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Found 13 results

  1. I signed up to O2 50GB tariff in September 2018 and decided to pay for the device up front to make the monthly payments cheaper (£22 per month instead of £29). Everything seemed fine for around four months until out of the blue I received an email notification from O2 claiming that a request for a tariff change had been made. No request had been made by us. At first I put it down to some sort of [problem] email and ignored it, but checking my account online later that day, it did show up as a change of tariff - with the new tariff of £29 per month for the same 50GB i was already receiving. I chatted to a couple of gurus until it appeared 'Keith' finally understood what I was complaining about. He said he would change the tariff back but the next payment could not be stopped but he would make sure the extra charges were reimbursed soon after. I waited and waited, and nearly four weeks later I still havent received the refund, and my tariff is still showing as £29 per month. I dont know if it was the right thing to do but I have raised a complaint through Resolver, and am currently waiting for their response. As a side to this, one of their gurus told me the exact time of day the so called request was made, and I have prove through my vehicle tracker that I was driving at the time, and no one else has access. My suspicion is that O2 are running some sort of fraudulent [problem] once they realised they are not charging me enough for the 50GB. Shortly afterwards I noticed that an extra charge of £4.50 has been added to the account, stating an 'app' had been purchased from Globway BV. I had not, and never would buy an app for £4.50. Another complaint was raised about that. Then just yesterday (Sun 10) I noticed that an incredible (for us!) 7.21 GB had been taken from our remaining monthly allowance, with 2.78 GB going after the device had been switched off for the night. Another complaint ensued! This is now the second time in two months that over 7GB has been wiped from our remaining allowance, and I wonder if anyone else has any similar experiences of this, and if any members can recommend future course of action? Many Thanks
  2. Hi, I recently received a telephone call from First Utility. This was in respect of my present tariff which ends at the end of January 2019. I explained that I intended to look around in January for the best deal. When I check my Smart Meter several hours later, I found the meter had been electronically set to zero and had started charging me on new (and more expensive) tariff. I both telephoned and emailed (with photographs) of the new settings and complained. They said within 24 hours it would go back to my old Tariff. Several phoned calls later it is still on the new Tariff and First Utility say that they will adjust the bill in January. Please advise
  3. Hi All, Any help would be greatly appreciated on how I appeal this parking Charge, I paid for the days parking via the PayByPhone app but selected my previous vehicle in error (same make and colour in list with similar number plate!). As per the sticky post here are my answers to the questions; 1) Date of infringement: 17/05/18 13:24 2) Appeal lodged: No (I have however opened the web page to do so!) I also have not received an NTK. 3) NTK Mention Schedule 4 PoFA: N/A NTK not received 4) Appeal after receiving NTK: N/A NTK Not received 5) Parking Company: SIP Parking Limited (SIPcarparks.com) 6) Car park: Tariff Street, Manchester. (Code 88841) I was parked legally in a marked bay and paid for the parking upon arrival, unfortunately I used my previous vehicles registration number. I have a history of using the car park on a monthly basis with receipts / records of each parking transaction and Reg number they are against. If paid within 24 hours: £35 7 days: £50 14 days: £60 Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  4. Around 20 million energy customers (mainly with large suppliers) in Britain are on ‘standard variable’ rate tariffs, and are potentially missing out on significant savings. Ofgem has published its own league table comparing the cheapest and priciest energy deals on the market. The table compares how much customers on standard variable tariffs (often the most expensive on the market) with each provider could save by switching to a cheaper deal, without even switching companies. More than 1.7 million Npower customers could save £261 a year, simply by moving to another Npower tariff. While a record number of people switched in 2016, close to seven in ten households are still stuck on standard variable tariffs, costing £1.4bn in total. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-38314164
  5. Hello Friends, I have just come to know that OFGEM introduced several new regulations, back in 2014, to enforce simpler tariffs and clear information to be given to consumers. Was this made into a law and if so what is the Act number ( just like we have Housing Act 2004 ). Many Thanks for this. -NewLyyn.
  6. Don't know if we are allowed to mention names here, but here goes anyway. Interested to know if a letting agent can legally switch energy suppliers on a house up for rent without notifying or seeking authorisation from the Landlord/owner? Discovered that Countrywide 'sold' the contract to E.on, (who incidentally have a whole department dedicated to that company). Countrywide get a fee (although E.on would not say how much this was) and E.on get a new customer (we know how apathetic most people are on changing their suppliers) on any tariff they choose to set. E.on said they took the contract on in good faith (ie. that is on the understanding that the Landlord had agreed). Clearly no checks and balances on E.on's part, but then scruples are always thin on the ground when money is one the table.
  7. So in October I called EE to reduce the tariff on my phone. Was advised I have to stay on agreed tariff for 12 months before reducing and to ring after 30th November. I called today to be told that since EE formed you are no longer allowed to reduce your tariff. You can increase at any time but you can never go below the tariff you started on. I was pointed to the T & C's but that just says they don't have to allow you to reduce the tariff. I asked why something that important wasn't written into the conditions and was just told if it's not written in them then you can't do it. EE just state if your on the Orange side then you can drop 1 tariff during the contract but on EE this is no longer allowed. Anyone else come across this problem?
  8. Hi, can anyone help? I've been with Swalec for a couple of years, my bill was worked out based on previous usage and I paid it on a monthly basis. I discovered recently that my tariff became almost double about 6 months ago. I was not informed by Swalec that their electricity and gas tariff had gone up. Is there anything I can do about this? Thanks
  9. Is there a thread on the increase that O2 have imposed from23/1/13. I would like to cancel my contract, as I find this disgraceful that they can just hike the cost of the tariff, what next? I am on a 2 year contract which ends Feb 15.
  10. Hello first off before I ask for some advice I must sincerely say a big thanks to all the people who offer their time knowledge and expertise in helping others on this forum, the continued support offered and the positive impact it can have on peoples lives may be overlooked but is whole heartedly appreciated. Today I am after some advice on what to say to E.ON because they have suddenly increased my gas & electricity monthly direct debit from £107 to £250 for the next 12 months. (they gave me 10 days notice in writing) I feel this figure is unreasonably high for me to pay each month. Over the last 2 years I was automatically set on a tariff and only ever advised by E.ON to pay £107 p/month to cover my usage, Today it is now clear I wasn't paying enough each month and have now accumulated aprox £950 worth of debt. (its hard for me to understand but apparantly my electricity and gas usage has nearly doubled although nothing has drastically changed ergonomically in my household). I appreciate in retrospect I should have paid more attention to my annual statement and contacted them earlier to question my payments however, according to their terms and conditions, website pledges and the Energy Retail Association (ERA) Code of Practice for Accurate Bills, E.ON "will take all reasonable steps to ensure your payments are set at the right level. This includes reviewing your account proactively to make sure your payments are sufficient to cover your energy usage." My argument is.... If E.ON had proactively reviewed my account early I would have been better informed, and in a position to select a more effeciently priced tariff thus reducing my annual bill and subsequent debt. Their are also ambiguities on my on-line accounts energy usage chart (i.e 4 months of paying less than £5 a month for electricity usage last year which makes no sense). In summary i would like E.ON to reduce a percentage of my outstanding debt because to a degree their inefficiency has put me as a customer at a disadvantage, I would also need them to lower my monthly direct debit payments to around £160. (this covers my usage and pays £10 toward the outstanding debt) Questions 1. what would your advice be ? 2. Is telephoning best or should I write to E.ON ? and would It be best to deal with a manager or higher ? 3. What would be the best way of asking for a reviewed/reduced debt figure taking into account my personal circumstances and their apparent proportional lack of proactively maintaining my account ? 4. Can I write them a notice / offer to pay say £10 p/month over 10 years to pay of the debt on top of my monthly tarrif ? 5. is there any powerfull legal terms i.e neglegence, I can use to get my point accross Thanks in advance for looking at this really appreciate your advice Kind regards Lee
  11. Hey all, This is my first post although I have used the site before (lurking in the shadows) for advice on a lot of different things and now I have a query that I can't find an answer to without asking it myself! I moved into a property back in the end of September 2012 & unfortunately I've been having a lot of trouble with Spark energy. I have contacted them on many occasions as I was trying to receive a final bill in order so that I could switch to another supplier. I've now finally managed to receive a bill from them, however the problem I have is the fact it seems they have changed my tariff retrospectively. I was in receipt of a letter dated at the end of March that stated I was currently on the best tariff, however to retain this tariff & complete account setup I would have to provide either a security deposit of £150 within 7 days or provide my DD details or I would be switched onto a worse tariff (the standard plus). I didn't do this as I have been trying to leave them (I was wary in case it meant me having to chase them for money after I had left). However I have now received a bill which states that for my usage between September up until today, my account was on the worse tariff which makes a difference to the bill of about £800 (which incidentally is around half the bill's cost). I've no problem paying for what I have used, however I was just wondering if anyone could advise as to the situation and the legality of the tariff being retrospectively changed to the worse one? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  12. What is the best tariff to use on the Vodafone network in regards to data allowance and pay as you go I have an apt on my iPhone that records car journeys direct onto the phone. It has a facility where the speed etc will also be recorded by GPS I am after an add on top up so i can use this facility without costing an arm and a leg, after all, people on contract have adequate data allowance to leave their data allowance on all the time thanks
  13. I had an online Dual Fuel tariff with British Gas. In July 2010 they changed it to a Standard Tariff, which is much more expensive. They "informed" me by way of a small notice on my bill. I have been on their most expensive tariff for 14 months without noticing. I feel this is deliberately intended to place people on expensive tariffs. How many people scrutinize a Fuel Bill? Especially an online one? And why not send me an email or letter if they wanted to act in good faith? I am considering small claims court or arbitration to recover the money I am out of pocket. Any advice?
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