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Found 9 results

  1. Good Evening all, I was after some advice on if you think I could reclaim the late payment charges / over limit charges on an old credit card ? To cut a long story short I had a Halifax credit card running from 2002 - 2010 that I got into difficulty with, eventually running up an outstanding balance of £11,800 After many sleepless nights, countless number of letters back and forth, many requests for the singed original CCA, many threatening letters and a lot of advice from the CAG I eventually managed to get the debt written off, well not written off as such, Halifax made a gesture of goodwill payment of the full outstanding balance Yes that's right £11,800 paid by them as a "gesture of goodwill" This was all back in 2010 and I left it at that Anyway with all the PPI stuff going around I though I would check to see if the policy ever had PPI (via SAR) which it did not, but there are quite a lot of over limit charges and late payment charges so I have filled in the compound interest calculator and it amounts to over £6,500 Do you think it would be cheeky to request these charges back ?
  2. Hey, I apologise if this does not belong in this particular sub forum! More than likely I can't do this, but if you've previously accepted a 'gesture of goodwill' payment to settle a complaint... can you actually turn around and say I no longer accept this as a settlement, return the payment to the creditor? Some of these payments made to me are now quite old, but I did accept a recent payment only a week or so ago... This was/is mainly connected to payday loan companies... as i've already raised the issue of unaffordable lending, continued borrowing etc and settled they won't investigate. I made a massive mistake accepting small 'gesture of goodwill' payments, and now the FOS will not investigate updated complaints because of this! It certainly is another lesson learned!
  3. I am looking for advice regarding a gesture of good will from RBS . The original complaint was turned down twice by RBS their reason was non advised sale , it was a credit card . . However I referred the claim to the Financial Ombudsman who contacted me by phone and said that RBS were now willing to uphold my claim and would be in touch . 6 weeks later I have received a cheque for £800 as a gesture of goodwill. Can anyone advise whether I should accept this or try and get a fairer redress . I think the total due to me should be around £2000 by my calculation . Any advice would be appreciated . Thanks in advance
  4. Hi, In 2011 I was refused a student account with Barclays whom I had held an account with for 12 years. There was some kind of minor, very old infringement (the next bank I spoke to said it should just have been underwritten). In 2014 Barclays changed their overdraft fees and I became one of the huge losers. I was a mature student with no spare income whatsoever and was transitioning from a undergrad to a postgrad course funded by a sponsorship for students from under-priviliged backgrounds. I was right up to my £1600 limit for almost all of each month because the minuses were much bigger than the plusses. I went into two branches at the time to ask for advice or support and on both occasions I was basically told nothing they could do for me. I wrote to complain a couple of weeks back, to tell them that they had introduced charges I had no way to escape and that for almost 2 years they had had me pinned against the wall, taking £30-45 in interest monthly. That now I have come to the end of my course and have money flowing again I feel greatly aggrieved at their lack of support and irresponsible profiteering and am considering which bank to use for career, homeownership etc. I haven't received a letter yet but have some kind of 'with apologies' £50 credit in my account. Frankly, compared to both the amount of money they took from me (approx £800 total) and the amount of stress and anger and further financial problems it caused, it's insulting. How should I respond to this. Am I lucky to have been offered anything? Is this an admission of guilt? I do not need or want the £50 so should I call customer services to tell them to take their money back, and if I do, what's my next step? Thanks in advance for any suggestions PS - My account says 'current' though doesn't specify exactly which kind. I AM paying a monthly fee too though, which I found out yesterday after receiving their 'annual eligibility statement' telling me that I am eligible for insurance for a phone I have registered (from when, 1999?!) and gadget cover, for which I have no use and consequently no gadgets registed. Absolutely no idea where this fee came from, but that's another story!
  5. Hi all. I run a business that repairs tablet devices. A customer came to me to have a screen repaired which I repaired with a 3 month warranty. The customer returned to show his screen was lifting up. This was due to his battery swelling inside the device, not because of the work I'd done . I replaced the screen again as I broke it when I tried to push it back into place over the swollen battery, so then I also replaced the battery as a 'good will gesture' and I didn't provide a warranty for the battery as it wasn't paid for . A month later, this battery now will not charge and I am of the opinion it's because of the inner workings failing due to the initial drop. Did I enter a contract by agreeing to replace the battery free of charge as a good will gestur or is it not my responsibility? If I replace the battery, the same thing will happen or another problem. All comments welcome. Thanks
  6. After Nigeria was eliminated from the world cup the Nigerian captain personally offered to refund all the expenses of fans that travelled to Brazil . He said he just needs their bank details and pin numbers to complete the transaction.
  7. Hi, Sorry for jumping in like that but I feel I have a similar case. Anyone else here who has been had by Barclays Additions and Additions plus accounts? I have banked with Barclays for the past 11 years (since 1996) and some time during '97 THEY upgraded my account whithout my written permission and started to charge me £5/month for what they call an Additions Account. This fee kept rising every year or so and currently they are charging me £11.50 per month. All this while I used to think that this amount is some sort of Bank fee/charges for accounting with them and something you have to do with just about any Bank Account. The Barclays Additions members here would know that this charge is for some extra services that Barclays is providing its customers. They include intrest free overdraft facility, Roadside breakdown cover, Gas or Central Heating cover, plumbing etc. etc. As I was not aware of these services I have been paying for, I kept spending elsewhere for getting these services all these years. When they increased this fee to the aforementioned amount of 11.50 I grew interested in finding out what it was about. Moreover, I started questioning the fee itself, because, as a customer I felt that the bank should NOT be charging for having an account with them (it should be the other way round.... right?) I aproached my branch and asked them for a total refund with interest as I never opted for this scheme in the first place. I was very cross because I remembered unclogging my drains myself not knowing I am covered for it for the past 10 years ... grrrr. They forwarded my complaint this Thursday to their 48 hours service Complaint Department. Within this time I calculated what they actually owe me and arrived at an amount of £750/- (without interest). This morning I received a letter from Barclays that says: They advised me through post each time the Additions fee was increased and that it was MY responsibility to check back with the bank to discontinue this facility. In this letter as what they call a 'gesture of goodwill' have refunded me a sum of £34.50. This could be an amount I have paid since they last sent me a letter showing an increase in the fee. They have also discontinued my Additions and changed my account to Standard Current Account. Now, this means I never opted for the Additions account and never opted out of it on paper. They have been doing it all by themselves. They have given me a period of 8 weeks to continue this matter with them before they consider it a 'case closed'. This letter also advised me to go to the Financial Ombudsman Service becaue the bank has not been able to give me a full refund. Wow. I thought I was to threaten them with this. I have had some advice here at CAG that I need to send them a letter saying this is not acceptable (I have seen a template here) and that I will go to small claims. Problem is that so far my complaint to them has been verbal ... so I never sent them a complaint letter or what I understand from CAG a ... Letter Before Action. I hope it is not too late me to start written communication with the bank. Anyone here who could advise me about my next move. Any more people who are in the same boat as I am ... Additions members? Love Autumn
  8. After complaining for over a year to British Airways about numerous issues with my round the world ticket in business class in various destinations where I incurred a lot of phone charges, stress and anxiety, they offered me a gesture of goodwill, a free return 1st class ticket anywhere in the world with no expiry date. Unfortunately, I have lost the letter with this offer but I have exact dates of each correspondence with them and my correspondence sent to them with names of CEO and the person who made this offer to me. Now, they are denying an evidence of this whole issue and not willing to honour the gesture of goodwill. Please can anybody tell me where I stand legally? In advance, thanks for any help.
  9. hi, i was wondering if anybody could answer my queries. i wrote off to Natwest, enquiring if i was due any PPI from previous loans. They have wrote back to me with two loans i previously had, and a good will gesture. They claim that they cannot process any information from what was offered to me etc etc, your usual generic letter and therefore offer me this gesture. I personally see this as a way of fobbing me off because theyd rather entice me with this cash, than pay the full amount due. Here are the details 1) Jan 2008 - £1000 loan APR 28.1% (closed July 2008 - i assume that i payed this off with loan 2) 2) July 2008 - £1900 Loan APR 28.2%( closed Aug 2011) On loan two, i had been paying 91.27 for 3 years and 1 month. In this time, i had claimed the insurance, which the bank paid out 4 times (due to being out of work). They gesture they have offered me is as follows: Total refund of PPI and associated interest paid to date: £267.98 Gross Interest: £44.82 Less Tax (20%): £8.96 Net Interest: £35.86 Total: £303.84 Of course, taking their offer would help me out now. But, i cant help but feel fobbed off. And although its not 1000's like many other peoples claims, even an extra 50-100 quid would be great in this day and age. Any help on my next steps would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Jordan
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