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Found 16 results

  1. Hi, My first post so I hope I have stuck to all rules. I received a PCN today from SIP in Manchester for not parking in marked bay. I returned from a court appointment in the family courts and had the PCN on my windscreen. I had paid the parking for the period via the app. The markings for the actual bays was almost none existent and also it was the end of an arm in the under rail parking on Harding Street in Salford. My thoughts are that due to the poor quality of the "marked bays" they have no case. i parked as you can see from the photos as close as I could t
  2. Hi All, Any help would be greatly appreciated on how I appeal this parking Charge, I paid for the days parking via the PayByPhone app but selected my previous vehicle in error (same make and colour in list with similar number plate!). As per the sticky post here are my answers to the questions; 1) Date of infringement: 17/05/18 13:24 2) Appeal lodged: No (I have however opened the web page to do so!) I also have not received an NTK. 3) NTK Mention Schedule 4 PoFA: N/A NTK not received 4) Appeal after receiving NTK: N/A NTK Not received 5) Parking Company:
  3. Dear All, I am new to this and i would need your precious help. My car was parked inwalmer street in manchester and the driver bought a valid ticket from the machine. Upon shutting the door this ticket has fallen on the floor without the driver realized that. On return the drivers find on the windscreen the penalty charge as "as no ticket displayed". The driver tried few times to call the number on the ticket in order to talk to an operator but the number rings out. Once at home the driver send proof of the valid ticket to SIP through their website and for an appeal again
  4. Hi everyone The lessee of a vehicle received a parking charge in the post a few weeks ago and ignored it. They have now received another letter saying payment is overdue and they cannot appeal it via SIP as the time to do this has lapsed, but if we feel that there are exceptional circumstances we should write to them and they may consider. Charge is dated the 32/12/17 at Walmer Street in Manchester. The first letter advising of the charge was only recieived a month or so ago and was ignored by the lessee. I’m assuming because the vehicle is a lease vehicle this is why it h
  5. Hi, my car was parked at Walmer street in Manchester and received a PCN for exceeding time limit. I was not the driver and so no ticket was received by myself. A few months later I received a 'Final Reminder' and then a 'Letter before claim'. I tried to get information from SIP as to what and when of the situation but they didn't want to know. Court proceedings began and I filed a defence which I have pasted below. Now on Friday I received the Claimants witness statement for the court date which is next week. The statement is dated 5th March, not sure why it has been
  6. Hi, the driver parked at Walmer Street car park on 8/4/17 and went over the parking time by 20 mins. After 28 days i received the 'Notice to keeper', which after reading online i ignored and any further correspondence thereafter. Unfortunately it is now being taken to court. My argument was that I did not receive any photo of the parking as i or any other driver of the vehicle couldn't recall parking at the relevant car park. I have a court case on 27th February 2018 and just received the Witness statement from Gladstones Solicitors. I have attached a few of the page
  7. Sip parking are taking me to court. On the 21/2/17 I overstayed my parking by 45 minutes, while at a meeting. I hadn't noticed how long I'd gone over unfortunatly, otherwise I would have paid the extra £1 charge it would have cost me. received notification from Sip parking some weeks later and they were to charge me £70 for the overstay. sent my letter off claiming I was not the driver of said vehicle. received a letter from Gladstone solicitors, letter before claim, on the 10th July. decided I may as well just pay up. then started reading about parking ticket
  8. Assistance needed! I've read the multitude of threads re parking tickets on this site and am hoping for the same useful advice from the regulars as I'm a bit confused re the best course of action On 08/06/2016 at Gateway Plaza, Barnsley I received a parking charge notice on my windscreen. The ticket stated it was issued for the reason of: No Ticket Displayed. The enforcement company is SIP Parking Limited I did some brief research online and decided to ignore the ticket. I did not appeal or make any contact with SIP On 14/07/2016 I received a NTK. The NTK did not m
  9. Hi, I spent a few days in Manchester last months and parked at SIP Gunn Street. Unfortunately I parked slightly over the line of the bay (there was a pillar on the other side, I am only slightly over the line looking at the pictures -from what I recal I was only on the line but their photos show otherwise). I received a PCN on the windscreen and appealed it on their website (from reading posts on the forum I now understand that I should have ignored it) My appeal and their response is below - is there anything else I can defend? Not sure if it means a
  10. Hi Guys, After some advice, around 2 months ago i decided to go travelling. Before doing so i parked my car outside a business which is on a main Road in Manchester City Center. I asked someone that worked at this business if it would be ok to park there which they replied it would be fine. While ive been away, SIP parking must of bought the land the business was situated on and they erected a no parking restricted sign on the wall. Well after coming back from my travels ive came back to a windscreen full of tickets and numerous letters from SIP asking
  11. Hi, We parked in an SIP car park in Manchester but, because we parked in a really narrow spot, I put the parking ticket in the back window (the one facing outwards) so the attendant would be able to see it properly but they gave me a PCN anyway and said it was because my ticket was not displayed. I wrote and complained that I had a valid ticket (which I sent them as proof) and that I had displayed it in the back of my car (and told them why) but they rejected my claims and still want me to pay the fine. What should I do? The PCN was also issued at 7.52pm and the car park became free at 8.
  12. Hi, I got a parking ticket from SIP today. I pay every day to park with them (and have a carrier bag full of tickets I've bought) however today my pound coins were not being accepted I paid for one hour, went to work with the intention of paying online and then got called into a meeting. my ticket ran out. I paid as soon as I could (2 hours after my ticket expired) but meanwhile they'd stuck a PCN on my window. Reading the forums it seems like a lot of hassle to try and evade the fine, with people even going to court to challenge it. If
  13. Hi I parked in an SIP car park and bought a ticket but unfortunately i put it on the dashboard upside down. I've written to them but no joy - has anyone any ideas? Thanks
  14. No Ticket Displayed 9th Feb Ticket issued 19:nn ( car seen 19:nn ) . Car Park Charges cease at 20:00 and the driver ( not me ) did not buy a ticket. ( I removed the minutes to reduce chances of SIP tracing me if they look on here ) I ( as registered keeper ) have received a NOTICE TO OWNER ( NTO ) but my name has been mis-spelt. Like most people I have read lots of information on this but am unsure what to do. The current demand is for £100 , with possible referral to debt collection agency after 28 days ( 9 days to go ). Has anyone got experience of this com
  15. Hi, 3 friends and I visited Manchester over the weekend (Saturday and Sunday, 5thand 6th October). We parked on the SiP (Simple Intelligent Parking)car park in the centre of Manchester. When we arrived we went to the ticketmachine and it was, at the time, out of use as maintenance was being carriedout on it (the machine was open and it looked like the battery was beingreplaced). There were two SiP employees on hand. One was working on the ticketmachine, the other was manually issuing tickets to customers by taking theirmoney and writing out tickets. We wanted the 24 hour parking opt
  16. I parked my car in a Disabled parking bay in a car park off Wilmslow Road, Didsbury Manchester. I put my Disable Badge on the dash board. When I returned, I found a Parking Charge Notice on the windscreen. Charges payable £50 within 24 hours, £70 if paid within 7 days going up to £117. I have sent an appeal by email (Not giving my address). I feel this is a [problem]. Manchester City council say this company "Stop Illegal Parking" are not registered with them. Any ideas what I should I do next???? Help would be appreciated
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