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  1. Hello! A Parking Charge Notice has been issued for a car at a time when I was driving. The PCN has been issued to the car owner, and I've asked them to pass on my details. Do we need to do anything else immediately ie. withing 28 days of the date the PCN was issued to the owner? Or will a new PCN be issued to me as the driver? And another little question: the PCN says "If you were not the driver of the vehicle and you wish to provide the drivers details... please follow the instructions overleaf". But overleaf, the only instructions relate to contesting or challenging the charge. Providing the drivers details isn't really contesting, is it? Is it important? Sorry if these issues have already been adressed elsewhere, I couldn't find any threads about PCNs where the owner wasn't driving. For information: PCN issued by Smart Parking Ltd Date of contravention 14/09/2018 PCN date 11/10/2018 Parking Fee 2.pdf
  2. Hi there, Yesterday I received a letter from Lowell & 118 (together in one envelope) that Lowell are now the new owners of a 12 month unsecured loan I stopped paying in November 2015. During this period I also defaulted on 4 loans with 4 different payday companies however by now I have taken care of all but this one. I fully intend to take care of the last of my mess which rules out the PROVE IT route but there are a few stumbling blocks before I can do so. After checking my credit report I notice a second default has been placed on my account. How do I go about getting this removed? After also checking my credit file I notice that the original default placed on my account by 118 was not placed until 28 months after the account went delinquent despite ICO guidlines which state that 'accounts should be defaulted 3-6 months from last payment date'. How do I go about getting the original default accurately recorded to early 2016? (Giving me a clean slate in early 2022) I would like to thank you ever so much for taking the time to read through this thread and any input will be greatly appreciated.
  3. Hi. I've sold a car almost 2 years ago, it was my first one and didn't know to I should send log book so I gave it to new owner which said that is going to do this but didn't. Now I recived a letter from debt collector which says that I'm still the owner and have to pay £80. I already made it straight but my question is : - What's happening with a car now? - The car has new M.O.T so is still in use - Is there anything that is going to affect "new" owner that have been using car without being owner?
  4. Today I received a large pile of documents from Prestige Finance, with whom I have a second mortgage. I have identified 10 unlawful charges of £35 each. But this account was previously held by lenders GE Money. Either they went into administration and "became" Prestige Finance, or GE Money simply sold my account to Prestige Finance. I have identified seven unlawful "administration charges" of £40 each while the account was with GE Money, before I found my account being handled by Prestige Finance. So my question is in two parts. 1. Am I entitled to recover the £280 unlawfully charged to me by GE Money before Prestige Finance aquired the account (and if so, who do I get the money from? Prestige? Or GE, who may no longer exist?) I had always assumed that if a going concern such as a lender was aquired by another going concern then the buyer going concern would also be buying the seller's liabilities as well as its assets (in which case Prestige would be liable to refund me the money that GE had stolen from me). But I may be wrong in this case. 2. How do I get my money back from Prestige Finance? Do I just ask for it back or do I need to take them to court? Can I charge interest at the statutory 8% and how can I calculate that? Can I add on anything else such as the time it has cost me and also the stress? Thanks in advance.
  5. I recently bought (January 18th 2018) an ex display sewing machine for £1499.00 (advertised on their website that ALL of their ex display machines are serviced before going out to customers) first off the lady on the phone told me that they do not post out on Saturdays and it would cost £20 for delivery, as this was on a Thursday I failed to see the relevance. The machine was posted out via courier (Parcel Force) and arrived on January 20th. I set the machine up (Husqvarna Topaz 50) downloaded the complementary software from the Husqvarna site and prepared to sew by connecting the machine to my laptop, there was NO response from the machine, the USB port on the machine was not lightning up. All I could do was sew designs that came pre-programmed with the machine (which defeats the object and pleasure of being able to transfer bought designs) I contacted the shop and the person who answered the phone immediately tried to blame the courier for 'throwing' the machine around, however, she did say that sometimes during transportation that the USB cable can become dislodged from the Motherboard, she made arrangements to have the machine collected, it duly was (January 25th) While I was on the phone with the assistant I asked her for the invoice and serial number of the machine so that I could register it (safeguarding my warranty) she told me I needen't worry as they would be registering the machine on my behalf. It did cause some concern to me (which I tried to get across) but was spoken 'down to and over' All my partner (whose credit card was used to make the payment) had was a till receipt and a Barclaycard statement indicating that a payment had been taken out by the establishment. On January 27th the machine was returned to me, I once again set it up only to discover that the machine would not stay threaded, the top thread kept 'leaping' pout of the take-up lever/rocker arm, sending messages on the screen to clear threads from the embroidery area when there were NO threads present. I phoned the shop (AGAIN) They told me it was 'user-error' from my end and that I MUST have been using 'cheap' threads, the wrong stabilizer, did I 'floss' the machine (flossing: hold the SILK threads in BOTH hands and do a sawing motion through the tension disks)..... As anyone who sews knows that silk is NOT the strongest medium for sewing, it is a soft material only used for decorative sewing. The lady on the phone 'walked me through' a few steps (don't know how she could tell what I was or wasn't doing on the phone.... Immediately after threading and placing my foot on the pedal the thread broke, her remark was....'Hmm, never had one that went THAT quickly) I know, should have recorded phone call. I again phoned on the 29th, they insisted I 'pop' along to the shop and use the machine in front of them to see if I was doing something 'wrong' Now, I told them that it wasn't THAT easy for me to get to them (they are nearly 70 miles away from me) Sn February 2nd I phoned them and told them in no uncertain terms that I DO NOT want the machine and could I have the money credited to my partners credit card, at this time I was speaking to the wife of the owner who told me I was NOT entitled to any sort of refund!! I told my partner who rang them (Feb 2nd) somehow they managed to persuade him to allow them to a SECOND repair.......I categorically told them I did NOT want the machine!! I sent a recorded letter informing them that I am NOT willing to accept something that does not fit the bill of 'in perfect working order' When my partner spoke to them they had agreed to send a courier to collect the machine. I also sent them a video of the machine acting up. I followed up with ANOTHER recorded letter (after taking advice from Which Magazine) legal team, sent a short term right to reject (?) letter.................. The shop owner still ISN'T playing ball, he's still insisting that I 'pop' over and take advantage (only offered after the first letter to him) of their two day 'getting-to-know-your-machine' course. In a letter he sent to me (dated Feb 13th) he said he would be more than happy to prove to me that there was NOTHING wrong with the machine and that I had accepted the machine with a fault (he's admitted that the machine came to me with this fault) he also states that if I no longer want the machine that I should say so in writing and he could sell it on my behalf, but for him doing so it would cost me £100. I have since had another letter from him ( an after thought, I think) letting me know that the machine stitches beautifully and not to forget that I have a five year warranty. He's also sent me an email (dated Feb 28th) in which he's attached 2 PDF documents letting me all about the modifications of the Husqvarna take up lever (2009 and 2011) a link to the 'Buy with confidence website, to which he is a member he states and I quote from his email "They can assist you with any consumer/retailer issues, and we have to abide by their findings, they can also put you in touch with a Trading Standards Officer if needed all at no cost to you". no mention of giving me my refund. in my last recorded letter to him (22nd Feb) I gave him 14 days to refund my money or I will take it to the next level....... . Asking for advice from those in the know on this forum, what is the next step please.
  6. This is a useful High Court judgment and one that should serve as a reminder to anyone considering litigation, that an error by an enforcement agent is not automatically trespass and most importantly, that any claims for loss/damages etc must be proved to arise directly from the agents misconduct -which very often will be difficult to prove. There is also the matter of the need to provide evidence to support any claims (something that was seriously lacking in this case). Background to claim: On 12th March 2015, a writ of control was issued against Mr Miller for £408,00. This related to a judgment from March 2010 for £330,000. I am assuming that the difference between both figures relates to interest on the debt. The Creditor passed the writ of control to a High Court enforcement company to enforce. Of significance, was that the address on the writ was ‘Sunnyview’. In 2014, Mr Miller had moved from that address to a rented property (called Yew Tree). On 26th March 2015, the enforcement agent visited an airfield*where Mr Miller had a business.The purpose of the visit had been to locate two small aircrafts (a Pitts and a De Havilland Chipmunk owned by Miller). The enforcement agent met with Mr Miller and took control of the vehicle that he had been driving (a Jeep), and one of the aircraft (the Pitt). The claimant made payment of £1,600 towards the judgment.Goods were not removed that day. Following the meeting, Mr Miller claimed that the enforcement agent went around the airfield ‘questioning everyone’before gaining peaceful entry into an airfield building where he looked for documents. He left, taking documents and keys to the aircrafts. The Enforcement Agent then went to an alternative address (xxxxx Mills) to make enquiries. Mr Miller had told the enforcement agent that this location was connected to his business. There he was allowed access to the property to search for the second plane; (the De Havilland Chipmunk). The plane was there, together with other aeronautical parts belonging to Mr Miller. A short while later, Mr Miller removed the plane to a friend’s barn in Cirencester. The following day, (27th March 2015) Mr Miller visited the High Court and made an application for a temporary 'stay’ of the writ. The stay was lifted 2 months later (on 27th May 2015) and re-imposed on 5th June 2015 (it was finally lifted on 24th July 2015 after he failed in an application to ‘set aside’ the judgment). Mr Miller's arrest and charge of ‘interfering with controlled goods. Despite a ‘stay’ being imposed, and despite his Jeep and one of the aircrafts being ‘taken into control’, Mr Miller removed the aircraft and aeronautical parts to various locations including his rented property (‘Yew Tree’). *He parked the PITTS on his driveway under a tarpaulin. The enforcement agent became aware that the seized items had been moved and accordingly, on 20th June 2015, he attended ‘Yew Tree’ . Nothing was removed on that day. Instead, the police were called and Mr Miller was arrested and charged with ‘inferring with controlled goods’. The court stay was finally lifted on 24th July 2015 and the following day, the enforcement agent removed goods. Further items were removed a couple of days later. According to Mr Miller, he had a number of hearings for the criminal charge, the final one being in January 2016 at Swindon Magistrates Court where he claimed that he had been acquitted. No details appeared to have been provided for the acquittal (more on this shortly). He claimed that the Magistrates Court had supposedly been satisfied that he had moved from ‘Sunnyview’ to ‘Yew Tree’ in April 2014. It would appear that he had been assisted in court by an internet sourced ‘Mc Kenzie Friend’. Removal of goods and sale. The goods were eventually removed by the enforcement agent at the end of July 2015 and sold at public auction for £34,000. The auction was advertised. (Continued in following post):
  7. Hi, My ex came over to see our daughter. My elder daughter lent him her car whilst he was here. It's registered to her and was SORN at the time as she was intending to sell it. My ex got stopped for DUI and the car was taken to a garage. My daughter wasn't told about this at the the but found out 2 weeks later, we went to the garage to retrieve the car only to be told that the police had sold it! Is this possible? Thanks Rebecca
  8. Hi, firstly thanks for reading this post!! i'm gonna try and keep this short and simple and skip why its been this late.. the car overstayed in BP petrol station Hatton cross for 11mins from 13:53 to 14:34 on 05/03/17. I received two PCNs from ECP (double dipping?), both identical but with different PCN numbers (my dad did say he left and came back to buy something else). i've been away (dad has no english to deal with this) came back to find a Notice to Keeper from ECP, and debt recovery letters from two different companies. Again, both compaines have sent two identical letters but with only different reference numbers. I've only included one copy of each as they are identical. Here are the dates (each of these have identical letters with different reference numbers): - 10/03 first PCNs received, "pay £60 within 14 days for reduced amount.. or full within 28days etc.." - 30/03 Notice to keeper, "£100 payment should be made within 28 days of the date of this letter" - 09/06 debt collector letter from DRP, "£160 reduced to £136 if paid by 23/06" - 24/07 debt collector letter from Zenith, "£160 reduced to £99.99 if paid within 14 days" see attahced images for more details. A few points: - The evidence is the number plate which is just a black rectangle with the number plate. Is this sufficient? - DRP in their letter saying, "they're [ECP] willing to accept £136 instead of the full amount of £160", but ECP never stated £160. - Zenith also stating, "able to pay reduced amount £99.99 within 14 days or will revert back to £160". ECP have never stated £160 in their letters. Is this something to argue? I've challenged many PCNs before so i had no intention to ignore.. but its come to this stage and i don't know what to do / where to start.
  9. I'm the executor of a will and the estate includes a property. The relative has died just before the insurance is due to be renewed and I'm having problems finding cover. I'm being told that I can insure it as a second home once probate has been granted but until then I can't. I'm guessing that because I'm not the owner yet I have no insurable interest in their eyes. I can't be alone in this situation. Is it really impossible to insure a property throughout the process of probate?
  10. Hi there I am trying to find out if Lowells did buy the debt are they liable to pay the PPI or is it the Cap One as the Original creditor who is liable to pay this back. I have read it somewhere it is the original creditor who has the right to PPI. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I have a Cap One card with a small balance which would be SBd in a few months. Lowells claimed that they bought the debt but I had a dispute with Cap One for a long while. I have some PPI on that card which I want to claim. Lowell had put a Default Note in my CRA and the account is in their name although I had a dispute with the original creditor. Are they allowed to do this? I am going to send them a letter so would be grateful if anyone has had similar experience and has got a letter so I can send Lowell's a similar letter. Many thanks
  11. Hi all, Wondered if anyone could help as this has been puzzling me for a while. I had a query regarding when a PCN from a local authority/council reaches charge certificate stage and they ask for whatever payment it is say that if it is not paid by xxx they will proceed to issue an order for recovery. I understand this comes with an option to submit a witness statement saying that you did not receive the initial Notice to owner and can possibly have the fine brought back down to its actual cost if you are guilty of the offense... I don't understand how that would work if one was so select they didn't receive an Notice to Owner? What proof would someone have that they did not receive it and couldn't the council just shrug it off and reject it immediately? Then forcing bailiffs on you or something more serious? On another note my main query was my partners PCN. She never received one on her vehicle but all of a sudden a Notice to Owner comes through the door with no actual proof her vehicle was there. No pictures or anything from the Royal Borough of Greenwich. Just a fine for £130 stating it was her, She never parks anywhere she shouldn't and is a massive stickler for this sort of stuff. Wondered if anyone could advice on my next steps as I am handling this for her. Sorry for the essay but any help would be appreciated... Kind Regards
  12. I know this is only small change but we went on holiday in August and put a £50 deposit down on a caravan (private owned) this was to cover costs of any damage refundable upon return home as long as there wasn't any damage. It was forgotton about till I mentioned it to the wife in late October she checked her bank and noticed it hadn't been paid back so she text the women who was away on holiday out of the country till early December and said she would check herself when she got back. We got a text message on the 17th December apologising saying she had checked and noticed she hadn't given it back and asked for bank details to refund back. heard nothing for a week then got another text to say sorry she had been working and it had been busy she would sort it over the weekend. Its still not turned up nearly 2 weeks later so my wife text her again yesterday and her text has gone ignored. Just wondering at this point if it was worth taking the matter further?
  13. Hi, First thing is that this is on someone else's behalf so I'm a little vague on exact details. The situation is simple, resolution might not be! Many years ago a lady put her property in joint names. She is still alive, albeit in her 90s and no longer lives there. The co-owner basically haven't been seen, heard from or otherwise around for 10+ years. I am unsure if they have a financial stake (as in paid anything toward) the property, but I believe not. The lady would like this property to go to a different relative instead, or be sold. However as she isn't sole owner she can't. How is this done? Can the missing people just be removed? What is the likely time/cost of this? Is there a better way? Efforts have been made to trace the missing relatives, to no avail. Thanks in advance for advice or pointers in the right direction
  14. Not sure if this is the right section. My Mother-in-Law has been receiving both parking notices and speeding fines at her address for someone else, who lives just down the road and for what ever reason, isn't interested in having DVLA change the details and said she made a mistake when originally registering the car. My MIL is a very unwell person, suffers greatly from mental health issues and parking notices with threats of bailiffs etc is enough to keep her up at night, and risk of harm to herself. She doesn't drive, and doesn't own a vehicle etc. Many of the notices are over a few weeks old now because sadly she hides things like this that scare her and has just told my partner today. Can anyone recommend what we should do? Is there a department we should call at the DVLA to report this, and will we also need to contact the companies sending letters through asking them to review their records? The parking notices are from Parking Eye, and I don't know who the speeding notice is from, but it is doing 84mph in a 60mph zone, so I expect that will be pursued. We are not aware of a log book or any insurance documents coming through to the MIL's address, but because of her mental state, for all we know she could have returned them, buried them, or worse, handed them over to the neighbour. Help appreciated.
  15. Horizon are incoming at my flat. I have been informed that only one permit will be issued to my space. I give my space to a girl I know, while I'm at work for free. I'm not in it and it's never been an issue. I have phoned the management company who hgave informed me that the block management team have voted on this. ( We have a development residents association, which have voted this ) I'm not on it nor ever wish to be. I know that by parking my own car in the space, they would have to ticket me and go through the process of chasing me on multiple tickets. Ive never paid one before, thanks to this fine forum. I just cant deal with the grief of it all. It stresses me out and it's a lot of messing around for something I gain nothing from except a favour for a mate. It does make her life much easier and cheaper and I'd like to carry on. I own the flat. I have owned the flat for 12 years. I was there before the current management company and multiple parking companies. Is there a straight forward legal issue with someone telling me what I can do with something I own a lease on and will until I'm long dead? Apologies if this is in the wrong place.
  16. Hi all, I went to re-tax car after 12 months tax was due to expire, only to be told that although tax had been purchased on 25th October 2015, that they had back-dated this to the beginning of October. Not very pleased about this since I have effectively lost almost a month of tax! However DVLA clearly don't care, and I imagine they make a lot of money off this discrepancy when a car changes hands. luckily we had not been stopped during those 24 days that I thought we were covered. When I rang the DVLA though, it turns out that the reason they had not sent any reminders at the right time, and that I had been left to remember the date myself, was that they had not received the new keeper supplement from us via the post, and therefore did not have our details as the new keepers. They had apparently been informed that the car had been sold by the previous owner at the time. We had given the old owner our details of course, but this information at least is not on DVLA database relating to our car. I was wondering though since we did send it a while back, are there any penalties for this should we get stopped by the police in the meantime? I did at some point phone the DVLA about the new log book, but back then they said that sometimes it takes a while to process, so ultimately I let it be and did not chase it again. I am really not happy that the DVLA have washed their hands of the matter and simply say that we will need to get another form and pay an extra £25 since they or Royal Snail have lost the original form. Is there any comeback on this, or would I need to have proof of posting or 'signed for' proof to qualify for any redress? Also out of interest since it didn't happen to us, if we had been stopped during those 24 days of backdating, would there have been any way to avoid a fine/car getting impounded etc? I have looked carefully at all the email and online notices of vehicle tax/proof of payment that I made copies of at the time , and it at no point says that it was only taxed from the beginning of the month! It clearly says 12 months tax from 25/10/15. Thanks
  17. Where does it leave you if you buy a vehicle from a dealership that has had one previous owner and then at a later date you find out the car was a hire car? It was not disclosed to you by the dealership when making the deal. In essence the dealership has done no wrong and the car has been correctly advertised. This happened to an acquaintenance of ours and due to the vehicle breaking down so often he eventually took the hit and traded it in for another brand of vehicle even though the dealership repaired FOC every time. Could he have made a claim?
  18. Hi I received a parking ticket mid December because I parked in a council car park with out a ticket. The reason why I parked without a ticket was there was signs on the road saying free parking today it was a free day of parking due to Christmas shopping. (I have photographic evidence of the sign advising this) I appealed the charge and sent the council a copy of my photo of the sign, they rejected this and said I have to wait for a notice to owner letter to come out before I can appeal which could take up to 28 days, (this is now nearly three weeks over the 28 days period). My question is do I contact the council again and say I have not received the notice or keep quiet, I am just worried they will take it further and say I have not replied to them.
  19. Yesterday, a most extraordinary report was given on a social media site regarding a hearing at Luton Crown Court that concluded yesterday with both defendants being cleared of theft and false representation. The report itself (written by a McKenzie Friend) is utterly astonishing and frankly; resembles a poorly written fairy story. As regular posters on here will know, I am passionate about providing accurate information and with this in mind (and in response to the many messages that I have received since yesterday), I will give accurate facts on the background to this case (which sadly, yet again demonstrates appalling bad behaviour by a debtor attempting to evade payment of a penalty charge notice).
  20. Hi Group, Below I am describing events on how I ended up buying a faulty used car from a private seller (claimed in the Ad), Buying Stage: 1. I have bought a used car (80k miles) posted on autotrader as private sale for 3200 GBP in October 2015. This is my first car in UK. Advert description on autotrader said the car is in excellent condition and described vehicle features in general. 2. I went too the seller location and tested it. It was driving a bit slow pick up and jerking on reverse but otherwise car interiors and external view looked good and well maintained. 3. Seller said it is semi-automatic and it drives differently and the drive feeling is normal in this type. I have never driven semi-automatic earlier so I felt he may be right and trusted him (big mistake). 4. Seller also told me that he is actually a dealer and doing it for part exchange. He does not have an office as it requires an office space and some 100 cars to be dealt with. ( Again I made mistake of not asking on why he is selling this car as private) 5. I did my research on the vehicle history and even got HPI clear check. Everything was good. Seller mentioned that car is in very good condition and no need for any further inspection as he has done the inspection himself. He did mention that I need to replace tyres and I did ask him about warranty and he said no. 6. I bought the vehicle and received a sale receipt and transferred amount via bank online. First week: 1. I wanted to still get the vehicle verified by Toyota and booked for vehicle safety and visual check. They told me to replace the brakes and break pads immediately. I knew something like this might pop up but was ready for such things as I did not get it inspected by garage prior to buying. I got them replaced and couple of tyres as well. 2. When driving back home vehicle started displaying 'N' symbol on dashboard while the gear was in drive position. I got confused and thought I must have done something wrong. I switched off and restarted the vehicle and then it was normal drive. ( Very big mistake of not reporting back to garage). I just sent SMS info to the seller that I have replaced breakes and tyres. He did not respond to that though. I did not wanted to bother him too much either. Nov to end of Dec 2015: 1. Vehicle was driving ok and I kept reading reviews on my vehicle model online and found so many issues around the 'N' flashing and other issues. Started feeling bad about my transaction. 2. During Christmas holidays took my family out to visit a family friend. After driving 20 miles on M25, vehicle started 'N' flashing again in the middle of lane ( quite scary one with everyone inside car). Somehow after 5 mins I was able to get the vehicle moving and in that confusion still went ahead and after a mile N flashing came back. Vehicle did not move for 15 to 20 minutes on M25. 3. Got the vehicle towed back home without taking any further risk. Towed it again to Toyota next day. 4. Toyota confirmed me to replace clutch and actuator at 2029 GBP. I had no words. They cleared the error in car log and said I can still drive it but cannot guarantee anything. 5. Tried calling the seller. His number is no more in use. Felt cheated. 6. Somehow I got to know from Toyota that same error was seen in an inspection in Sep 15 before I bought it. I got it in writing from them in my diagnosis report. Jan 2016 to Till now: 1. Reached out to citizenadvice. They recommended to send letter to seller. Found his address by googling which is different from what he put in the sale invoice (different flat number only). 2. I sent 4 letters over Jan month and seller did not respond. I then created money claims request with small claims court saying he did not inform me about the fault with transmission. I claimed for 2029GBP plus the breaks expenses as it is also a critical component. 3. Seller defended it saying that he also not versed with semi-automatic and in his inspection some error was found by Garage and it was cleared and then vehicle is driving normal and he does not know any N flashing issue. He claimed garage told him that the issue could be anything and they need to take the vehicle to investigate further. 3. He also mentioned that I have driven almost 2 months and now I am reporting this issue. When I tested it no such issue was seen. He said it is a private sale and sold as seen. I am looking for some clarifications on below, 1. Sellers name is not in the V5C document. Which means he is not the owner and was trying to sell it for some reason. If he is not the owner then can he claim to be a private seller? Is he right in any of the sale aspect? 2. He claimed that he did found some error code in his inspection but did not tell me about it. Doesn't it amount to incorrect vehicle description to me? 3. Unless the error code gets registered in the log no inspection can find the actual problem. So even if I had done inspection I would not have come across the problem. I am I still at fault of not inspecting? 4. Do I stand any chance of winning the case? Appreciate your advices. Thanks Dragon76
  21. My bedroom walls are being water damaged and progessively getting worse and worse, the plaster is now falling off in sections. I've had a builder come out to lool and they have told me the adjoining roof of the house next door is damaged and thats how the water is coming into my bedroom. The insurance surveyor came out to look and sent the report to the insurance company (time of writing its now been 4 weeks) after me having to daily chase up the insurance company I have now been told, they will pay to repair the water damage to the interior of my house BUT they want me to first some find the contact details of the landlord that owns the empty property next door, before they fix the water damge (because the neighbour has to fix his roof, to stop the water coming into my house) The insurance company is telling me to contact the council and tell them the neighbours roof is damaged and water is coming through the neighbours house and damaging my walls. The only thing I have found on the land registry is the names of the 3 people that own the empty house next door which is in a bad state, they are no other details like phone number, so i can't ring the owner of the house next door and ask him to repair his roof and once thats repaired the insurance will will then repair the my bedroom walls. It looks like my insurance is asking me to do their work and find the owner or they just want to drag this on and in the mean time my house is being damaged with water whenever it rains because of the next door neighbours house roof which needs to get fixed to stop water coming into my house. What can I do, I can't sleep in the bedroom anymore because all the walls are damp and wet. Is it not the insurance jobs to locate the owner of the house next door and ask them to repair his roof? then the insurance can repair my house? please help me, i feel like crying
  22. Dear All I am disabled. I have not voted Labour for a long time or member due to their dreadful record. I saw a chance of change with Jeremy Corbyn. I helped support his nomination. I joined as supporter to vote for him. I was purged unjustly. Told I had to pay again to become full member and pay £10 for date they held on me. I did. Only objection was I asked Labour Ed Miliband in 2010 post election loss "Shouldn't Labour Sort Itself Out First, Before trying to Convince Anyone Else?" meaning its ethic and integrity from top to bottom, in national and local Labour Party. I was told I had no right to speak and another disabled who asked about equalitieds and discrimination at work. I was disappointed and wrote a letter to all newspaper, it was published in Telegraph Oct 2015. It was a very mild diplomatic letter given the circumstances, stealing of pensions and open assault on vulnerable and disabled and corruption. This was the only reason. Labour say I can do nothing about it, after all that. no one can do anything about being rejected, denied vote and subs being taken as donation while rejecting you. However, when many people got purged Matt Beresford and George Monbiot journalists set up a feedback survey of all those purged and reasons, It asked for contact details, facebook page, twitter account and email as well as reasons. It was well published and well shared round, many responded, maybe many thousands Later the survey was transfered to Jeremy Corbyn's team. Since Corbyn has been voted in there has been no release or publishing of these results and surveys. there is silence. I have written to Matt Beresford and Labour and Corbyn seems they can set up a survey, take information, not say how they are using it, not publish the results and tell people they can do nothing. I feel really will mislead and ripped off. I have read Data Protection Act in so many ways the survey has breached in and the management of respondents, their data and the use and failure to publish this data. Many thousands and maybe 100,000s were removed under false pretenses, had the right to vote taken away, had money taken then used as donation after person ejected. double subs asked and demanded £10 to access data held on them. Labour trolled personal online accounts and emails and private and personal information relationships and conversations. What can I do. I and all are just ignored and dismissed now. and can I get any legal aid? It is so wrong, both Labour and their purge and the survey and misuse of it. JBK
  23. Hi All, I have a mortgage on my property, and a second charge on it. I want to put a third charge on it for a secured loan which has been agreed, and the first mortgage company have agreed to allow the new charge, however the second charge company are refusing point blank to allow any other charge against the property. The new loan isn't large enough to give me the amount I require and to pay off the second charge, and it needs to be secured, so how can I get this new loan done - preferably quickly? What options do I have to persuade them to allow it or to get it registered in any other way please? Thanks for your help
  24. Hi. I am very new to all this so I hope I manage the posting process properly. Apologies if not. I couldn't find a thread that followed my variation of this matter so again, apologies if I'm asking Q's that have already been answered. The story thus far: A young relative of mine has use of a car that I am registered keeper of. He picked up a UKPC ticket on 23 June 2015 in a retail park in Leeds, their contention being 'Vehicle owner/driver left the site'. I have so far received 3 letters: 23 July 05-Initial notice to keeper. £100 (up from £65) 7 Aug 05-Final reminder. £100 25 Aug-Debt Recovery Plus. £160 I am expecting more as I'm afraid due to holiday, work & a bit of a 'head in the sand' approach, I have ignored them all. I have checked the available photographic evidence on the UKPC website and can see several pictures of the car with the ticket stuck to windscreen and of the info sign but none that show the ' Vehicle owner/driver left the site'. There is also no mention of CCTV evidence on the letters or that I can see on the website. Should I engage with this process and ask to see their proof, wait for the court summons or carrying on ignoring them? Any advice/experience would gratefully received. Thank you in advance for your time and expertise.
  25. Hello all, I live with my landlord and two other tenants in what was his house. He put it up for sale and somebody has 'purchased' the house, he will pay my landlord this Friday for the house. Long story short but my landlord is going through a divorce and half of the money for the house that's now sold, is going to go to his wife. But she has not agreed to the amount being offered to her and wants more than half. Now my landlord was informed today that we all have to move out this Friday. Also just to inform you, my landlord has been told by his agents twice that we needed to move out by the end of the week, last week and the week before. The new owner has already showed the house to some students and they want to rent it from him. I was there when they came to see the house. The new owner doesn't even want to bother with cleaning/sorting out the house before the students move in, he wants them to move in the day after we're to move out. This sounds weird to me, I mean surely if a house is sold, the current landlord living there, or any tenants would have a month, in which to find a place? None of us have found anywhere to live yet, if we have to move out on Friday, then unless by an absolute miracle, we find somewhere, we will end up homeless. Is there something going on here, this doesn't seem at all right-or even legal (though I might be completely wrong about this). Is there something that my landlord could tell the estate agents regarding us having to move out by Friday, so that we could at least have two weeks to look for somewhere to move to? Also what are the legal requirements regarding somebody buying a house and giving the current landlord and tenants notice? Thanks for reading this and hope to hear from you soon.
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