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  1. Hi ericsbrother, yes it was signed but i removed that section out of the scan. Thanks again for the advice
  2. No.. was letter posted to me. Included a front page title 'Witness Statement' etc... which i havent attached as nothing on this page except repeat of the original WS.
  3. Hi, i did the above and just today got the attached response, any feedback before the court case tomorrow will be very helpful Wish me luck for tomorrow guys. WS2.pdf
  4. Cheers pal, really really helpful! Have printed it all off and posted to Gladstones and Court via 1st class recorded an hour ago so hopefully receive by tomorrow.. fingers crossed it is accepted 5 days after the due date.
  5. Haha good point DragonFLy No picture of sign offering all day parking for £2, but ericsbrother knows something so waiting for his reply By sending Witness Statement late what is the chance of it being accepted?
  6. Fantastic, really helpful, going to spend sometime reading everything you have sent and advised on. Just a quick question on the below, where is the 'made an offer that day of all day parking for £2' shown on which signage? Thanks 7 In any case the signage at Walmer St made an offer that day of all day parking for £2. the driver at the time accepted these terms so there can never be such a thing as an overstay as the conditions accepted did not include such terms as implied by other signage that did not form part of the contract accepted at the time and the driver paid th
  7. Thanks ericsbrother, will definitely have a look at that, also have emailed you directly
  8. Oh no, really sorry to hear about what happen, appreciate your efforts.. Unfortunately as i am new on here when i try to reply to your email it gives me a message about not being able to send PM as i need to have had 30posts and only have 6 : ( Would you be able to write out the statement in word document and then upload the attachment. Thanks in advance.
  9. Thank you guys for all your help so far.. Here are the images of the Walmer Street car park. unfortunately I was unable to find Wilmslow Road carpark, even checked on net and maps but no luck. I drove up and down Wilmslow Road looking for a sign showing 'Wilmslow Road Car Park' but nothing. For Walmer Street car park there was a sign on Wilmslow Road pointing to Walmer Street car park but nothing the same for Wilmslow Road. So attached are all images from Walmer Street car park. 1 thing I notice is that the case is for the time exceeded on my ticket, and if you
  10. See below completed form: Name of the Claimant: SIP Parking Ltd claimants Solicitors: Gladstones Solicitors Date of issue – 9th December 2017 What is the claim for – Amount £160 For exceeding time of parking ticket. Parking Notice Charge was issued 20mins after my parking ticket expiry time. Location is Walmer Street Manchester. What is the value of the claim? £160 Has the claim been issued by the Private parking Company or was the PCN assigned and it is the Debt purchaser who has issued the claim ? Private Parking Company (SIP Parking Ltd.)
  11. In regards to the defence statement, it was hand written and i no longer have a copy but it was simply stating that i requested for the photo evidence and nothing has been received to this date. Anyone can drive the vehicle as longs as they are insured, yes myself and 1 other name driver is insured on the same insurance but other drivers with own insurance can drive vehicle under 3rd party cover only. So your finding and advice is very interesting and i surely can use this in court! fantastic! claimants WS.pdf
  12. Thanks for your reply DragonFly. See attached, a list of the car park the SIP guys manage and it shows Wilmslow Road Manchester and Walmer Street as 2 separate parking (the YES is referring to leasehold). Walmer Street car park from the picture is where the car was parked (I haven't told them who was driving). But when ticket was printed from the machine it stated Wilmslow Road. The notice clear states 'exceeding time' so the fine was exceeding the time parked. But the whole case is stating Walmer Street. Hope attach helps. I have just seen your other reply so i will tr
  13. Thanks ericsbrother. Yes unfortunately my mistake on leaving this too late. I am going down tonight so will take pictures, although the car park referred to is a proper car park with signs etc. In reference to the 'contract' being out of date. From what document and contents did you make that statement so i can hopefully use in my defence As you will see from the photo of my car with ticket in windscreen it shows 'Wilmslow Road' and the case refers to 'Walmer Street Manchester' is that good enough to dispute?
  14. Hi, the driver parked at Walmer Street car park on 8/4/17 and went over the parking time by 20 mins. After 28 days i received the 'Notice to keeper', which after reading online i ignored and any further correspondence thereafter. Unfortunately it is now being taken to court. My argument was that I did not receive any photo of the parking as i or any other driver of the vehicle couldn't recall parking at the relevant car park. I have a court case on 27th February 2018 and just received the Witness statement from Gladstones Solicitors. I have attached a few of the page
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