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  1. In September I received a Late Filing Penalty for 15/16 of £100 from HRMC, prior to this I had received no correspondence from them. I rang them up to explain I had received no prior correspondence from them at all. I was told the reason why I received the Late Filing Penalty for 15/16 of £100 was because I had under paid £190 tax in 15/16. I explained I was not self employed and normally procedure is for HRMC to deduct any underpaid tax from your wage automatically. I explained I was not self employed, but working for a company, so why was I fined £100 for not completing a self tax assessment form, because that's for people who are self employed and I was not. Having explained to the advisor I had received no prior correspondence to the £100 fine, I was told normal procedure is for HMRC to deduct under paid tax from your wage, but the computer system automatically sent the £100 late filing penalty charge because the underpaid tax had not been paid in time. Again I explained I received no prior correspondence from them, the advisor aologised, telling me to pay the £100 fine, she would then send a self assessment tax form for 15/16 out to me - I was to complete this and send it back and then I could appeal the £100 fine. I asked how much I had to pay, was told £190 underpaid tax, so I waited for the self assessment tax form for 15/16 to arrive. This arrived about 2-3 weeks later. A few days later, I received another letter from HRMC telling me I had not sent the self assessment (which had arrived and I was in process of completing) and now I had over £300 to pay. I quickly completed the self tax assessment form, sent it back recorded delivery and after xmas, I received a letter thanking me for sending back the self assessment form but I had to pay £520 because for sending it back late!! Now, how can I appeal 1. The £100 filing late charge 2. The £420 charge I only want to pay the £190 original under paid tax, which HRMC should have automatically deducted form my weekly wage in the first place and the HMRC advisor told me the HRMC computer system sent the late filing penalty automatically and it should not have been sent in the first place. Please need the more experienced guys help me appeal this asap Sent back the 15/16 self tax assessment form,
  2. :|My wife is a Carer who uses her car to visit clients homes. She's employed by an agency, but, doesn't receive a fuel allowance. She went on the HMRC website and filed what she thought was the appropriate form for claiming fuel allowance. She was told she would have to fill in a tax return form that would also include an expenses form. Being PAYE she had never had to do this before. So, she fills in the form, sent it off, and the next thing is she gets a letter telling her because she put her form in late,she had incurred a £100 fine and had (I think) 14 days in which to pay or it would increase on a daily basis! The fine was paid within the 14 days. We're still not sure how to make the fuel allowance claim as the HMRC sent everything back to her. Also, should she have been fined as an PAYE claimant. The mind boggles!
  3. Hi, I spent a few days in Manchester last months and parked at SIP Gunn Street. Unfortunately I parked slightly over the line of the bay (there was a pillar on the other side, I am only slightly over the line looking at the pictures -from what I recal I was only on the line but their photos show otherwise). I received a PCN on the windscreen and appealed it on their website (from reading posts on the forum I now understand that I should have ignored it) My appeal and their response is below - is there anything else I can defend? Not sure if it means anything but I did notice from their photo the the ticket I got from the machine has the wrong number plate on (I must have mistyped) and so does not match the number plate on the PCN I thought maybe there could be some technicality there? I really don't want to have to give them £100 right now :/ ironically the ticket was issued on my birthday too! they say I have 7 days to respond You completed the appeal on 10/06/2017 14:52:14. I am appealing this charge notice on the basis that the claimed amount is disproportionate to any potential loss of earnings for SIP, that the rationality for the implementation of the charge is unfair and that the signage could be considered to be ambiguous. On a personal note I feel that SIP have applied this charge in a cynical ploy to extort funds from me over and above that of the value of my the "purchase" from them. 1) the cost of my stay was £8.20 - I did not overstay in the carpark, I did not prevent anyone else from using other spaces in the car park. In issuing this notice of £100 (with various discount incentives to pay them immediately) SIP are suggesting that £100 is fair retribution. To reiterate the manor in which I parked did not prevent any other potential customer from using surrounding spaces, if this was the case I still feel that £100 is disproportionate but could in some respect understand the reasoning behind it. From my point of view the charge has been issued without a valid reason. 2)SIP issued this charge on the basis that I was "Not in Marked Bay". To clarify I parked in a space which had a large concrete pillar to the left of the space. Naturally I parked slightly to the right in order to minimise the risk of impacting the pillar with the left side of the vehicle and to allow my partner to exit the vehicle more easily. My vehicle was not parked extremely to the right and did not intrude into the next parking bar, my right wheel did rest slightly upon the surface of the line but at no point exceeded the outer confines of the bay. 3) the signage states (in very small writing considering that it can be reasonably assumed that the sign would be viewed from within the vehicle possibly whilst in transit) "if the car park or road has marked parking bays then you must park fully within the confines of the marked bay". To return to my previous point at no point did my vehicle exceed the outer confines of the bay. 4) To clarify I feel that the manor in which the notice was issued was dishonest and cynical. I have caused no loss of earnings yet SIP are attempting to effectively increase the cost of my stay tenfold. This is not treating customers fairly and goes beyond the presumed contract of purchase. I'd also note that when I returned to my vehicle I was greeted by people sleeping in the stairwell and the stairwell itself had been used as a bathroom (and I do not mean a urinal). Although this could be considered incidental I'd stress that SIP are attempting to extract an unfair amount based on incidental circumstances. I could argue that SIP did not provide secure (and indeed sanitary) storage for my vehicle. I also do not feel that they gave due attention to my appeal - they offered no explanation other than restating that my vehicle was "not in Marked bay". I do not feel that they addressed any of my concerns or arguments. I also asked that they provide evidence (copies of their photographs) for my review, I have not received this (I was hoping to submit with my appeal but was informed by SIP that I only have 15 days to challenge their assessment of the situation. Again I feel that this is an unfair, cynical ploy. ============================== The operator made their Prima Facie Case on 12/06/2017 12:07:33. The Operator Reported That... The appellant was the driver. A manual ticket was placed on the vehicle. The ticket was issued on 16/05/2017. The charge is based in Contract. The Operator Made The Following Comments... The terms on the signage are explicitly clear that a vehicle in addition to having a valid parking session must also "park fully within the confines of a marked bay" by failing to adhere to the above terms the driver agrees to pay a parking charge of £100.00. As can be seen from the photographs the vehicle was not parked in the confines of a bay thus the PCN was issued in line with the contractual signage. I will address the other points raised by the appellant; 1) The amount is a contractual amount ergo loss is irrelevant 2) The vehicle is clearly not in a marked bay, and as can be seen there is sufficient room for the vehicle in question to have parked correctly and still been not even close to the pillar; 3) The signs are designed to be easily noticed (bright yellow) to then advise a person once they have parked and exited their vehicle that they can read the content of the contractual terms. It is not expected nor advised to do so while the driver is in the vehicle especially whilst moving. 4) The appellants belief on the fairness is irrelevant as the information was provided and agreed to upon the driver leaving the vehicle, further no dishonesty was involved in this matter everything has been very transparent.
  4. Hi everybody, I've been pointed in this direction by a reddit user for help relating to a Parking Charge Notice. I took my car to my local garage to get an MOT check done on 01/09/2016. The owner then drove the car to the MOT garage and parked it up inside and then returned back to his garage. A few hours later I hadn't received a phone call yet to say it had been completed so I rang up to find out that my car was OK to collect. I then made my way there and collected my car from the (private) parking lot less than 30 meters away from the MOT garage. Fast-forward a week or so and I've received a letter in the post saying my car was broke the allowed parking period in the car park and I need to pay a fine for £100, I replied to the letter stating the address of my local garage and to take it up with them - I then received an email a month later saying that the time period had ran out and I had to pay urgently - I reminded them that I sent a letter in the post some time later I received this response I then replied with this email (1, 2) using a template I was advised to use. I then explained to take this matter up with my local garage and the MOT centre. I then received this. What should my next action be? I'm really not in a position to be able to afford £100 so close to Christmas. My local garage has told me that they can vouch that I wasn't the person who drove the car there/parked it in the space. Any ideas? Thanks in advance EDIT: I now have a signed and stamped note from the doctors saying I was there when this incident took place. I've managed to find my google location history showing the time I dropped the car off at my local garage and when I picked it up from the MOT centre, this is attached. My local garage has said if it goes to court they will provide further evidence that I didn't have the car after 9am until Also included text to girlfriend with date and timestamp. Omitted names etc for confidentiality EDIT 2 - it turns out I cant include links or images, any idea on this first?
  5. Hi all We have received two PCN's from a Euro Car Park - members of BPA demanding payment of £100 each for both mine and my husband's cars. The date issued is 17/12/2016. I cannot recall the full details of the incident so I am relying on their evidence to advise me - however it looks to be very lacking in detail with simply an images of my number plate twice with text underneath it alleging the time of entry and exit. Now this does not seem sufficient to me but you tell me.... Is there advise on the best route of action to take as this is the first letter from them i want to deal with the matter asap but do not want to pay. is there a thread on here that i might've missed that talks about what to do Many thanks Tam
  6. I was at a privately owned retail car park a few weeks ago in the evening and overstayed by 10 minutes . Firstly, I am not the registered keeper; it is my mother's car. She had sent me out for a Mcdonalds for her and we ended up having an argument over the phone. I stayed in the car park for a while before going home so we could both calm down. My mother has schizophrenia so she can be VERY difficult to deal with and very irrational and demanding, hence why I didn't want to go home. Result is, I overstayed in the car park by a whole 10 minutes and 14 seconds. This particular car park gives you one hour free parking, after which you have to pay £2 for an additional hour if you wish to stay longer. Today my mother received a parking charge notice from Parking Eye for £100, reduced to £60 if paid by 8/11/2016. This is two days before I get my wages so I can't afford to pay anything until the 10/11/2016 when I get paid, I will be liable for the full charge. It's in her name though and they state they don't know who the driver is. They say not to name the driver in the template appeal letter I found but I don't want them dragging my mother to court or sending her letters as she's ill and disabled and can't cope with stress without becoming ill. But I feel that a £100, or even a £60 charge is excessive for 10 minutes. A whole hour would have only cost me £2 had I had the frame of mind to remember to buy a ticket/realise how long I'd been there. I can't afford to pay such a high charge and I don't at all believe the landowner lost this much money by me being there for 10 minutes. My question is, can I appeal this on excessive charges claims? I've done some research of my own about this but I've read a court case where Parking Eye successfully won after taking someone to court because the car park this person was issued a parking charge for had a 1 hour free stay. The judge ruled something about the landowner not making a profit in any other way from their car park and hence the charge was considered commercially justifiable and the person had to pay the parking charge. I don't want to be dragged to court for £100 and potentially have other charges added on top of a heap load of stress put on me. I have my own mental health issues (depression/anxiety) so I can't cope with Any advice? I really can't afford £100 for a 10 minute over stay.
  7. Got a PCN charge for £100 for a duration of 31 minutes where the first 30 minutes was free. Looking at the actual time stamps the car was in the car park (not parked) for 95 seconds. I have sent the usuall response i.e. informing them there is no way they have suffered a loss for the car being in the car park for 95 seconds. However. I have subsequently found out that you are now supposed to obtain a ticket for the free period. They have only very recently changed their signeage to reflect this. For the past number of years this has never been the case before. On going back and looking at the signage it states that parking starts 5 minutes after entering the carpark meaning the car was only there for around 26 minutes. I have no intention of paying this so the main question is "Can they realistically issue a charge for not displaying a ticket especially as their signage clearly states 30 minutes, a big notice on the machine says "please pay for your stay" and then in small print informs you actually need to get a ticket. If a big sign says 30 minutes free and sign at the ticket machined says "please pay for your stay" I would deduce that becuase you stay for less than 30 minutes you dont need to pay therefore there is no need to get a ticket. They are essentially charging me £100 for not getting a ticket. I beat them last time when I dared them to take me to court but it is just hassle and un necessary stress.
  8. Hello there I'm a 20 year old student who was lucky enough to be caught out by a revenues inspector before we'd even left the first stop (penzance).. i got the whole 'you dont have to say anything' etc followed by a set of questions. I chose to comply, i have a railcard, im not a train hopper, i wasn't hiding in the toilet, i was short for time as i was relying on a lift to the station and so i ran onto the train at the last minute. after the set of questions and after i spent time arguing my point, he told me i would receive a letter which would be a caution along with the cost of the ticket, no more, no less. I double checked this with him and he told me the fine would be no more than the ticket; £12. (12 quid max without railcard) i thought that was fair enough. ive just received the letter and its charging me 90 odd pounds after the cost of the ticket which he refused to sell to me on the spot. i will be ringing up tomorrow to contest this as i think its extremely unfair to treat a user of the trains this way, especially after a first offence. i buy tickets every time and i own a railcard and to be treated this way is a little upsetting, especially as i was told it wouldn't cost more than the ticket. I didn't even know i was committing an offence, i thought well if you havent left the station you havent stolen anything, right? its like arresting a person in a shop for stealing an item before theyve even tried to leave the shop! Another thing to point out is i ALWAYS get on the train from a station which doesn't have facilities to buy a ticket, which is fine with the workers, so of course i am a little out of habit Id appreciate any advice or buzzwords i can mention to them on the phone that will help my case, i'd also like to hear your opinions. am i in the wrong here? i think a railcard is proof alone that i pay for the service. Thanks
  9. Been going to Triage for nearly 2 years now, and I am in the work related group. Used to have to attend weekly and fortnightly sessions with other people till they put me onto monthly sessions quite some time ago, as they said they feel that I am not ready for work. So now I attend once a month, and it's a 1 to 1 with an adviser instead of a group. But, I was kept on the same ESA and not put into the support group. 3 weeks ago I had an appointment. It was scheduled for 10am. However, I was feeling ill the night before and didn't fall a sleep till around about 6.30am. I work up about 10.30am, and I immediately contacted Triage. They told me they would have to inform the Social that I had not attended my appointment. This is the 1st time, I have ever missed an appointment. Triage rescheduled my appointment for 2 weeks later, which I attended last week. They then said they wanted a quick chat with me yesterday, so I attended that too. So have had 2 appointments, and attended both since missing the one 3 weeks back. Received a letter from the DWP today saying that my ESA, has been stopped, till I start re attending my Triage appointments. I phone the DWP and told them that I have actually had 2 appointments, and been to both since missing that original appointment. he woman said that, they have had no word from Triage (I phoned Triage after the call and they said that had informed the DWP, but will call me later to see whats happening, to be honest, Triage probably hasn't informed the DWP, as they are not well organized) Anyway, the woman (at the DWP) told me that my payments will restart once they receive word. I said, so have I lost money? She said "Yeah, it's just a weeks payment so far" Just a weeks payment??? I am due Monday (always been paid on Saturday though) Starting to worry I won't even be paid if they haven't been informed from Triage that I have attended since missing the original appointment. But even if I do receive payment, they will deduct a weeks ESA from me for missing that 1 appointment. The first time I have ever done that, not by my own fault, and I phoned when I woke up. But they feel that's acceptable to take over £100 away because of this. Do they have the right to do that to me? P.S Just received a follow up call from the DWP, and the woman told me they have every right to take away 1 weeks benefit from me. I said well personally, that's crazy taking away £100 for missing an appointment. She said well, just like everybody else, if we miss appointments we lose money too by charges etc I didn't say this as it didn't cross my mind during the call but, who the hell would lose a weeks money by not attending a doctors, dentist, etc appointment? She finished off by saying, you only have to do minimum tasks such as attending once a month appointments, and you failed to do that. What a rude woman.
  10. http://www.itv.com/news/wales/2016-03-03/driver-hit-with-100-fine-after-putting-a-letter-o-instead-of-number-0-in-parking-machine/ Perfectly sums up what the PPC ' industry ' is about. And it is not managing car parking spaces...
  11. Hi, I'm looking for general advice and a heads up on what the outcome might be of my issues with nPower, based on the experience of people who know better! I've lived in my current (rented) property for almost 4 years in that time I've lived with 5 different flatmates; flatmate A from August 2013 to March 2014; flatmate B from March 2014 to September 2014; flatmate C from September 2014 to March 2015; flatmate D from March 2015 to February 2016 and flatmate E has been with me since February (2016). The gas/electric bills have always been in my flatmate's name and we'd been with nPower for both gas and electricity up 'til March 2015 when we tried to switch. The electricity switch went fine, but we were told that nPower were objecting to the gas account move. I phoned nPower and asked what was going on, knowing that flatmate D had submitted a final meter reading before moving out. nPower told me that they did not supply gas to the property and could not find any gas account linked to my address. They recommended I phoned the National Grid to find out who was supplying me, which I did and they too said it seemed that nobody was supplying me (which was odd because I was getting gas). I checked again with nPower who insisted it was not them and was unable to make any progress. We received no gas bills up until October 2015, when I received 13 months' worth of estimated gas bills from nPower, totalling more than £500, along with a letter 'welcoming' me to nPower. This was all in my name, for the first time, when I logged into the account online, there was a new account for me, as well as the old account which would have been in flatmate D's name both attributed to me. I made an initial payment of £155.32, knowing that we were liable for some of the money and set about speaking to nPower to clarify what was going on and to get accurate bills. Within a month of this, nPower has passed my details on Richburns debt collection agency who sent me a letter stating their intention to seek a warrant to enter my property. At this stage, I'd logged an official complaint to nPower and understood that my account was on hold and as such, the collections process should have been paused. I sent Richburns a letter stating this and highlighting the customer service and billing issues it was well publicised that nPower were guilty of, they replied to tell me that they'd passed the matter back to nPower. Following this, I received a letter from nPower again threatening to seek a warrant and also to place a default on my credit record. At this point (25/01/16) I phoned the customer service team who assured me there was a hold on the account and no further bills would be issued until we understood what was going on and that the threats would not be carried out as there was a complaint logged. After this I received a bill and I made a second phone call, seeking an update (01/02/16), where I was told that there was indeed a hold (until 31/05/16) and the bill shouldn't have been issued, as the matter had been passed to the 'specialist' billing team who could generate an accurate bill. I was told that everything would be investigated and I'd receive an email to confirm everything, and to disregard the bill. No such email materialised and the bill wasn't reversed, as promised. I heard nothing and chased with another phone call on 05/02/16 when I was told that the complaint had been closed on 25/01/16. At this point I discovered nPower had raised 3 different complaint numbers and muddled everything up - the one complaint was closed , that all issues were all consolidated into one. After being given the correct complaint number, I was asked why I was disputing the bill. Prior to this call I'd done some reading and come across the backbilling policy that nPower were signed up to and knew that some of the bill should not have been chased I raised this, and explained that I was seeking an accurate bill as opposed to ridiculous estimates (we had given a meter reading to bring everything up to date 02/02/16). The guy on the phone said as far as he could see, I'd been contacted to say everything had been investigated. This had not happened; no letter, no emails, no missed calls. He went on to say there was an accurate bill which had been recently generated, which I logged into my online account and saw, but I'd had no email to alert me to it before this phone call. At this point the bill had ballooned to £625 with costs from debt collection visits and calls. I again raised the fact that it was not accurate as they needed to remove the 'backbilled' amount and he said they'd investigate to write off that one month. I told him that I wanted to go away and check that this latest bill was indeed accurate, given that I'd only just seen it and that I wanted the charges removed because they should never have passed the account to collections, which he did actually do after the call; crediting that £57.50 to the account. He said he'd get the backbilling team to investigate the outstanding amount and come back to me with an up-to-date bill. During this phone call I said I'd be seeking compensation given their failing to bill me for over a yea r and then seeking 13 months' of bills in one go, as well as their abysmal customer service given that Id had to do so much chasing and been kept so misinformed. The guy said he'd note that I was seeking compensation but warned that I couldn't claim for phone calls/time; just the backbilling and the customer service. He asked if I had an amount in mind and I said I'd wait to see what they offered. I heard nothing from nPower for the next two weeks and having given the compensation some real thought, I sent an email to nPower informing them that I was seeking £400 compensation. The email was as follows: To whom it may concern, On Friday 5th February, having spent 40 minutes on hold, I spent 20 minutes speaking to Sam, one of you customer service advisors, seeking an update on billing issues with my gas account (ref. XYZ). Sam assured me that he'd add a 'miscellaneous credit' to my account to reimburse me for fees relating to debt collection agencies - who should never have been approached. This has now happened. He also said he'd pass my account onto the back-billing team to remove a bill from September 2014, which was only actually billed in October 2015, and that I'd receive a new bill taking this into account. I am still awaiting any update on this, some 15 days later. I also made Sam aware that I would be seeking compensation for the total lack of customer service I'd received and for the fact that I'd been billed 13 months' worth of bills in October 2015, having received nothing for over a year and despite me trying to make payments. Sam asked if I had a figure in mind and I said I would wait to hear from you. Having heard nothing, and having spent time over the past two weeks reflecting on the impact of this saga on me, I am now writing to inform you that I seek £400 total in compensation, for the reasons outlined below. I expect a prompt response outlining what is going on with my account and when and how I should expect to receive compensation from you. Yours faithfully, MY NAME 1. Billing delays Your website states: We will provide compensation to any customer who we incorrectly back billed from July 2010 to 31st December 2015, to a value not less than £100 per customer We will provide compensation to any customer currently affected by late invoice for 12 months or more as at 31st December 2015, to a value not less than £100 per customer I received 13 months' of bills (from September 2014 to October 2015) and an immediate demand for payment in October 2015 having received no bills, and even being told Npower didn't supply my gas, throughout that period. Given that I meet both your criteria for redress, I am seeking compensation from Npower for billing delays. TOTAL SOUGHT FOR BILLING DELAYS: £100 2. General customer service My issue was not resolved within 10 working days as per your complaints policy [here I included a link to their complaints policy page] to-date it has actually taken more than 90 days since first contact and I have not been informed of progress throughout; rather I’ve sent 2 letters, countless emails and made 3 phone calls (spending more than an hour on hold) to chase updates and unfulfilled promises Such chaos has there been around my account, that even when I've tried to make payments in the past year, I was told I was not on your system and had no gas account with you; I was not receiving bills and it was impossible to make any payment given there being no account according to your team You state [here I included a link to their page which details what they're doing as of the latest December 2015 issue] We will identify and repay any customer who we incorrectly back billed from July 2010 to 31st December 2015 and yet I had to point this issue out to you; you did not identify any issues with my account until I raised the back-bill in my phone call with Sam on 05/02/2016 - in fact you were still seeking payment for the out-of-date bill at that point, contravening the Energy UK guidelines which you signed up to You raised multiple complaints (X, Y and Z) and made no contact to let me know anything had been resolved (even if it your ‘resolution’ was just consolidating two complaints into one), leading to total confusion and delaying communication with customer services about my issues A pitiful level of care and attention has been given to my communications as is evident in your reply dated 20/01/2016 , when the copying and pasting of my email was blatant (you failed to replace ‘my’ with ‘your’) and you mis-spelled basic information such as the address [i copied and highlighted the errors here] All of the above suggests my issues have been handled with nowhere near the level of care and importance they should have been, especially given your repeated promises to the Ombudsman that you will handle and resolve complaints more effectively. TOTAL SOUGHT FOR ABYSMAL CUSTOMER SERVICE: £150 3. Inconvenience and stress Such was the stress of this episode, and particularly the threat of entry to my property from Richburns (acting on Npower’s behalf) to seek a disputed debt, I spent several months taking high value items including a MacBook computer and family heirlooms including jewellery to work everyday to avoid them being taken away in my absence I have experienced serious anxiety, triggering asthma which I have not suffered from since childhood, which has massively impacted by wellbeing and quality of day-to-day life TOTAL SOUGHT FOR INCONVENIENCE AND STRESS: £50 4. Failure to uphold the Data Protection Act and unnecessarily passing my details into Richburns Debt Collection agency The Data Protection Act of 1998 states that: Personal data shall be accurate and, where necessary, kept up to date In passing inaccurate data on me on to Richburns and wrongly seeking payment for a disputed debt, I believe you contravened this act and risked damage to my reputation I am aware that following intervention by The Guardian's Consumer Champions, [here I inserted a link to a Guardian Consumer Champion's article] you previously awarded £100 in compensation to a customer who wrongfully received a visit from a debt collection agency acting on your instruction and I expect the same in this instance TOTAL SOUGHT FOR MISHANDLING OF DATA: £100 TOTAL SOUGHT FOR ALL OF THE ABOVE: £400.​ The week after this, I logged into my online account and saw lots of 'transfers' and 'reversed bills' applied, making my balance £0. I submitted a meter reading and it became approx. £19. As expected, nPower failed to reply to my email within the 7 working days they state they will. I received a voicemail from a different customer service team member on 01/03/16 asking me to call back, which I did today, speaking to someone who had no idea what was going on. He informed me that the backbilling team had sent the query back to them because they weren't sure which account the questions were around; but I only have one (gas) account with nPower! He agreed this was odd but explained that they wanted to just credit the account with £60 to save the backbilling team investigating, but hadn't done so yet because of the 'goodwill gesture' of £400 that I was seeking. He explained he could do the £60 reversal for the backbilling and give me a goodwill gesture of £30, to which my response was 'Are you joking?!'. He claimed it was a reasonable amount. I told him that the nPower website states that in response to the latest (December 2015) issues with the Ombudsman, any customer still affected by backbilling would receive no less than £100 in compensation, and he told me he wasn't aware of it but could offer £40 to make it £100. I told him this would not do, because the backbilling is seperate to the compensation; as I understand it they CANNOT charge me for that month that they billed me for some 13 months later. Any compensation I seek should be seperate to this. I also highlighted the issues I'd experienced (he hadn't read the LONG email i sent) and explained why I was seeking £400; it not being some random amount I'd plucked out of thin air. He said he'd log that I wouldn't accept the £40 and that now the matter would be passed on to Stage 2 for the complaint to be reviewed and I stressed that they need to look at my email again. As I understand it, the bill is going back to the backilling team to figure out what needs to be written off and I have to wait to hear regarding my complaint. I also asked him why my account went back to £0 and he said it was because they'd credited payments from old accounts to the new account so it was up to date. I presume he refers to payments flatmate C and/or D made before they stopped billing us. Is it not ridiculous that they've just figured out we might not even owe them anything!? I'm still not clear whether we do or don't, because billing is still on hold given the lock from the complaint. I'm utterly exhausted with all this. All I want is some fair compensation, and the mess to be resolved so that I can switch suppliers. As I understand it, there's every chance that Stage 2 will involve another laughable offer and then it'll likely go to deadlock and I'll need to complain to the Ombudsman. I guess I'm looking for advice - have I done everything I need to? What else can I do at this point? Also should I expect to have to go to the Ombudsman? Any help very much appreciated. Thank you!
  12. My local council - Wycombe District Council - is thinking of introducing a £100 fine which will impact on the homeless and destitute in the area. When I first read this news I thought it was a joke - but its not - they really are thinking of imposing this dreadful fine on people who can least afford anything! Guess who runs the Council - that wonderful and caring lot - the Tory party! Anyway if you are as outraged as I am perhaps you can take a minute to sign the petition against - link below:- https://www.change.org/p/wycombe-district-council-remove-the-plan-to-fine-homeless-people-in-the-area-100?utm_source=action_alert&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=340287&alert_id=ESerANrtjA_mbAlvMi5cDAP4YTr3wBMrnLHla60KfRt7%2BhxqZvtQbeJhI17vectQih11pm4dGJx
  13. Having just seen the news, I see the NHS is facing a financial crisis - approaching £100 million of debt. Despite ring fenced monies and extra funding for extra nurses/doctors/GPs, etc Why is this ?? Well for a start - look at the salaries some of the top guys are earning ? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-3206191/Scandal-60-fat-cat-NHS-hospital-bosses-took-home-Prime-Minister-year-despite-trusts-plunging-financial-crisis.html Despite these earnings, they are running their trusts/hospitals into the ground with no accountability. Why are we recruiting from overseas and using agency staff ? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-35148920 http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-35062121 In Scotland, apparently 17,000 patients missed at least 5 appointments ! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-35141459
  14. Please help! I am a student and voluntary Children's Worker, there is no way I can afford to fight this and lose... Frankly, I'm scared. I received a Notice to Keeper from CPMS Ltd on the 4th of December (apparently dated the 26th of November) demanding that I pay them £100 for parking without a permit on the 26th of October, or that I give them the details of whoever was driving at the time. The Driver is even worse off than I am, she's in no state to deal with this stress. Details of the event are: In the early hours of the 26th October, the Driver arrived at Halls of Residence in Manchester. Tried to obtain parking permit from reception, but as it was out of office hours it was closed. Security not authorised to handle money, so the practice is to leave a note in the book for when reception opens. Vehicles are then registered as being authorised, pending permit being written. Permit paid for and obtained from reception in the morning, however a PCN has already been placed on vehicle. Driver advised by security to just ignore it. Didn't think to tell me. --Fast forward to 4th December-- I, the Keeper of the vehicle, receive Notice to Keeper in the post. Panic! I have contacted the Halls Reception, but they said there is nothing they can do, it's nothing to do with them, go talk to CPMS. What do I do? My mother is seriously unwell at home, and having bailifs turn up on our doorstep when I'm not there would kill her... I'm sorry if this is in the wrong place, I just don't know what to do.
  15. Landowner defending their agent because it's all about the money.... http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3284772/Driver-gets-100-fine-stopped-double-yellow-lines-just-23-seconds-ask-directions.html
  16. Hello My wife parked in a bay 'reserved for a nearby college' on a large private car park in Birmingham City Centre. She had displayed a valid parking ticket for parking in the car park, (still have the ticket) but just mistakenly parked in a reserved space. She did not notice the signs stating that these bays were for the use of Matthew Boulton College only until she returned to the car to find the parking charge ticket. Only then did she notice the sign high up. Incidentally, the college was closed on this day as it was during Easter Holidays. They have sent photographic evidence, basically my car with Reg Plate. The car park is virtually empty!! Surely the cost of my wife's mistake does not resemble the charge!! I have read various ways of dealing with this. I have ignored all contact but they have now sent a 'Final Reminder' to me (Registered Keeper). Is there anything I need to do? Any advice appreciated. Many Thanks
  17. This is simply awful and if other local authorites follows the poor example of London Borough of Islington it will be appalling. http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/cars/article-3124279/Is-start-diesel-tax-Islington-charges-extra-96-today.html
  18. Trip Advisor couple 'fined' £100 by hotel for bad review A couple say they have been "fined" £100 by a Blackpool hotel for leaving critical comments on travel review website Trip Advisor. Tony and Jan Jenkinson posted the negative comment after being unimpressed with the one night they spent at the Broadway Hotel. The couple, from Whitehaven, later found £100 charged to their credit card. The hotel said its policy was to charge for "bad" reviews. Trading Standards are investigating. Officials believe the hotel may have breached unfair trading practice regulations. The manager of the hotel, on Burlington Road West, was unavailable when contacted by the BBC. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-30100973
  19. Only the thing is... Am I missing something here, only I'm sure I filled in the paperwork for this and sent it in before the 31st of July last year. That was the deadline for paper and 31st January is the deadline for online submissions right? I've responded to everything they've sent me in the post so surely this is a clerical error and I should appeal against it? Unless I've missed something.
  20. Hundreds of thousands of people will no longer be hit with £100 fines for failing to complete their income tax returns on time, under radical government plans. HM Revenue & Customs has admitted that its penalties regime may be too rigid, and is drawing up proposals to end fines for taxpayers who miss the deadline “by a day or two”. New rules outlined for public consultation could see people who owe the government tax charged higher interest rates on their debts to encourage them to pay sooner, instead of being hit with automatic fines. A system of penalty points – similar to motoring offences - could also be introduced so that financial sanctions apply only to people who persistently fail to pay their tax bills. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/tax/11398244/HMRC-plan-to-scrap-100-fines-for-late-tax-returns.html
  21. Hello everybody. On Saturday afternoon I got a ticket at St Anne's Pier on the Fylde Coast. Another car park 200 or 300 yards away was not charging as it is still winter. I mistakenly thought the same would apply to the aforementioned. Went into the cafe for a cup of coffee and came out to see a ticket on the windscreen. What can I do? I have 28 days to pay up.
  22. Hi My girlfriend parked in a UKPC car park with free parking but didn't notice you needed a ticket. UKPC have issued a Notice To Keeper for £100. I always used to ignore these but I gather the advice is not to. She has until 22nd October to pay or appeal. Please advise - I've been told multiple things about the uselessness (or not) of the appeals process. Can anyone help, especially given it was free parking for (I think) up to three hours, which makes a £100 'fine' particularly ludicrous. Many thanks
  23. 100pounds.co.uk I am in trouble with this company as well as I was due to pay the loan back on the 19th. I will be able to pay it on payday at the end of July. They have emailed me to inform me that they have added £50 charge to the loan, which I think is pretty excessive? Original loan was £100 over 10 days, repayment should have been £115 on the 10th day. Email from them: Your bank has declined our numerous attempts to collect the 100Pounds loan repayment on your 10 day loan today and the payment remains outstanding. We are keen to be a loan provider that you can trust, but this relationship must work on both sides, in order to be successful. Following our failure to collect your payment, the original repayment sum on your short-term loan of £115 will now have an administration fee applied to it of £50.00, bringing the total outstanding amount to £165, as set out in the credit agreement that you read and agreed to. We'll try to make another attempt to collect your payment on 21/07/2014, but in the meantime, you can make an immediate payment by logging in to 100pounds.co.uk, calling us on 0203 608 9053 or emailing our team at [email protected] If you continue to break the terms of our Credit Agreement, there may be significant repercussions: - We will continue to charge administration fees for each step we need to undertake in our endeavours to collect your repayment on this loan.
  24. http://uk.finance.yahoo.com/news/cancelled-car-insurance-could-owed-124427989.html
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