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  1. Hi everyone, I just wanted to add an update to the thread. As per the advice given, I have sat on my hands and not responded nor admitted any kind of liability. However my resolve is wavering somewhat! In the time since my last post I received a final reminder letter (09/08/2018), followed by a 'Notice of Impending Legal Action' (24/08/2018), the latter of which is attached below. My question is, should I respond in anyway? At which point do I write to SIPP Ltd or Gladstones advising that I had in-fact paid but made an error on my number plate? Thanks in advance,
  2. Apologies for the delay, I have been away with work unexpectedly. As requested please find attached a redacted PDF of the Notice to Dr iver Also, as requested, please find attached photos of signs I do have some further photos if required (of the front of the ticket machine and where my vehicle was parked) but I can only upload 5 in one post. I believe these are the more relevant signs displaying the Terms NTD_Redacted.pdf Images.pdf
  3. I will upload the NTD and any photos that I took on the day as soon as I get home from work (will just need to edit and remove any personal details first)
  4. Hi, thanks for your response, I can post a scan of the NTD when i get home from work if this helps? The box titled Reason states: "No Ticket Displayed"
  5. Hi, I took some photos whilst on site, just had a quick look on my phone and those signs appear to still be there. However, there are some additional signs that relate to electronic ticket parking. I can post these up once I am home from work if this helps? Thanks to everyone for your responses and guidance.
  6. Good evening all, I have an update! I have now received the NTK. I was away at a wedding from Thursday 21st to Saturday 23rd June last week, I returned to find the NTK on my doormat. I can only assume I received this either Friday or Saturday. By my calculations this lands between the 29th and 56th day. I have scanned the NTK and blanked any personal details , any advice on the next move would be great. Thanks in advance 2018-06-22_NTK_Redacted_V2.pdf
  7. Hi BankFodder, thanks for your help, I ’s really appreciated! In terms of the outstanding invoice, it is £255. I really would like to avoid my credit file being pulverised, but at the same time worried that I won’t recover it if I pay it. I would like some kind of compensation for the 1.5 days annual leave, however I would be happy with just clearing the invoice in all honesty. Referring back to you first post, should I still send a SAR to BCA and Audi prior to a letter of claim, or should I do this alongside? To preserve my credit file, (please correct me if I’m wrong) I
  8. Hi, you are correct I am salaried so did not loose wages per se. I did however loose 1.5 days annual leave due to their error. These have a monetary value as I can sell them back to work (not that I would, my annual leave is very precious!!) I probabaly wouldn’t have complained if I’d only lost my holiday, it’s the fact I am now being invoiced / chased for the additional rental as well!
  9. It appears that I get directed to two different websites; This first link is taken directly from an email they have sent me regarding the end of my contract; https://www.audifinance.co.uk/en/private_customers/how_your_agreement_works/contract_hire/what_to_do_during_your_agreement.html And this one is taken from the email signature in any email correspondence; https://www.vwfsfleet.co.uk/ This is the website of British Car Auctions; https://www.british-car-auctions.co.uk/Contact/
  10. I have just tried to post the links but unfortunately I am unable to post as my post count is sub 10 posts!
  11. Ok Great, thanks for your prompt response. When speaking to BCA I advised that I would only communicate via letter / email and requested their complaints procedure (it was audi who transferred me to them). The conversation with Audi was due to them calling me, as they have done again today asking for the additional rental (I didn't answer). I arent looking for anything unreasonable, Im just rather peeved that I am being invoiced for something that in effect is nothing to do with me! I will send the SAR on friday as you advise. One question that I failed to ask in my previous post, sh
  12. Hi All, Not sure if this is the correct forum, I have a somewhat difficult situation I am contending with. in summary; I had a lease vehicle; prior to the end of the lease arrangement I arranged the inspection (Thurs 15th March 2018) and collection (Sat 17th March) with British Car Auctions (BCA) in accordance with what I had to do (inspection within 7 days of collection and end of contract). BCA failed to turn up (i took the day off off work!)! I called BCA who advised that they had made a mistake and schedule my inspection and collection for the incorrect dates. They advised m
  13. Ok thanks DX and Dragonfly, ordinarily I would be full of fight and stand my ground, I guess with redundancy hanging over me the thought of the £35 turning into £50 then £100 or more is magnifying the pressure. I will stand my ground as advised and do nothing. It may be nothing to you guys but your advice and support is hugely appreciated.
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