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Found 25 results

  1. Hi everyone, Could a persistent failure to respond to two emails and a phone call be seen as a failure to act? Background Person A took a company B to Tribunal on age discrimination grounds Person A asked his agency C for relevant documents Agency C failed to respond despite two emails and a phone call Person A now makes allegation of victimization against the agency C Agency C is now claiming that person A had the document that is why they didn't respond Person A didn't have the said document! However, my question would be: why didn't the agency respond to the first mail and say: "mate, you have these documents so we are not providing them"? I believe agency had a duty to respond to the email even if they truly believed that person A had the document In which case, I see that as a failure to act hence a victimization claim Please your views and any relevant case law Thanks
  2. Review launched to respond to patient concerns about NHS treatments READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/review-launched-to-respond-to-patient-concerns-about-nhs-treatments
  3. Hi, I spent a few days in Manchester last months and parked at SIP Gunn Street. Unfortunately I parked slightly over the line of the bay (there was a pillar on the other side, I am only slightly over the line looking at the pictures -from what I recal I was only on the line but their photos show otherwise). I received a PCN on the windscreen and appealed it on their website (from reading posts on the forum I now understand that I should have ignored it) My appeal and their response is below - is there anything else I can defend? Not sure if it means anything but I did notice from their photo the the ticket I got from the machine has the wrong number plate on (I must have mistyped) and so does not match the number plate on the PCN I thought maybe there could be some technicality there? I really don't want to have to give them £100 right now :/ ironically the ticket was issued on my birthday too! they say I have 7 days to respond You completed the appeal on 10/06/2017 14:52:14. I am appealing this charge notice on the basis that the claimed amount is disproportionate to any potential loss of earnings for SIP, that the rationality for the implementation of the charge is unfair and that the signage could be considered to be ambiguous. On a personal note I feel that SIP have applied this charge in a cynical ploy to extort funds from me over and above that of the value of my the "purchase" from them. 1) the cost of my stay was £8.20 - I did not overstay in the carpark, I did not prevent anyone else from using other spaces in the car park. In issuing this notice of £100 (with various discount incentives to pay them immediately) SIP are suggesting that £100 is fair retribution. To reiterate the manor in which I parked did not prevent any other potential customer from using surrounding spaces, if this was the case I still feel that £100 is disproportionate but could in some respect understand the reasoning behind it. From my point of view the charge has been issued without a valid reason. 2)SIP issued this charge on the basis that I was "Not in Marked Bay". To clarify I parked in a space which had a large concrete pillar to the left of the space. Naturally I parked slightly to the right in order to minimise the risk of impacting the pillar with the left side of the vehicle and to allow my partner to exit the vehicle more easily. My vehicle was not parked extremely to the right and did not intrude into the next parking bar, my right wheel did rest slightly upon the surface of the line but at no point exceeded the outer confines of the bay. 3) the signage states (in very small writing considering that it can be reasonably assumed that the sign would be viewed from within the vehicle possibly whilst in transit) "if the car park or road has marked parking bays then you must park fully within the confines of the marked bay". To return to my previous point at no point did my vehicle exceed the outer confines of the bay. 4) To clarify I feel that the manor in which the notice was issued was dishonest and cynical. I have caused no loss of earnings yet SIP are attempting to effectively increase the cost of my stay tenfold. This is not treating customers fairly and goes beyond the presumed contract of purchase. I'd also note that when I returned to my vehicle I was greeted by people sleeping in the stairwell and the stairwell itself had been used as a bathroom (and I do not mean a urinal). Although this could be considered incidental I'd stress that SIP are attempting to extract an unfair amount based on incidental circumstances. I could argue that SIP did not provide secure (and indeed sanitary) storage for my vehicle. I also do not feel that they gave due attention to my appeal - they offered no explanation other than restating that my vehicle was "not in Marked bay". I do not feel that they addressed any of my concerns or arguments. I also asked that they provide evidence (copies of their photographs) for my review, I have not received this (I was hoping to submit with my appeal but was informed by SIP that I only have 15 days to challenge their assessment of the situation. Again I feel that this is an unfair, cynical ploy. ============================== The operator made their Prima Facie Case on 12/06/2017 12:07:33. The Operator Reported That... The appellant was the driver. A manual ticket was placed on the vehicle. The ticket was issued on 16/05/2017. The charge is based in Contract. The Operator Made The Following Comments... The terms on the signage are explicitly clear that a vehicle in addition to having a valid parking session must also "park fully within the confines of a marked bay" by failing to adhere to the above terms the driver agrees to pay a parking charge of £100.00. As can be seen from the photographs the vehicle was not parked in the confines of a bay thus the PCN was issued in line with the contractual signage. I will address the other points raised by the appellant; 1) The amount is a contractual amount ergo loss is irrelevant 2) The vehicle is clearly not in a marked bay, and as can be seen there is sufficient room for the vehicle in question to have parked correctly and still been not even close to the pillar; 3) The signs are designed to be easily noticed (bright yellow) to then advise a person once they have parked and exited their vehicle that they can read the content of the contractual terms. It is not expected nor advised to do so while the driver is in the vehicle especially whilst moving. 4) The appellants belief on the fairness is irrelevant as the information was provided and agreed to upon the driver leaving the vehicle, further no dishonesty was involved in this matter everything has been very transparent.
  4. A few months ago a male, who is a live in employee at a property opposite my girlfriends house aggressively threatend to smash my face in and knock my teeth out, when I asked a delivery man to move his van that was blocking the driveway, the delivery man moved his van and drove away but the other man made more threat and demanded I fight him in the street and telling me what he will do to me, so I called the Police. Police never came out because they said I was safe inside my girlfriend house. The Police investigated but the male employee who made the threats denied it, the delivery man was traced and also said he didn't see or hear anything, but he had already moved his van and drove away before the threats wre made. Since this occurred the male employee is always outside in the street when I visit or stay at my girlfriends house,, always staring at me and now always parks his van outside my girlfriend house very close to the drive but not blocking it, he never parked there before.
  5. I need some help. I was very foolish back in November buying an item off Ebay. The item was a supposedly haunted piece of jewellery from a magickal seller. The item cost me £160. Needless to say I am not happy with the purchase and want to return the item, but because its gone over 90 days I cannot open a dispute with Ebay. The seller is refusing to respond to my messages I have sent. Can anyone please advise what I can do to reclaim my money back over an item which is clearly not as described.
  6. I know many people here is not legal adviser, But The advice as I could get from this website always was more useful instead any lawyers or citizen advice bureau. Thank You My car Insurance payments: I insured my Second car since February 2016 for Premium: £1124.00 Sub Total before credit charge: £1124.00 Motor Premium Tax: £106.78 Total cash price: £1230.78 Total charge for credit: £111.28 Total amount payable for policy term: £1,342.06 In less of 20 days a Car accident happened Tried to get some advice from a legal firm about this case: I gave my case to a legal firm To advice me what they can do for me. But the company made a claim without any discussion, permission or confirmation. The third party gave a cheque for my car value to that unauthorised solicitor, But I never received the cheque, Because the firm tried to force me to sign a Client care pack. amended the contract and increased I did not provide my No claim bonus discount to them; ten days after the car accident they have amended the contract and increased my policy payment to 2367.94 I did not accept and send a complaint letter to them, They cancelled my policy and asked me to make a full payment as well. However, I paid them in full; They send a default notes to my credit report. The third party made claims against me to My insurance. My insurance informed me, they would like to settle the matter in 50/50, without accepting liability, if not, they would accept it in full. ( All communicate or conversation was by the emails and letters.) County Court Claim Letter After few months, from the Country Court, I received claims against myself letter under my name, to my address. I passed the letter to my Insurance by Email, And asked them if I need to respond to this letter!?; they told me, no, you don't need to do anything and when they settle the matters they will notifying me. CCJ On Credit Report Under my membership account with the credit expert and the Equifax, I informed about CCJ on my report but five days after the judgment date. My insurance forgot to respond to the court. They were apologising me. And told me they would remove the CCJ as soon as possible, because they did not update me on what's going on, and I could not trusting them anymore or take any risk, a day before the end of 28 days, I paid myself to the third party £3 039. I need help Because I was in a very hard situation during the last nine months. There are too many mistakes in my case from the beginning by my claim case worker. As she gave some comment without looking at the vehicle photo, and when I told her you could ask for the CCTV's Bus, she said, The third party representatives looked into this aspect of the claim and were advised that no footage was available. They did not tell me that I have to transfer my insurance to the other car. When I called them many times to talk with someone to explain to me, how they calculated the outstanding balance, if I need pay the full payment, need I pay the credit interest as well or APR? They did not tell me. They must have full responsibility for my accident and any matters as they promised me when we make a contract. I know under the credit agreement they should make a cleared about my policy or my credit agreement or any amended section in my contractor me as a customer. Many hours my time be wasted because They asked me to paid them in full. They did not respond to me when I asked them to make a clear the amount as they are asking me to pay, they wasted my time on the phone line in some hours, without providing me without any useful information. I paid them and asked them to remove the default from my credit report; I asked them by the phone and email, they did not accept and send a copy of the credit agreement act and told me you have breached our contract. The default on my credit report have not any good or any bad effect to that company, but the default have many effects on my daily life, Thus I don't want to accept any apologising from them, I Have some Question: I have got this insurance from 18 of February 2016 the accident happens on 11 of March they changed the policy on 24 of March Have I any right to not agree with the new agreement ( Agreement on 24 of March )or monthly payment plan? How should I receive the default notice when I had an accident, and I was not in any good situation? Because I paid and settled the country court claim against myself, They Own my money, is any way that they get the country court on their business credit report? This paragraph was in my insurance letter to me, What're means? I understand that you have satisfied the judgment of £3,093.53. You have the benefit of comprehensive insurance, for which you have paid the insurance premium. So, you should not be out of pocket any further. The accident was not my fault, Can I appeal to the court and defended myself? From the beginning, it is very clear as they don't want act for me. If they do act for me, what was the point for them? If I did not pay to them, by the law, have they any responsibility to acting behalf me or no? if the accident bee 50/50 what was the effect on my future insurance? which payment could I receive? and now I am 100% fault , what is the effect on my future insurance? which payment could I receive? Please Note: I have 11 years old no claim bonus discount as I used on my other car, I never have any accident before, and I have protected my no claim bonus for 2016-2017 not before.
  7. Hello, I have recently received a liability notice from the P.C.P enforcement agency. I was advised by my colleagues that I should ignore a parking ticket that I recieved whilst parked on hospital grounds whilst at work. I got a PCN letter sent to my house addressed to me and ignored that too. Subsequently have now recieved a liability notice which has got me a little twitched. Should I continue to ignore this letter or pay it? I did phone the company who states it is too late to appeal and was advised to email a company that when checked on Google has no links to parking from what I can tell?! This company has nothing to do with parking... I'm so confused??? I don't want to go to court which the letter states will be the next action unless I pay £100 fine?! Can anyone help?
  8. I was asked to defraud DWP by a work programme provider in July 2015. In short I signed off, I got acall from a guy asking to provide details and sign forms for DWP to pay them. I explained I just signed off without a job. He told me dont worry think of an employer and we both could get paid. I just laughed at the guy and put him on loud speaker and let my mum hear him going off his nut and getting angry. First point of call, go back see my old advisior, she just looked at me like I was stupid and asked what she could help with:S. For 3 months DWP told me they wont take my complaint as I must complain to the person trying to defraud them????? Anyway finally my complaint was taken serious on the 1st of September 2016. Someone collected all the dates and times I called trying to pursue this and reassured me something was going to be done. She even called me back 2 hours later telling me its been passed on and will get looked at. On the 12th of September I got a call lasting 12 minutes from an unknown number (have screenshot). This was a person from DWP fraud department who asked me for more information and told me I may need to provide a statement. I was told a follow up call would happen in the next 14 days. Nothing. Call up to enquire. The log on the 1st says no complaint was every taken as DWP dont deal with companies trying to defraud them. Also no call logs on the 12th to me. It seems it was no one from the DWP who called me???? I'm going absolutely insane here. When I try and sign on I get sent to the work programme provider who give me no assistance or help and my referral was not even acknowledged 9 weeks later. SO I just signed off again. JCP cant help me find work and jobs offered in the centre are for people not on the work programme so I feel attending the job centre a waste of time. What should I do? Just shut up about it in when put in that position next time just accept? Its only tax payers money right?
  9. Hello, first post here having read through other threads. I received a FCN from Napier after parking at Willen Lake, i bought a ticket and it appeared to have blown off my dash into the footwell of my car. I returned to my car to find an FCN on the windscreen asking for payment of £80 or a reduced charge of £45 if paid within 14 days. I appealed to Napier through their online procedure explaining this situation and attaching a picture of my ticket. However they responded with a letter attached to an email stating that because i failed to ensure the ticket was displayed that im still expected to pay. In this letter though, it now says they will accept a £25 payment as a show of good will. Very simply should i just accept this and pay them, or is ignoring further correspondence the best route to take?
  10. READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/uk-to-enhance-natos-ability-to-rapidly-respond-to-threats
  11. Good morning all, I have a question if someone is able to help... If a defendant files a full defence via MCOL, stating that they don't beleive they owe the claimant money and the reasons why; how long does the Claimant have to instruct the court to proceed once this defence is received? Many thanks!
  12. Hi, In 2011 I was refused a student account with Barclays whom I had held an account with for 12 years. There was some kind of minor, very old infringement (the next bank I spoke to said it should just have been underwritten). In 2014 Barclays changed their overdraft fees and I became one of the huge losers. I was a mature student with no spare income whatsoever and was transitioning from a undergrad to a postgrad course funded by a sponsorship for students from under-priviliged backgrounds. I was right up to my £1600 limit for almost all of each month because the minuses were much bigger than the plusses. I went into two branches at the time to ask for advice or support and on both occasions I was basically told nothing they could do for me. I wrote to complain a couple of weeks back, to tell them that they had introduced charges I had no way to escape and that for almost 2 years they had had me pinned against the wall, taking £30-45 in interest monthly. That now I have come to the end of my course and have money flowing again I feel greatly aggrieved at their lack of support and irresponsible profiteering and am considering which bank to use for career, homeownership etc. I haven't received a letter yet but have some kind of 'with apologies' £50 credit in my account. Frankly, compared to both the amount of money they took from me (approx £800 total) and the amount of stress and anger and further financial problems it caused, it's insulting. How should I respond to this. Am I lucky to have been offered anything? Is this an admission of guilt? I do not need or want the £50 so should I call customer services to tell them to take their money back, and if I do, what's my next step? Thanks in advance for any suggestions PS - My account says 'current' though doesn't specify exactly which kind. I AM paying a monthly fee too though, which I found out yesterday after receiving their 'annual eligibility statement' telling me that I am eligible for insurance for a phone I have registered (from when, 1999?!) and gadget cover, for which I have no use and consequently no gadgets registed. Absolutely no idea where this fee came from, but that's another story!
  13. any ideas as FOS cant do anything....... can they? they sent me a summary of my account and thats the only contact ive had off them.
  14. Hi. I'm being taken to court over an alleged debt that I thought was unenforcable. I'm not sure how to respond to the court questionnaire. Brief Background In September 2012 I made a CCA request to Lloyds and their DCA at the time (Robinson Way) over an alleged debt from 2003. My request was ignored. "You owe us money" letters continued to arrive. In November 2012, I re-requested the CCA from them both, adding that I required a "legally enforcable original signed consumer credit agreement" before I would correspond with them any further. I heard nothing for 18 months more or less. Then, in 2014 I began to receive letters from First Credit. I ignored these, and binned them without reading. Current Situtation In August 2015 I received a Claim Form from the County Court Business Centre (the claimant was First Credit). It required me to admit the debt or file a defence. I realised it would be foolish to ignore this. I gave the non-response to the CCA request as my defence (exact wording below). A few days ago I received a Notice of Proposed Allocation to the Small Claims Track, accompanied by a Directions Questionnaire. It asks about dates / locations for a court hearing, and also if I agree to the case being referred the Small Claims Mediation Service. How should I respond? Should I bother with the mediation? I don't want to come across as unreasonable, but in this case I don't see what help the mediators could provide. I would like to avoid court if at all possible, and I don't see how they can actually take it to court without having provided me with the requested CCA.
  15. I will try to fill you in as briefly as possible! In September I received documents from Northampton of a claim issued by Hoist Portfolio. the particulars of claim were very vague ie no date of debt, no date of assignment etc. I acknowledged immediately and stated intention to defend. I sent off CCA and CPR requests in accordance with the rules. These were disregarded and I received no response. It was allocated to small claims and transferred to my local court. The hearing date was set and a deadline of 25th Feb was set for returning witness statements. At this point I had received precisely zero info from the claimant as requested, I constructed my witness statement along the lines of 'I have no info re the debt so can't defend something I have no knowledge of', the claimant was attempting to frustrate my efforts to defend in not disclosing any information and disregarding my CCA request and CPR request. I served a copy in the claimant and made sure it was with the court in time, brownie points to me I've now received (after the deadline) the claimants statement, and I'm wondering what to do. In their bundle they have the original agreement (in a different name to that on the court docs) but barely legible, a statement of account, and issue of default. My query comes in because on the statement of account, there are payments between July 2009 and Feb 2011 which came from a current account but we're not expressly authorised by myself. The debt is for a credit card and I had a current account with the same bank. So these payments were taken from my current account (I guess under the original contract I signed for the card this was authorised) but I didn't expressly make those payments myself. In fact I seem to remember trying to stop the payments, and they kept taking them without my agreement. Do these count as acknowledgement of debt? If these payments are disallowed, the debt should be statue barred (date of default was 25th June 2009 and I would argue that subsequent payments were not made with my authority). Or does it not matter, as I signed a contract therefore indicating my authority to take these payments? If it's not statue barred what should I do, as I'm now thinking they have me over a barrel even though their documents were late to arrive. Apologies if this doesn't make sense to you all, it does in my little head! Many thanks in advance for any advice you can offer!
  16. Hi I'm looking for some advise. Our home was repossessed last September and was sold at a loss. My husband has received a letter in his name only chasing the £51,000 shortfall even though it was a joint mortgage. They want him to fill in an income and expenditure form and then make an offer of payment. It says if he doesn't respond they will either request payments from his salary, (he doesn't work he's on PIP and ESA) get a charging order on any property he owns (we now rent our home) or take him to court to take an oath about his assets and liabilities. I'm really not sure how to respond. As I say he doesn't work but I do work part time. We have 3 children aged 16, 13 and 11 so money is pretty tight. Can anyone tell me how to proceed.
  17. I have recently asked Barclays for CCA They have send me the copy of without a signature and said in the letter In response to your recent request, we are pleased to provide you with the copy of your credit agreement and a financial statement. Section 77 and 78 of the consumer Credit Act 1974(amended) do not require Barclays Bank to provide you with a signed original form of the credit agreement and according with the Act It is not the policy of Barclays Bank to provide this. Any advise or suggestion
  18. Hi to all have received some excellent advice via these forums in the past for which I've been extremely grateful so hoping someone may be able to help with a new query: Have received a claim form relating to an old Lloyds credit card, debt dates back to at least 2006, over the years has been passed from DCA to DCA, last DCA was Lowell who have now issued the claim via Bryan Carter solicitors I intend to dispute the claim although need some time to consider this as could be on a variety of issues so intend to return the acknowledgement of service ASAP as my 'response clock' expires in a few days However ... . claim has been issued in the wrong surname (my old surname that the credit was taken in) - haven't used that name for about 4 years & changed formally via proper processes - so do I return the acknowledgement of service with this name corrected to my new one or do I deny the claim based on the fact the surname is wrong ? Am unsure whether this is grounds for defending the case without having to get into the nitty gritty of the details ? Background on the history is that I issued a CCA request in 2010, they eventually responded with something they state complies with this request however no signature just a copy of the standard T&C's with my details electronically entered at the top so unsure this is full compliance? Therefore in my view account was in dispute although am aware that CCA may not be a line of defence any more so unsure? Also unsure as to whether they have followed all the required processes - original default notice was issued to my old address, not had much since & unsure on the Notice of Assignment issue - not sure what this is, or whether I have ever had one but may not have copies of all related correspondence anymore as debt is so old Apologies if that's all ma bit waffly, but any advice on how to respond on acknowledgement of service greatly appreciated so I can gain some time to get my head round the rest of it Many thanks in advance
  19. I've received an email from one of the site team, but it won't let me reply saying I don't have the necessary permissions. In the end I've responded using the "contact us" option. Not heard back yet though. Also, i'm struggling to find where to update my home email, the profile page doesn't appear to give the option. Any advice, am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance
  20. Hello I've tried looking at other threads but sorry can't seem to see the answer. I didn't respond to a Court Claim by GE Money due to my daughter undergoing an emergency operation and t.b.h I was more worried about my child. The claim was awarded to GE (no surprise there) and I know I should have completed the claim form however just running back and forth to hospital, spending days and nights in ICU - I didn't do it. IS THERE ANYTHING I CAN DO BEFORE BALLIFFS TURN UP? I can not pay the whole debt in one go and hope GE or Optima Legal Services will accept some instalments but don't know if I should approach the court or GE or Optima Legal Services? Please can you help or suggest what I can do?
  21. The latest call for evidence is here:- https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/209665/wca-cfe-4th-review.pdf Please respond with your own or someone you know's experience of the WCA, particularly the effect on your/their health of the stress involved. Closing date is 27th August
  22. Hi all, thanks for reading. I would be very grateful for any advice on the following - This morning I received a letter from Advantis Credit Ltd advising that they were acting on behalf of their client Lowell and were seeking to recover a debt of £961.14 from me. I have a vague idea that this may be a debt from more than 6 years ago although to be honest I cannot remember exactly when it was from. Should I send a statued barred? letter or a request for the original credit agreement first? I honestly cannot remember exactly what this debt is for?! Thanks in advance:-D
  23. Hi, HSBC now doing the same as Natwest did and don't bother actioning a SAR if they think you're just after PPI! I sent HSBC a SAR on 30th March 2012, I used the template letter from here but I didn't enclose a fee. Now I didn't send the fee because...... a) I just didn't have the money to pay all 11 and the template letter I used was worded "please inform me, prior to processing this request, if you require a fee to be paid" . Yes I now know this was a mistake! I should have changed it and just enclosed the fee! and b) I know from previous experience with bank charges a lot of them waivered the fee back then. I re-sent my SAR on the 13th June 2012, changed the template by adding bullet points to make it clear what i required from them and also enclosed the fee. I have today received a letter saying they have been trying to contact me by phone to get a "clearer understanding of the type of information that you wish to receive, to ensure that we send tyou the correct information" . They then go on to say that they assume I wanted to know if I paid PPI so they gave me to Loan aco**** numbers and dates loan started but NOTHING ELSE! they also returned my cheque uncashed. Now as much as I am grateful that they admit I paid PPI they haven't said how much, when etc so I need my full SAR so I can work this out. I am also killing two birds with one stone becasue I am desperately trying to work out my finances, we are in a lot of debt and I am trying to get organised and by having all my data I can see a clearer picture, file it all neatly and keep it. (Previously I burned everything to try and make it go away !!!) Now by sending a new SAR letter and fee I gave them 40 days from 13th june which means they have until 23rd July to respond. This tactic has just stalled that completely! now i have to write back, tell them I want it all and wait god knows how long to get it again! Can anyone please suggest a template letter as I am furious that they are getting away with this. Here are the letters I sent: SUBJECT ACCESS REQUEST Mr ********** 87 ******** ****** **** *** HSBC 8 Canada Square London E14 5HQ 30thMarch 2012 Dear Sir/Madam, Ref: Credit card number: *********** and Loan Account number: *********** Please supply me with copies of all the data which you hold on me inrelation to any matter and in any form and for any period of time. This mustinclude: · A copy of my credit agreements for each creditcard, loan or account I hold · Details of any payment protection insurance andamounts paid · Copies of letters and emails that I have sent toyou and vice versa. · Customer activity logs · Account screenshots · Telephone logs · Copies of correspondence with third parties, alist of third parties who my data has been processed/shared/passed to · Statements for the duration of the account · Anything else relating to my account Please note that I require disclosure of any personal data which youhold on me for the entire period of my dealings with you. The Subject Access is not limited to my transaction history and it isnot limited merely to 6 years of historical information. Additionally, where there has been any event in my account history overthis period which has required manual intervention by any member of your staff,or any other person, I require disclosure of any indication or notes which haveeither caused or resulted in that manual intervention, or other evidence of thatmanual intervention in relation to my banking business with you. If you are unable to supply this data becausethere has been no such manual intervention, then please be so kind as toconfirm this in your response Yours......
  24. Hi, I have just received my prosecution letter from London Midland which reads, "On the 9th May 2012 a person giving the above name and address was questioned by a member of rail staff with regard to an alleged incident on London Midland Railway. This matte has been previously authorised fr prosecution. Before I proceed further, I invite you to respnd completely in full the bottom section of this letter, making any comments about the incident on the reverse, and send it to the above address within seven days. Failure to respond will lead to the matter being progressed without further notification" What happened is as follows. I was on my way to the University of Birmingham station from Five Ways to sit an exam. Pushed for time I only had enough in change for a child fare and so purchased one to save time. As I went through the barriers the guard asked to see my ticket and seeing it was the wrong fare commenced to prosecute me. At the time I probably didn't act accordingly because of the shock of the situation and the stress of failing to get to my exam ontime. Therefore I wasn't really taking in what he was saying and asking as I was overcome with panic. I just gave him my details and paid for a adult fare with my debit card and managed to get to my exam in time. I never purchase a child fare in order to avoid paying the higher fee, apart from this exception and have used the same journey pretty much everyday for my first year at univeristy. Even in this instane it was just for convenience and not to fare dodge, but obviously the guard didn't buy that. In this situation I can clearly see that I was in the wrong, although I do feel a prosecution is slighlty harsh. Just wondering how to respond to the letter? Should I write this collection of events on the letter and offer to pay any fees to prevent it going further? Any help is thoroughly appreciated.
  25. It doesn't really matter if you don't pay, the odd few that come to sites like this and see they don't have to pay are few and far between so they still make a pretty packet. Government statistics show nearly 1.17 million electronic requests were made in 2010/11 by private parking companies for vehicle details from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA). Figures show drivers are paying more than £93 million in charges, based on a private parking fine of £80, compared to £21 million five years before. The latest DVLA figures were obtained by Nick Smith, the Labour MP for Blaenau Gwent after he received complaints from constituents about a car park in Ebbw Vale, south Wales "I do not believe that British drivers are becoming less law-abiding,” he said. "Some motorists believe that some car park operators are only interested in penalising the motorist at every single opportunity for the most trivial infraction."
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