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  1. Now that would be amusing, a collection for £18.90! Its simply the principle at this point really!
  2. Hi all sorry for the late reply! The case was dismissed the judge was not impressed at all, I was awarded costs Gladstone's have now ignored all my correspondence and have not paid the costs as outlined on the judgement, what do I do now contact the courts? Totally unprofessional and no respect for court protocol whatsoever Thanks for all your help!
  3. Court day tomorrow! How do I raise the question of 'Right of Audience' do I simply just ask as to what capacity the representative is operating in and whether they have the Right of Audience, don't want to annoy the Judge straight away! Thanks all!
  4. Hi all, Just received the bundle from SIP, what do you make of it? Looks like its been put together very quick, I particularly enjoy the part where they say about providing the keeper with an early repayment discount because it says so on the signage... that is for the driver the NTK didn't provide the keeper with any discount. SIP WS.pdf
  5. Thanks, wasn't sure if all pre-existing court documents such as Acknowledgement of statement was required when sending the bundle.
  6. Okay, So I got all that sorted it was an error with the courts admin they got the documents after all! Now I've got a court date set and the court fee has been paid so I need to get my documents together any tips? What should I be taking with me? Also can you update the thread title as it hasn't been struck out sadly! Thanks!
  7. I contacted the courts they have confirmed receipt of the defence, I have now provided them will all evidence of the delivered and signed for defence to both the courts and Gladdys. Ridiculous, the solicitor has a moral obligation to act in a professional manner. They are in receipt of my defence and have chosen not to disclose this, I await to hear back from the courts regarding this. Regarding the payment that's due on the 9th, what will happen as I await advices from the court? Cheers
  8. Hi all, Just received a new letter saying that the order had now been set aside, apparently Gladdys did submit documents after all and that allegedly the court never received my documents and as result they are now filing a default judgement! Clearly someone at the court has misplaced both our documents, what do I do now! They are ordering for me to pay £175 by the 9th May! I sent it special delivery, so I will have the receipt somewhere, your help on this would be much appreciate, this case just seems to never go away! I have attached the photos
  9. Great news! I received notification last week that the claim was struck out, Gladdys didn't event send any documents to court, very strange considering they sent me an email with their new particulars! Thank you so much for all your help and support, I spent a considerable amount of time putting together the final defence however I'm not too bothered, I'm just glad its over! I will be donating to the board as you guys have helped tremendously x
  10. Thats ericsbrother, looking at the sign that I uploaded (http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=64098&d=1471347064) Am I right to say that there is no expressed indemnity clause in the 'contract' as Gladstones say there is but I can't see any mention of it on the sign, therefore can this considered to be a vexatious claim? Thanks for your continued support!
  11. I remember when I completed the MCOL statement there was a form before submitting and a space for my email address, shortly after submitting it I received an email from them with the direction questionnaire, there is nowhere else they could have possible got it. I was surprised at the time as I didn't think they would see those details, if not then surely those particulars have not been served correctly then as I have never communicated with them via email!
  12. Thanks for the advice, I shall amend as per your advice. Quick question, Gladdys never sent their new POC's via post, only to my email which they will have seen through MCOL, is this correct service of documents as I have never stated to have documents served this way. Funny considering their email signature strictly states they do NOT accept service of document via email! Do I have grounds to say that the documents haven't been served at all / correctly?
  13. Okay so this is my defence, Im thinking of going for full cost recovery too? The defendant neither claims to be or not to be the driver of the vehicle The defendant confirms he is the registered keeper of the vehicle 3. The Claimant has failed to comply with the conditions for recovery the charge under Schedule 4 the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 4 8, 2 (g) in order to create keeper liability the notice must; “inform the keeper of any discount offered for prompt payment and the arrangements for the resolution of disputes or complaints that are available;” The n
  14. These are the second set of POC's from Gladstones after the previous were struck out, I have attached the letter which requested the strike out. They state 'Invalid Ticket Displayed' could one of my points argue that they have been unable to demonstrate why the ticket was invalid? I sent a CPR 31.14 request which was ignored and also a letter denying any contract was offered which also had no response. Im planning to go for that they have failed to show locus standi and cause for action under a CPR31.14 request followed by CPR 27 full costs reco
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