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  1. I just want to confirm whether you think that "clause" and terms and conditions won't help Napier?
  2. Just received another e-mail letter. It's an interesting one. (Note it's a screen shot of the main body of the letter as I am using my phone to post at the moment. I don't understand why they are being so unreasonable after the fact I've bought and produced a ticket.. .how is even £25 fair in the case of a ticket only costing £0.90 for the period of time I was there? They've made no loss, they already have £0.90 of my money, now they want more than 25x that :')
  3. Well that sounds very good to me. If that would actually stand against them then wonderful I'll follow that line. I'll await any further correspondence and update when I receive it. Many thanks so far
  4. Here is the sign at the entrance of the car park and the signage on the ticket machine. There are multiple copies of the previously posted sign dotted around the car park no other different signs are visible. Also attached is my "Fixed Charge Notice" which does not appear to have a POPLA code? Sorry to double post but i thought this e-mail may also be of interest. It is their reply to my initial appeal.
  5. Wonderful, the sign pictured above is the only one that the parking "cowboy" (love that by the way), entered in his pictute evidence. The car park is just down the road from me so i will go back tomorrow (as i go every week due to playing football at the Lake), i will look for further sinage and post that to you. On the email reply from them after my appeal they do mention i can go through an independant appeal procedure.
  6.  I hope that has worked. Sorry for the slow reply, I hope the quality is good enough to read the sign. If not I will happily write out what is says.. Many thanks for your help on this matter.
  7. Hello, first post here having read through other threads. I received a FCN from Napier after parking at Willen Lake, i bought a ticket and it appeared to have blown off my dash into the footwell of my car. I returned to my car to find an FCN on the windscreen asking for payment of £80 or a reduced charge of £45 if paid within 14 days. I appealed to Napier through their online procedure explaining this situation and attaching a picture of my ticket. However they responded with a letter attached to an email stating that because i failed to ensure the ticket was di
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