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Found 19 results

  1. Hi, I am posting this as I require some urgent advice regarding a minor and an agreement. I am 17 years old and I got onto an online car auction and won. The vehicle is for £7,900 + VAT + 20% commission + vat, therefore the total plaice is around £11,300. However I don’t have the money to buy the car and I did not think that I will win the auction. I contacted the auctioneer about this and they said that in there terms and condition (which I agreed to over email) they clearly state the following: 1) if a buyer wants to cancel they must pay the 20% commission+ vat. Which works out at £1580+ Vat 2) it is a trade sale so consumer right do not apply 3) there is a 2% interest each day for late payment 4) if an under 18 bids in a vehicle the parent or legal guardian is liable to pay. 5) is payment is not received within the allotted time they will use legal action. 6) If the reserve price is not met the seller may still sell the vehicle to the highest bidder. I need to cancel the bid as I have not got the money to purchase the vehicle but I don’t even have the enough money to pay for the cancellation charge. The auctioneer have got a copy of my driving licence and are saying that I have till 5pm otherwise they will go to court and most likely I will get a CCJ in my name which will be for the full amount of approx £11,300 plus 2% interest each day. I would like to know if they will still be able to take me to court even if I am under the age of 18 and classed as a minor, and I did not think this would happen. My parents are not aware of the situation and even they do not have that hind of money. Adobe is greatly appreciated. Thanks Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi All, Not sure if this is the correct forum, I have a somewhat difficult situation I am contending with. in summary; I had a lease vehicle; prior to the end of the lease arrangement I arranged the inspection (Thurs 15th March 2018) and collection (Sat 17th March) with British Car Auctions (BCA) in accordance with what I had to do (inspection within 7 days of collection and end of contract). BCA failed to turn up (i took the day off off work!)! I called BCA who advised that they had made a mistake and schedule my inspection and collection for the incorrect dates. They advised management would contact me and they would rearrange. I received no contact. I repeatedly called to rearrange as I was aware I was now out of my contract date (phoned Audi to advise of situation). Was unable to get a response. Monday 19th March BCA turn up at my front door at 7:45am unannounced to collect the car. I advise that it has not been inspected and the collection date was 17th. Two collection agents then sat in my living room for approximately 2 hours trying to get through to their head office to check if they could collect the vehicle. Eventually advised that they could not, and went on their way advising BCA would contact me to rearrange. Fast forward several weeks of trying to arrange the collection and inspection and fit with BCA's availability and I mange to arrange inspection and collection (difficult as I work away for long periods of time and they have limited availability). Car was inspected Tuesday 17th April (another half day annual leave) and collected Friday 20th (half day annual leave). I have now received an invoice from Audi for the additional rental. I have spoken to Audi via telephone who agreed that this is BCA's error and they should cover the invoice, however Audi are still invoicing me as it is my contract! Audi have tied to contact a manager at BCA and also ha zero success. I am going down the formal complaint route and any tips on acts, cases, precedents or what I should include / not include in the letter would be gratefully appreciated. My first thought was to list it chronologically as above. I can go through phone records if required and list every call made and received (all via my mobile). I would like the invoice covering by BCA, and if possible compensation for the annual leave taken whilst waiting for their failed inspection and collection. Also, to add to this. I queried if I should even be responsible for this complaint as I did not employ BCA, Audi did.(my original complaint was to Audi) They advised that they are satisfied that the complaint against Audi has been resolved and I need to pay the bill and try to recover the costs from BCA. Please help!!
  3. Just bought my first car in the UK from a large auto auction and was curious about the V5C document. Do I really need the signature of the registered keeper (previous owner) if purchased through an auction where I have no contact with the previous owner at all? :???:
  4. Helping someone . I bought my house in a auction and knew the house was suffering from some sort of damp problem. I never had a survey done as there was no mortgage and there was a damp problem. I have managed to sort that out and will be having a damp course done in a few weeks time. However now some 16 months on cracks have started to appear on inside walls. These are vertical ones and are very thin. I have checked the wall above and because it has wall paper on cannot check if the cracks have gone up. I did however contact my insurance company who took down the claim an are in the middle of appointing a Surveyor to come out and inspect this. Do i have anything to worry about if i cannot produce a survey ?
  5. Hi Folks, Long story short but I missed 3 payments on my car (I lost my job) the agreement with the finance company was terminated and they wanted the balance in full (I couldn't afford to pay it in full). The car was repossessed (I agreed to this and met them to take it away). The car went to auction and sold for more than £10k than what the outstanding debt/balance was. How do i stand with this? The company are saying that they are entitled to keep all the money even though they have been overpaid by over £10k on the figures they sent me via their solicitor and the court letters before the car went to auction. To add they didn't even tell me what auction it was going too and I've never had any more mail saying how much it sold for (this was 5 weeks ago). Any help would be great.
  6. Hi there I'm new to this forum so please be gentle! I won an item at the end of auction and when i went to pay for the item it would not let me then when i rechecked it someone else had bid on the item after the auction had ended and got the item i had already won i contacted ebay and they say it is a glitch in there system and they will get back to me but have not got back to me yet i sent them copies of my message showing i clearly had won the item normally if im not going to win an item i get the option to bid higher which i would have done but because i had won the item and the auction ended could not add extra bids so what i seek advise on is if ebay is at fault should they re run the auction or what are the legallities as once you have won an item is it not a legally binding contract between you and ebay. be glad to get any advice on this thanks:tea:
  7. Does anyone happen to know whether the vendor can introduce restrictive covenants after a house has been purchased at auction and contracts exchanged without negotiation with the purchaser? thanks
  8. My partner recently purchased a car at auction which was advertised in the catalogue as having full service history. After picking up the car the auction told him they are still waiting for the previous owner to drop off the service history. I was shocked that the auction sold the car as having full service history without having any proof from the owner and just going on his word. The auction have been in contact with the previous owner who has said he'll drop it off but failed too, and now wont return any calls from the auction. The auction claim they haven't paid the previous owner for the car yet (which i think is a lie, as anyone who is owed money wouldn't be ignoring their calls) a nd keep fobbing my partner off with lies and false statements. Since then my partner has paid substantial money improving the car to sell on and had some interest but will only be able to sell it for the price he thought it was worth with full service history and devalues considerably without full service history. He now wants to return the car to the auction and get a full refund for the car and compensation on top for improvements he has made and also time taken off work so loss of earnings in attempt to sort this out. What rights does he have as I've read purchasing from auction differ from traders in terms of rights?
  9. Hi sorry am new to this so am not sure if i have posted to the right location. I bought a car at auction for £4815 and on the way home it broke down, so i got it recovered at a cost of £125 to a garage who had the car for 2 weeks who couldnt find the problem with it but charged me £200 inspection fee's for the 2 weeks, so my total cost was around £5125. I decided not to sell the car privatley but to sell it threw auction under the (Sold as seen) section which i did and received £3985 for it so i was roughly £1200 out of pocket, to my horror about 10 days after selling the car i received a phone call off the auction telling my i owe them £4000, i asked why they told me the buyer of the car took the car home and took it to a garage who informed him the car doesnt have the orginal engine from when it was made, some were along the line its had a replacement engine so therefore the mileage carnt be geniune neither the service history, i told the guy i didnt know anythink about a replacement engine and told him it was sold as seen and that i had purchased the car 3 weeks prior under the same terms and conditions so can he send me a copy of his terms and cocdition highlighting were that i am responsible for this. 3 weeks went by with no mail or communacation so i assumed it had been resolved. Then this morning i received a letter of a solictors telling me ive got 4 days to pay the sum of £6000!!! because as a result of my actions ive been enduly enriched and the grounds they have me on is - The compliance with the consumer protection from unfair trading regulations 2008 (CPR'S) and - the business protection from misleading marketing regulations 2008 (BPR'S). It says the facts are - 1. The vechicle was described as having warranted miles and full service history 2. Examination of the vechicle showed the engine came from either a audi a3 or a volkswagen gold when infact the car is an audi a4. 3. The engine number was not as described or as on the registration document. 4. The reality is that major work has been undertaken on this vechicle and therefore it could not possibly have had full service history and warranted miles. On the entry form which i have to fill in when putting the car in auction i put the the make and model of the car and the chassis number, i also put full service history sat nav and in big black letters (SOLD AS SEEN) i didnt put any engine number on the form because i wouldnt know were to find it nor did they ask me to put it on. I have my invoice from when i bought the car and it says 81,345 miles then it says Warranted? - YES, I supose my question is were do i stand with this as i didnt know anythink about a replacement engine and doesnt the same rules apply to me as it was sold to me the exact same way. also what should my response be as ive contacted at least 20 solictor firms today and all are saying they dont deal with this sort of thing. also the guy who won the car had the car off premises for at least 4 days before claiming it had a replacement engine (could it not have been him who put the engine in) any advice you can provide would be fanatastic, Thanks Danny the make of the car was a 2005 05 audi a4 estate which is roughly 7 years old
  10. Hi, I hope that someone out there might have some helpful information for me. In the late 2000's I managed to get myself into a considerable amount of debt and ended up having my house repossessed. As some of you will identify with this was an extremely stressful time and put a large strain on my marriage. My house was repossessed in 2009 and was , I believe sold at auction. I have never been able to establish how much it sold for. In no small part because we 'upped sticks' and left and I never informed Natwest who I had my mortgage with of my new address (frightened, worried , head in the sand etc.). I am now being chased for a £36000 shortfall by G.E Money who I had a secured loan/2nd mortgage with. This £36000 is basically the amount outstanding on the loan...meaning they received no payment from the sale. I owed around £50,000 to Natwest and I have heard that the house sold for around £80,000 so some of the money should have gone towards the GE loan. Does anyone know how I can find out without stirring up any old problems as I have made massive advances in clearing other debts and I'm worried about any potential outcome if I contact Natwest..(ie outstanding fees ect).
  11. Hello, I'll keep this brief because I know sometimes people can give a little to much information on these forums... I bought a piece of antique Ivory from a auction via the-saleroom.com a fair while ago in April. I was overall happy with it and I treasured it in my cabinet until recently. I decide I would like to part with this item and I took this to a dealer in my local area who trades in ivory and I was shocked to learn that she very confidently believes this not to be ivory but instead some sort of resin and so of significantly less value. I strongly feel I have been misled as the item listing was described as ' A small Ivory carving 4cm ' I would like any adivse on this matter because I know my rights are different than buying from a shop and I have had a look at the T&C's of the auction house one clause is below. "11. The auctioneer undertakes that care has been taken to see that catalogue descriptions and condition reports are accurate, but these must be taken as matters of opinion only and shall not be taken as statements of fact. Buyers must make their own judgement as to the nature, authenticity or condition of any lot. The auctioneers do not give any warranty as to the title of the lots sold and will not be liable for any defect in such title" How can they get away with this surely they have a responsibility to accurately list the items for sale? Paul.
  12. Yesterday I bid for a carpet on an Ebay auction starting at 99p and won at £41. There was no reserve price, or Buy-it-now. After trying to obtain details for collection the seller emailed me "Item sold wrong price apologise for inconvenience, Thanks". I now find this same carpet has been relisted today, again starting at 99p with 4 bids so far (up to £10.90)and 9 days to go. The same seller has also relisted a television that was sold a few minutes after the carpet, in the same circumstances, and feedback was left yesterday to say "seller refuses to sell at the auction price" on a coffee table. I have contacted Ebay, who said they will look into this as it is definately against the rules and not allowed, and will probably give her a black mark!! - Big deal!! They also suggested I pay for the item through Paypal and then open an "unreceived item" case. Is this a good idea?? Do I have a case to take this matter to Court? For me it is a matter of principle.
  13. I purchased a motorcycle via ebay auction The auction described "Excellent Condition" & "Custom Paint". Contrary to this, 1. Vehicle broke down within 100 miles. Upon inspection by mechanical engineer it was found: Charging system not working, rectifier and/or stator defective (components that that charge the bikes battery system and electrics). Likely both are unusable. He informed me the new battery seller put on would have masked this problem for approx. 100 mile use. I suggest this shows priorer knowledge of the fault. 2. Faring cracked by right wing mirror 3. Fault indicator (fi) warning light illuminating. This means the bike has an undisclosed fault 4. Damage noted to Stator casing 5. Rear tail light indicator mounting broken/ lens insecure 6. Various scuffs and scratches not consistent with the description wording "excellent condition" 7. Missing inner offside fairing lining 8. Fairing linings insecure thorough out and missing fixings 9. vehicle there is NO custom paint, the bike is standard Suzuki black, with carbon fibre stickers/vinyl over the panels. 10. When i rang seller he informed me the vehicle had been recovered from his friend as a non runner I have issued County court proceeding on the basis: My decision to enter into contract to purchase this vehicle was influenced by the wording in the auction: "Excellent condition" (which it is not) and the fact it had a custom paint job which it also did not have" .  No test ride could be taken as no MOT could be provided This was an auction not a classified add, I was in legally binding contract to pay for the purchase as bidders and sellers signal their assent to eBay's umbrella terms of business when they participate in the site's activities. My Question The seller had decided to defend all of claim and appoint a solicitor. If this does not go my way will i be liable for his solicitors costs. Will i be at a disadvantage if i dont get a solicitor?
  14. Hello, For now I'd rather not mention the name of this site, I just want to ask what is your opinion on this story? I bought the following products from this site, here's the product description: "A Bowens Illumtran Flash Slide Copier, with Nixon film camera, this item is used and untested" Product image has a resolution of 199x132, so you can only barely get an idea about the condition of this product. You can view picture here: www dot gthdirect dot com/flashcopier/DSC_0020.JPG Here is their disclaimer: "These goods being auctioned are second hand, unless stated otherwise. The ******** that listed the item and ******** Auctions claim no responsibility for the authenticity, commercial value or quality of any of the items sold through ******* Auctions. The working condition (unless stated otherwise) of these items are not determined and it is advised that all electrical items should be tested by a competent person prior to use." When I received the product, it turned out that it does have a plug. So I began to think how you can say that something is not tested, since it cannot actually be able to be tested for the simple reason that there is no plug! So, I filed a complaint and here's their response: "I can see nothing wrong with this auction. The item is both described as untested both in the description and disclaimer. It cannot be clearer and for clarity that means the item HAS NOT been tested. The fact that the plug is missing is not relevent. The complaint is rejected and return and refund will not be offered." I replied as follows: "It is quite interesting logic. NOT TESTED is the opposite of TESTED, but to be tested, concerned electronic equipment must be ABLE to be tested, but this machine cannot be tested because of the simple reason that there is no plug. So to claim that something is not tested since it is NOT POSSIBLE to be tested is quite simply a cheating. Not to mention the other aspect of this case, that when the plug of some electronic equipment missing, in most cases this means that it has already been tested and does not work. So the fact that the plug is missing is VERY RELEVANT!" Her is the response: "The item is NOT TESTED by the ******* or by the ****** and as such you must deduce from that it will either work or there will be a chance it may not work! That is for you to decide and adjust your bid value accordingly. It is stated clearly twice on the auction that the item is untested or not tested. The plug may have been missing for any number of reasons and in anyway is again not relevent. You have not been decieved or mislead." I also do not see where exactly in disclaimer says that item is NOT TESTED or untested, it says:"...The working condition (unless stated otherwise) of these items are not determined..." Here's what I think, maybe I am wrong, but that's reason I am here for help. I have no pretensions as to whether or not the machine is working, I have pretensions that an important fact about the state of the machine is not mentioned and I'm sure that this is intentional. For me, they deliberately failed to mention a very important fact, by claiming that it is irrelevant. It is like to selling a car without to have a keys for this car. Just write NOT TESTED, you buy what you see. But "accidentally" forget to mention that the car has no keys, because it is irrelevant! What do you think, is the fact that the plug is missing and this is not mentioned in the product description is relevant or not? So any advice would be helpful to me. Thank you in advance.
  15. Is it legal to take a mate along with you and get him to bid against some one who is buying your property at auction ? Just a question ? Also if this happens on a regular basis ?
  16. ok i dont think there is but... is there any rule saying that if an auction house sells electricals that they should be at least electricly safe background is i got a dryer from boston auctions they PAT tested it. got it home wont power up. control board snapped so repaired it. motor then fired out enough smoke to fill the kitchen. turned it over to look and found someone has sawed huge chunks out of the base i know its sold as seen but this isnt just silly its unsafe and deliberatly so
  17. Hello, i have tried to explain this the best i can but sorry if it gets a bit confusing! I took out a HP with ford finance on my ford fiesta. I got into some difficulty with the payments and i had phoned them to explain. I said that i was selling the car to ford busseys(Local ford dealership) and was just waiting until i could afford the excess money to cover the whole cost. Ford busseys offered me a price of £10,500 for my car... Ford Finance phoned me up and told me that they had passed my debt onto Link Financial and they were now dealing with it. Next thing i know when i was at work Link phoned my mobile and told me that they were at my address to pick the car up. The car wasn't there as it was at ford busseys waiting to be sold. I told them where it was and they picked it up from Ford Busseys without me being there. I informed the bloke from Link that the they had agreed to pay £10,500, but he told me that it would go for more in auction with a reserve price. I got a letter through the post yesterday stating that i now owed £2,700? I phoned up link to ask what the car had sold for and he said £7,000. and that my debt owed for the car was £10,200. I was told £12,500 when i was trying to sell the car. My questions are; Can they take my car without me signing anything? & Can they turn down a price which covers my debt and more? and then sell for nearly £3,000 less!!? It just feels very unfair to me. Thanks.
  18. I am trying to resolve and end a long term problem with The Black Horse. Can anyone answer me this question. If a vehicle is repossessed and sold at auction, could I expect to have any sort of receipt or official document to tell me on the amount it was sold for etc? I received nothing but mention in a letter and later an amount on a statement. Is this right? thanks[/size]
  19. Hi Due to extreme laziiness and mislaid letters I have managed to have my car seized from my drive for non-payment of a parking ticket. I was away at the time and only discovered 5 days later. Basically the debt is approx £550 (plus whatever gets added on by the car storage co.) and baliffs have threatened to auction my car. They do not have my keys or V5. My car looks more valuable than it is to a baliff, but I would assume at a car auction it may not raise that much. They even suggested on the phone that if I gave them the keys and V5 it would help raise the value. Anyway, simple question: Do I pay and move on (assuming extra charges) or if I let them sell at auction will I be clear on any debt with them ? Thanks Grazbo
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