had gone down to about 10k I took the paperwork down to a solicitor who told me that although the loan agreement was not legal the fact that it was over 25k meant that he could not claim against C/ loans. He started to get calls from CEO asking if w
  10. Hi all, I started this thread following a post on Ginger's thread located in this forum (unable to post links yet). I have the same situation: 1) I sent a standard letter asking for the basis of the invoice and offering to go through POPLA as court is unnecessary. 2) Got an "appeal rejected" letter despite not actually appealing, rather just requesting information and offering to resolve the matter. 3) Got further letters from ES Parking and then one from Gladstone. I didn't bother wasting my money on postage sending a reply as I saw from every other person that
  11. Just received another lovely one of these parking charge notices' for parking 36 minutes to visit a friend in a hotel for coffee.... Despicable and disgusting, What should I do in this case.
  12. Hi there, I (like many others) am in the same situation as Ginger - handed a PCN from ES for parking /stopping in the Spinningfields area. Letters of complaint / information requests have been ignored, Gladstones involved and the case referred to County Curt Business Centre. I'm pretty anxious and have never dealt with anything like this before. I am seeking some urgent advice as I returned from holiday to find the county court claim and now only have 2 days to respond... I obviously want to appeal and thinking along the lines of (pls forgive the lack of legal
  13. Hi guys, I received a parking ticket last week in Manchester, I am not too sure why but have an idea and wanted to run it by you. I was viewing two properties parked on street for an hour. The first house had 10 parking bays outside it, all were full, I went 20 metres round the corner, parked up and went back to the bays to the nearest ticket machine and bought an hour. I came back 50 minutes later to a ticketed car. I have been on the MCC Parking site and appealed it as I am not sure why, there was no full explanation save for "Parked without clearly displaying a valid p
  14. I have just received a PCN for "Being In Bus lane During Hours Of Operation" on 8th Jan 2016. I don't dispute that I was in Bus Lane but what I do have an issue with is I did not know when the hours of operation were. I turned left from Redvales Road in Bury onto the main road towards Bury and was immediately in Bus Lane. I was going to post a link to to Google Streetview but have not posted 10 times so cannot There is bus lane to the right in same direction about half a mile to a mile away which has hours of operation of 7am to 10am and 4pm and 7pm and I thought it was in
  15. Hi, We parked in an SIP car park in Manchester but, because we parked in a really narrow spot, I put the parking ticket in the back window (the one facing outwards) so the attendant would be able to see it properly but they gave me a PCN anyway and said it was because my ticket was not displayed. I wrote and complained that I had a valid ticket (which I sent them as proof) and that I had displayed it in the back of my car (and told them why) but they rejected my claims and still want me to pay the fine. What should I do? The PCN was also issued at 7.52pm and the car park became free at 8.
  16. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-manchester-31615218
  17. My daughter is being prosecuted for being on a Greater Manchester Tram 'not having a valid ticket enabling her to do so' - Reg 4 (1) (a) Greater Manchester Metrolink System Byelaws She had a pass, ( left at home in error) and can prove it , but was too late responding to being issued with a 'Standard Fare' ( GM equivalent of the penalty fare) Does anyone know if 'having a ticket' must mean physical possession at the time? Can anyone help with a contact group similar to Passenger Focus- who don't deal with trams. Any other suggestions gratefully received G
  18. Hi, 3 friends and I visited Manchester over the weekend (Saturday and Sunday, 5thand 6th October). We parked on the SiP (Simple Intelligent Parking)car park in the centre of Manchester. When we arrived we went to the ticketmachine and it was, at the time, out of use as maintenance was being carriedout on it (the machine was open and it looked like the battery was beingreplaced). There were two SiP employees on hand. One was working on the ticketmachine, the other was manually issuing tickets to customers by taking theirmoney and writing out tickets. We wanted the 24 hour parking opt
  19. Hi, Posting on behalf of a friend who received a PCN for the above 'contravention'. I posted on another forum and got no response so thought I would ask here. My friend parked in a bay and did not park fully within the bay due to there being lots of broken glass on the floor towards the rear of the bay, a ticket was purchased and displayed as required. When returning to the vehicle he has received a PCN for not barking fully within a marked bay and confronted the traffic warden to ask why, as there was clearly glass on the floor and he had tried to avoid parking on this. He was
  20. Hey Guys, i have a CCJ i need to set aside and a Current claim i need urgent help on. I am in quite a bit of debt and working with Step Change. I visited the local CAB and they said i wont be able to get legal aid because of my income. Is there any other way i can get free legal advice or help? Thanks
  21. Hi, I recently had some insurance work carried out at my house by Rapid Support Services. They're a company based in Manchester. Our insurers approved our claim for some water damage from the bathroom. We were going to use our local builder who we've used in the past and we understood that the insurance cover had a £60 excess which we would have to pay to the builder. Rapid Support Services sent us a quote via our insurance company. In this they quoted us for the work being done with £0 (nothing at all) excess to pay. Obviously this was cheaper than the £60 we'd have to pay our
  22. Hi there, I have recieved a pcn for being in a bus lane whilst turning left into a car park. I definitely want to appeal this as the picture shows my car in the bus lane for only a few metres before turning left into the car park. What are the rules on this? I have tried to look up the Traffic Management Order for this bus lane but Mcr council don't have any on their website. I have read somewhere else online that the bus lane is supposed to have a break in the solid white line where the junction is?Is that correct? This specific bus lane has no break in the solid white line. Hope
  23. Hi there, I have recieved a PCN for being in a bus lane whilst turning left into a car park. I definitely want to appeal this as the picture shows my car in the bus lane for only a few metres before turning left into the car park. What are the rules on this? I have tried to look up the Traffic Management Order for this bus lane but Mcr council don't have any on their website. I have read somewhere else online that the bus lane is supposed to have a break in the solid white line where the junction is?Is that correct? This specific bus lane has no break in the solid white line. Hope
  24. Hi all First post, was looking for some assistance if possible. I recently received a PCN in Manchester City Centre (Code 05) having left my vehicle in a parking bay and wanted your opinions on whether I have grounds for an arguable appeal. I used the 'pay by phone' system for the first time as I had no change on me. As it was my first time I had to register my card details and then speak to an operator to set a PIN. I was then put back through to the automated system to pay. I followed the process and left my vehicle believing that I had paid to park in the correct location and havi
  25. The Prince’s Initiative is a SFEDI Centre of Excellence and we now offer accredited training courses. We believe that workshops are hugely important in the process of starting your own business. Not only are you able to get guidance from an enterprise expert, but you are able to share your ideas, thoughts and troubleshoot within a group of like-minded people. We are building our portfolio of courses and below gives information about each course we offer as well as a calendar of events we are currently running. http://www.prime.org.uk/courses/
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