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Found 1 result

  1. I know many people here is not legal adviser, But The advice as I could get from this website always was more useful instead any lawyers or citizen advice bureau. Thank You My car Insurance payments: I insured my Second car since February 2016 for Premium: £1124.00 Sub Total before credit charge: £1124.00 Motor Premium Tax: £106.78 Total cash price: £1230.78 Total charge for credit: £111.28 Total amount payable for policy term: £1,342.06 In less of 20 days a Car accident happened Tried to get some advice from a legal firm about this case: I gave my case to a legal firm To advice me what they can do for me. But the company made a claim without any discussion, permission or confirmation. The third party gave a cheque for my car value to that unauthorised solicitor, But I never received the cheque, Because the firm tried to force me to sign a Client care pack. amended the contract and increased I did not provide my No claim bonus discount to them; ten days after the car accident they have amended the contract and increased my policy payment to 2367.94 I did not accept and send a complaint letter to them, They cancelled my policy and asked me to make a full payment as well. However, I paid them in full; They send a default notes to my credit report. The third party made claims against me to My insurance. My insurance informed me, they would like to settle the matter in 50/50, without accepting liability, if not, they would accept it in full. ( All communicate or conversation was by the emails and letters.) County Court Claim Letter After few months, from the Country Court, I received claims against myself letter under my name, to my address. I passed the letter to my Insurance by Email, And asked them if I need to respond to this letter!?; they told me, no, you don't need to do anything and when they settle the matters they will notifying me. CCJ On Credit Report Under my membership account with the credit expert and the Equifax, I informed about CCJ on my report but five days after the judgment date. My insurance forgot to respond to the court. They were apologising me. And told me they would remove the CCJ as soon as possible, because they did not update me on what's going on, and I could not trusting them anymore or take any risk, a day before the end of 28 days, I paid myself to the third party £3 039. I need help Because I was in a very hard situation during the last nine months. There are too many mistakes in my case from the beginning by my claim case worker. As she gave some comment without looking at the vehicle photo, and when I told her you could ask for the CCTV's Bus, she said, The third party representatives looked into this aspect of the claim and were advised that no footage was available. They did not tell me that I have to transfer my insurance to the other car. When I called them many times to talk with someone to explain to me, how they calculated the outstanding balance, if I need pay the full payment, need I pay the credit interest as well or APR? They did not tell me. They must have full responsibility for my accident and any matters as they promised me when we make a contract. I know under the credit agreement they should make a cleared about my policy or my credit agreement or any amended section in my contractor me as a customer. Many hours my time be wasted because They asked me to paid them in full. They did not respond to me when I asked them to make a clear the amount as they are asking me to pay, they wasted my time on the phone line in some hours, without providing me without any useful information. I paid them and asked them to remove the default from my credit report; I asked them by the phone and email, they did not accept and send a copy of the credit agreement act and told me you have breached our contract. The default on my credit report have not any good or any bad effect to that company, but the default have many effects on my daily life, Thus I don't want to accept any apologising from them, I Have some Question: I have got this insurance from 18 of February 2016 the accident happens on 11 of March they changed the policy on 24 of March Have I any right to not agree with the new agreement ( Agreement on 24 of March )or monthly payment plan? How should I receive the default notice when I had an accident, and I was not in any good situation? Because I paid and settled the country court claim against myself, They Own my money, is any way that they get the country court on their business credit report? This paragraph was in my insurance letter to me, What're means? I understand that you have satisfied the judgment of £3,093.53. You have the benefit of comprehensive insurance, for which you have paid the insurance premium. So, you should not be out of pocket any further. The accident was not my fault, Can I appeal to the court and defended myself? From the beginning, it is very clear as they don't want act for me. If they do act for me, what was the point for them? If I did not pay to them, by the law, have they any responsibility to acting behalf me or no? if the accident bee 50/50 what was the effect on my future insurance? which payment could I receive? and now I am 100% fault , what is the effect on my future insurance? which payment could I receive? Please Note: I have 11 years old no claim bonus discount as I used on my other car, I never have any accident before, and I have protected my no claim bonus for 2016-2017 not before.
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