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  1. Yes I have, but my witness statement was submitted by the deadline and before I received any of the info from the claimant , and went along the lines of 'I have no information regarding this debt despite submitting a CPR and CCA request, so have no details on which to defend the claim' etc etc They state in their witness statement that a default notice was sent 25/06/2009, I don't recall receiving this but that's not to say that it wasn't sent.
  2. ah yes, apologies, it's so long ago I'd forgotten they used to be Abbey before they were Santander. So, any thoughts as to my best course of action? Do I ask for the hearing on 7th March to be vacated/adjourned to allow me time to respond to their statement? Do I have any further defence now they've produced the documents? Perhaps the missing date/signatures on the agreement? Or my assertion that it should be statute barred as the payments they have on record were retrieved from a linked bank account with the same bank? I was quite clear on all this be
  3. It's submitted as an exhibit to their witness statement. It LOOKS like a Santander transaction summary, but looking closely at the top it has the card number, account number (from the POC) and a hoist reference, so perhaps it's been generated by hoist? I can certainly scan all the docs and send them over for you, thank you so much for your time!
  4. no one transaction summary, it lists 'account number' at the top as well as 'credit card number', the account number is the same as listed on the POC. sorry, I'm probably being dense, I just assumed it might be an internal account number assigned to a credit card account? or that a credit card account would have both a card number and an account number?
  5. no, the 14 digit number which is on the POC also appears on their transaction summary. the 16 digit number on the transaction summary is different and does not appear on the POC.
  6. In the interests of full disclosure, the final payment they list as being made to the debt was on 07/02/11. By this time I had switched banks, having opened a new account on 26/01/11. I have the bank statement to cover this period, and it shows that no payment was made from this account dispite all income showing as being paid into this new account. Therefore the old Santander account (that they were taking the contractual/non authorised payments from (offset payments???)) was no longer being used at this time. Sadly I no longer have any Santande
  7. In the POC it lists 14 digits, and corresponds to the 'account number' stated on the transaction summary they have provided. On the transaction summary is also listed the 16 digit card number (this does not appear on the POC)
  8. I may be clutching at straws, but Im trying to find holes in anything they've sent me - the credit agreement they've sent, which appears to be a scanned copy of the original, has a signature from me, but is not dated beneath the signature, and has no signature from the creditor. There is a date stamp on the first page but not the second where the signature is.
  9. It has 14 digits, and I suspect you're correct about it falling off the credit file - there is nothing listed under credit cards, nor under closed accounts.
  10. Name of the Claimant ? Hoist Portfolio Date of issue – 8th Sept Submitted defence online 6th October What is the claim for – This claim is for the sum of £2199.31 in respect of monies owing pursuant to the consumer credit act 1974 under account number xxxxxxx. The debt was legally assigned by Santander Cards Ltd to the claimant and notice has been served. the Defendant has failed to make contractual payments under the terms of the agreement. A default notice has been served upon the Defendant pursuant to Section 87 (1) CCA. The Claimant cla
  11. Apologies, I'm trying to keep up with the replies! Yes the money was taken from a current account with the same bank, to the best of my knowledge. I certainly didn't make the payments myself.
  12. Just had a look at credit file and it lists the date of default as 29/09/2011, although the info doesn't eactly tally as the balance is different and it states account type 'bank', but it's the only thing of the credit report with hoist so it must be the same? The last payment they say I made (I dispute I did so ) was 07/02/11
  13. I am assuming it was from my 'linked' current account, it was 2009 so details are sketchy, but I do remember phoning and trying to get them to stop taking payments, and they still took them. The hearing is 7th March. I've also had another look over the original credi agreement they've sent and it's not dated, nor has it got their signature on, could that be relevant?
  14. I had no information as to the date of the debt, so I didn't know if it was statue barred. Their particulars of claim literally stated nothing re dates etc. I'll hop over onto the laptop and try to post the WS
  15. I will try to fill you in as briefly as possible! In September I received documents from Northampton of a claim issued by Hoist Portfolio. the particulars of claim were very vague ie no date of debt, no date of assignment etc. I acknowledged immediately and stated intention to defend. I sent off CCA and CPR requests in accordance with the rules. These were disregarded and I received no response. It was allocated to small claims and transferred to my local court. The hearing date was set and a deadline of 25th Feb was set for returning witness statements.
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