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  1. At moment I've manage to set up my mobile phone as a dash can when in its windscreen holder. If I have to gather video evidence for an injunction, I might as well just gather evidence and show it if and when an incident happens.... I'm more fearful of his accusations should he attack me and I'm forced to defend myself, I know his type, he will lie and make out Im the trouble causer
  2. Yeah, I did call the Police then but as I was in side they said I was safe and they called back the next day to see if I was ok, they asked why he was hammering on the door, but I didn't know and still don't. They asked for his description, listened to my concerns but didn't seem interested. I don't know what action they plan to take. I did think of videoing him but I didn't want to antagonise him more, my phone is quite big and it would of been obvious and if he saw me through the window it would give him a excuse to confront me on another time. Yeah, I do need to understand the law that's why I'm asking questions. I'll set up a dash cam on my car been, meaning to get one for a while and I'll look for some kind of hidden type camera for the front of the house, it's so annoying that all this expense and the fitting of camera because of a bully. My fears are the predicament of being forced to defend myself, I've been there before and I dont want to ever experience that again. I thought an injunction would make him stop staring at me and make him keep his distance, if I've got cameras running and he attacks me, then at least the camera will show the build up and capture his behaviour, which hopefully could put me in the clear. If his campaign of intimidation carries on, and I have proof on video then I will consider the injunction route again. Thanks for everyone's help
  3. My plan of some kind of injunction/ restraining order was to stop him approaching me, even talking to me from a distance as I'm convinced he will attack me and I'll be forced to defend myself and I'm scared of the consequences. A few days ago as I got to my girlfriends house, he saw me and purposely stopped what he was doing and kept staring at me, as I was unsure of what he will do next I looked at him, also as I didn't want him to think I was scared I quickly rushed into my girlfriends house and locked the door, 10 minutes later he was hammering on the front door of my girlfriends , when I didn't answer he was pacing up and down outside my girlfriend house staring at the windows and making phone calls, then he hammered on the front door again, this time I opened the door and said I'm calling the Police, he stayed pacing outside my girlfriends house for a few minutes. It was this recent incident that made me post on this forum and its not shown in my original post. The house he lives in is not even near my girlfriends house, it's kind of diagonally opposite, in a different street so there is no reason for him to be outside my girlfriends house or park his van there. If camera as my best option at least he won't know about them until it 's too late
  4. It's not the blocking of the drive, it's the intimidating behaviour, the posturing, staring at me and staring at the windows of my girlfriends house whenever he gets in and out of his van, he is always doing something with is van now There was another incident which made me ask the question on this forum that happened a few days ago it was not shown in my post, thats why I'm trying to contact admiim to edit my post
  5. I've sent 2 maybe 3 message to admin, saying what I want them to do to my post and why, ideally, delete it so I can start again Will admin just make the changes or will they respond by email or send message to inbox of this forum ?
  6. I don't thinks so as its about editing my original post
  7. I used the contact us link and I thought that would send a pm or some kind of message.to admin When posting my original thread I was also diverted to a link to contact admin. I didn't realise bank holidays and weekends would make a difference to the responce from web forum admin I'm not a regular user of web forums
  8. As subject title state..... How long does it normally take for admin to respond to pm ?
  9. A few months ago a male, who is a live in employee at a property opposite my girlfriends house aggressively threatend to smash my face in and knock my teeth out, when I asked a delivery man to move his van that was blocking the driveway, the delivery man moved his van and drove away but the other man made more threat and demanded I fight him in the street and telling me what he will do to me, so I called the Police. Police never came out because they said I was safe inside my girlfriend house. The Police investigated but the male employee who made the threats denied it, the delivery man was traced and also said he didn't see or hear anything, but he had already moved his van and drove away before the threats wre made. Since this occurred the male employee is always outside in the street when I visit or stay at my girlfriends house,, always staring at me and now always parks his van outside my girlfriend house very close to the drive but not blocking it, he never parked there before.
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