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  1. I'm assuming I should pay this now I've been sent a solicitors letter asking for £160 or it will effect my credit score for 6 years if I don't pay gladdy letter.pdf
  2. Hi people I'm getting really worried now... I have been sent another notification which again I ignored and now I've been sent this.. ..should I still ignore??? I'm worried it will effect my credit.. .I need to buy a house and don't want this to jeopardise that!!! Help!!!!! Misty
  3. How do I add a picture of the letter? I'm techno phobe don't really use computers much I do everything on my phone. I don't have the windscreen ticket I just have the 2 letters that were sent The liability notice says "Despite formal, notification, the driver of the vehicle detailed below has failed to pay in full parking charges in respect of the below period of parking to PCP Enforcement agency ('the Agency') who is now entitled to recover the same. You have been named as either the Registered keeper/named driver/hirer at the time of the event, you are now required to pay the parking charges in full. If the full amount is not paid in full wthin 28 days of the date that this notice is given then WITHOUT FURTHER NOTICE the agency will or the agency will instruct its recovery agents to commence court proceedings to recover the same from you. You will incur additional charges at this point. Parking charge notice number PCN: ****** Vehicle registration numbe: **** *** Date of issue: 08/01/2016 During period from: 07.38 to the time of issue of notice at 07:48 At location:******** i******** In accordance with the terms of parking as defined in the signage clearly displayed within the controlled zone at the above location. In order to avoid court action it is important that you make full payment of the amount stated within 28 days of this notice being given. The amount of £100 is now payable." There is then a warning notice about paying additional charges etc... And a payment slip. Misty
  4. Hello, Sorry for the late reply. So the ticket was issued on 08/01/2016 @ 07:48 I then received the notice to keeper letter on 02/03/2016 And then the liability notice on 07/04/2016. What other information do I need to give? Also it says that the company is the enforcement agency ('the agency') *08/01/2016
  5. I'm not home at present but will post dates of letters and company when I get home. Thank you for your replies.
  6. Hi, I had a ticket on my car and then got sent a letter a few weeks after and now the liability notice. I did not purchase a ticket for my car... .I work there and before I got to the staff carpark which I pay a monthly fee for there was a woman giving birth in her car. I just parked my car quickly to help her as I'm a midwife and by the time i got back I had a ticket on my car. The first letter I received was addressed to myself I'm assuming they retrieved my details from the DVLA?
  7. Hello, I have recently received a liability notice from the P.C.P enforcement agency. I was advised by my colleagues that I should ignore a parking ticket that I recieved whilst parked on hospital grounds whilst at work. I got a PCN letter sent to my house addressed to me and ignored that too. Subsequently have now recieved a liability notice which has got me a little twitched. Should I continue to ignore this letter or pay it? I did phone the company who states it is too late to appeal and was advised to email a company that when checked on Google has no links to parking from what I can tell?! This company has nothing to do with parking... I'm so confused??? I don't want to go to court which the letter states will be the next action unless I pay £100 fine?! Can anyone help?
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