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  1. Thank you so much I will avoid them and their calls Many Thanks
  2. Thank you so much for your advise There is no signature and no contract and barclays are not that crazy to sale the 50k debts to link without even defaulting my name I am going to stop paying them altogether and If I hear anything I will let you Know . Many Thank to all of you for helping me and give me advise and support.
  3. Hi Sorry i took so long but I have email you the second lot please have look if possible let me know what you think many thanks
  4. Thank you for all your help No signature on any of them I will scan them today and email you if thats ok with you.
  5. I have not scan them yet I will do it tomorrow but they are sort of the same letters from the link and barclaycard with my previous address I will send them tomorrow though what do you think of first one many Thanks dx100uk for all of your responses and help and advise really appreciate it.
  6. Ok Thank you but I need to go some where myself now When I get the email i send it as soon as i see it
  7. lovely I will be pleased if you do that for me many thanks
  8. thats all for one but few pages missing and there were some differences but not a lot
  9. But when they send me the results of CCA they were all three of them sectioned and stapled but in the same envelope .and there is one missing completely may be because it did not have my full name on it as one of my surname missing on the fourth one
  10. Thank you for the reply My Cards are very old they are mostly from 2001 and I do not think they have much information as my cards are being so old . I am going to ask for SAR my question is can I SAR for all the BC together which is four of them so I pay one fee of £10 or they should be done separately with higher cost. Where SAR should go to BC or the purchaser Link please advise
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