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  1. I understand that, I've had no reply regarding the crp from gladstones, im not sure if that would work in my favour. I've also spoken to the dvla and they have sent me the dates and times my details were obtained in just waiting for them to arrive in the post. Regards
  2. am I right in submitting the one line defence today? As in which Eric's brother suggested.
  3. I've acknowledged the court claim for Gun street, should I submit what you suggested as my initial defence Regards
  4. Sorry for the late reply, I've been snowed under with work! I was parking on Gun Street from JULY 2016 - JANUARY 2017 (mid-late), parking there was no problem as the yellow lines broke on the road and allowed for two spaces for two cars. I noticed the signs late JANUARY but didn't go up and read them as I had no reason too, it was only when the builders/workers asked me nicely to move as they needed access to the shutter. This is when I moved around to the front of Great Ancoats Street, I didn't take any notice of the signs because I didn't have screen tickets or
  5. I started parking on Gun street maybe Mid July 2016, moving the car for the builders January time. But I could be slightly off that's why I'm a little unsure and don't want to use this info as gospel in court in case it trips me up.
  6. Spoke to the DVLA, they said I must fill in a v888 request form stating why I would like the information regarding who requested my details, as for the KA it's been registered to the same address as the Silver Ford so I should be getting NTK's to that address. Regarding parking, I moved my car from Gun Street To Great Ancoats Street in January, I didn't go away straight away you see so I was going to my car regularly day to day, I went away January time. I honestly don't have the exact dates, I'm trying to piece everything together and this is all I have.
  7. So asking the DVLA for the info on who / when requested my details is hit and miss?
  8. So I'm best to give them a call and try and find out haha, I was ringing before for an hour and it said the line was busy every time
  9. If the DVLA do not respond to my email about the request to find out who accessed my details, would that be something that could work in my favour in court? Regards
  10. Thank you DragonFly, iv'e just sent the DVLA an email requesting the details of who / when requested my keeper details, i put both cars in the email so it should cover all grounds. Regards
  11. Right, I'm not being "vague" on purpose, I am struggling with it all. Juggling dates and all the information around doesn't come easy to me, I know you are relying on the details but I am trying. I honestly cannot remember when I moved my car, It must have been Late December/January time. Regarding the email to the DVLA, I no longer have the car which I have received court letters for. That vehicle has now been scrapped, would this prove a problem when trying to find out who accessed my details and when? I do still have the torn off v5c/3 slip for that car
  12. The sign wasn't there when i parked, i would of noticed it while parking. like i say i don't have screen tickets or NTK's for the Gun street tickets, so i had no reason to read upon this new sign (When it had been erected. Once returning to my car a few months ago, there were a few builders asking me to move my car to gain entry to the building. They did say they would need continuous access, that is when i moved my car around to the front of Great Ancoats Street (Yes this is one of the vehicles that was parked on Great Ancoats Street). Is there a template letter for the DVLA to requ
  13. Regarding Gun Street, i do not have screen tickets or NTK's again this SIP Car park being born was sprung upon me. I parked in the same spot for 5-6 months and never had an issue. I received a letter before claim on the 14th-15th April 2017 regarding 3 charges related to the 15,16,17/05/2016. I have not said anything to SIP or Gladdy's regarding these charges, i have filled in the MCOL acknowledgement form online, and i have also drafted my CPR request ready to be printed and posted off to Gladdy's tomorrow. Regarding the signage ill add them to a PDF
  14. Regarding parking on Great Ancoats Street, i parked there Mid January time, i cant remember the exact date. I also just spoke to a lady about when the SIP on Gun Street opened and she said around 3 months ago, with that in mind i received ''tickets'' for parking on Gun Street Mid November last year. Kind Regards
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