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Found 11 results

  1. Hi, I bought my parents a UK coach holiday and, as they're both pensioners, travel insurance which included cancellation cover as both have had illness in the past. Unfortunately, a direct family member became ill a week before they were due to travel and they decided to cancel the holiday and visit her instead. The family member sadly passed away 2 weeks later. The insurer sent out claim forms, these were completed and returned along with a death certificate which was required. Last week, the insurer wrote back requesting additional evidence for the deceased, namely the completion by the deceased's GP of a long winded complicated medical form? The cost of which, needless to say we have to pay. Is this fairly standard? Or, is it a ruse by the insurer to find a way to avoid paying the claim? If it was either of my parents that became ill, I could understand a medical form being required, but for a family member?? Thanks for your help, any advice would be appreciated.
  2. I had an alleged debt that was passed to Opos Ltd and to cut a long story short I have sent them may letters and emails asking them to supply proof of my liability to the alleged outstanding balance and a full and accurate breakdown of the alleged outstanding balance, including payments made, payments received and additional charges. I received an email today from Opos Dear drob *£250.00 borrowed on 18/7/11 and are records show no payments rendered to your account. *Your request has been considered a stalling tactic and have therefore been referred to our legal department for further action having confirmed your employment. Regards Opos Opos are claiming that I owe £1430.00 however they wont give me Full Breakdown so I have sent them a CCA request. Just makes me laugh how they accused me of stalling tactics when I am only asking for information that I am entitled to!!
  3. Can anyone offer me advice on who I can contact regarding Titanbet bookmakers not paying me out on a winning bet.They have asked me for id proof before they will allow me to make a withdrawel from my online betting account,to which I sent them 8 clear images of the documents they requested and they still at this moment in time keep insisting on further images of id.I have never ever been asked for id with any other bookmakers and I have an account with 10 others.
  4. Just a quick note to see if there are many people stuck in the backlog of calculations with GE Money. I've had my claim upheld which I'm pleased about. The problem is they have promised me the figure owed for the last 6 weeks. Now they have informed me that they have ceased calculating at the moment until an adjustment has been made. Until that is signed off they will not process anymore! Once it is signed off then it will take another 3/4 weeks to inform me of the figure and acceptance letter sent out. Then another 21 days after that. So my complaint has been going for 12 weeks now with a chance it could go on for another 6 weeks before pay out. I mean how long does it take to make sure the program is accurate. Sounds to me that it hasn't been!! The only benefit is that they will keep adding the 8% every day until its fixed. So that must be costing GE quite a bit. Anybody else having the same problem
  5. In early February I contacted capital one, regarding faulty goods. The purchase was via Paypal in July 2012, & went faulty in Late January 2013. I phoned the online retailer, who accepted that the product was temperamental & prone to failure, yet didn't really want to help!! I was fobbed off several times, before approaching Paypal. They stated that due to the time elapsed, (45 day policy) they couldn't help. I then called Capital One, (foreign callcentre) who ASSURED me that if I sent the goods back to the merchant via tracked courier, they would reverse the transaction "within 14 days". So I booked YODEL, & sent the item back. Within a couple of days, a printer I had purchased in January 2012 then developed a fault, so I broadly followed the same process, the retailer wasn't particularly helpful, so I called Capital One and again was assured that my funds would be recovered. (One point worth noting, I expressly stated to Capital One customer service that the printer was JUST out of warranty, by around 4 days. "Not a problem, send it back & WE WILL recover your money" was the response). Now, several months, many MANY phonecalls from me, many broken promises of "someone will call you back" & 3 or 4 letters from them of "a specialised case worker will be back in touch within 35 days" & I've had enough. I put in a high-level complaint at Capital One Today, a lady who has said "we attempted chargebacks in BOTH instances, & each has been refused/countered by the retailer - So we've been phoning them, trying to persuade them to 'play ball', but we MAY need to get a 'final response' letter out to you". So after 3 1/2 months of delay, it now looks likely that Capital One are going to laugh off both these claims, leaving me without the faulty goods, & the money I was PROMISED would be returned - In both instances they are several hundred pounds' worth. I now need to start thinking about next steps, ie the Ombudsman, I understand I would need that final response letter first, can anybody advise on the best course of action - I've never had to use the ombudsman service, I do have notes of dates/times of phonecalls, names of who I spoke to, etc. Any help or advice from anybody who has had experience of this, or knows the ropes - I feel pretty aggrieved by Capital One, & want to get it sorted finally.
  6. I sent a SAR request to Thomas cook group Ltd at the end of January along with a £10 postal order, a month later they sent me a 4 page application type letter stating that they needed this info to proceed with my request, roll on another month and I get a letter saying that this needed to be handed over to Thomas cook personal finance Ltd. Got a letter from TCPF Ltd yesterday stating that as the address on file was different to my current address they could not proceed until I had sent 2 copies of banks statements or utility bills with my current address on (despite the 4 pages of information i had to give including my previous address! and the DCA they use knowing my current address) Rang up, changed my address then asked them to confirm that now my address was updated that they could send me the information I had requested. After a half hour song and dance about how they hadn't received it and I would have to send it again I mentioned all my calls are recorded and a copy of the call will be attached to my email to the OFT along with the copy of my postal order and signatures of those who received my letters, low and behold they found it! Now they are telling me that their 40 days start from now not from when I made the request, is this correct or should I contact the OFT and complain? It seems to me like this has all been stalling tactics designed to put people off trying to reclaim PPI? Surely the parent group will have access to and be able to provide all data required for a SAR? Sorry for the long post and thanks in advance! MrMJV
  7. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-20909763
  8. Hi, I'm not sure if this is in the correct place? Anyway I recently sent a SAR on the 27/09/12 via signed recorded, which they apparently didn't receive it till the 01/10/12. More recently they have sent me one of their standard signature request letters dated the 12/10/12 , which I assume is a stalling technique, as the letter I originally sent was signed, dis-regarding this I decided to go with the flow and send them back the signed request to get things moving ASAP, they have then written back dated the 16/10/12, that they have received the signing mandate and will be processing it within 40 days from the 16/10/12, as they hadn't received all the documentation that they required at the original date. Could someone please help, I don't think I've ever been so frustrated with a bank, especially one that I've had no prior problems with. All the best John
  9. Hi, HSBC now doing the same as Natwest did and don't bother actioning a SAR if they think you're just after PPI! I sent HSBC a SAR on 30th March 2012, I used the template letter from here but I didn't enclose a fee. Now I didn't send the fee because...... a) I just didn't have the money to pay all 11 and the template letter I used was worded "please inform me, prior to processing this request, if you require a fee to be paid" . Yes I now know this was a mistake! I should have changed it and just enclosed the fee! and b) I know from previous experience with bank charges a lot of them waivered the fee back then. I re-sent my SAR on the 13th June 2012, changed the template by adding bullet points to make it clear what i required from them and also enclosed the fee. I have today received a letter saying they have been trying to contact me by phone to get a "clearer understanding of the type of information that you wish to receive, to ensure that we send tyou the correct information" . They then go on to say that they assume I wanted to know if I paid PPI so they gave me to Loan aco**** numbers and dates loan started but NOTHING ELSE! they also returned my cheque uncashed. Now as much as I am grateful that they admit I paid PPI they haven't said how much, when etc so I need my full SAR so I can work this out. I am also killing two birds with one stone becasue I am desperately trying to work out my finances, we are in a lot of debt and I am trying to get organised and by having all my data I can see a clearer picture, file it all neatly and keep it. (Previously I burned everything to try and make it go away !!!) Now by sending a new SAR letter and fee I gave them 40 days from 13th june which means they have until 23rd July to respond. This tactic has just stalled that completely! now i have to write back, tell them I want it all and wait god knows how long to get it again! Can anyone please suggest a template letter as I am furious that they are getting away with this. Here are the letters I sent: SUBJECT ACCESS REQUEST Mr ********** 87 ******** ****** **** *** HSBC 8 Canada Square London E14 5HQ 30thMarch 2012 Dear Sir/Madam, Ref: Credit card number: *********** and Loan Account number: *********** Please supply me with copies of all the data which you hold on me inrelation to any matter and in any form and for any period of time. This mustinclude: · A copy of my credit agreements for each creditcard, loan or account I hold · Details of any payment protection insurance andamounts paid · Copies of letters and emails that I have sent toyou and vice versa. · Customer activity logs · Account screenshots · Telephone logs · Copies of correspondence with third parties, alist of third parties who my data has been processed/shared/passed to · Statements for the duration of the account · Anything else relating to my account Please note that I require disclosure of any personal data which youhold on me for the entire period of my dealings with you. The Subject Access is not limited to my transaction history and it isnot limited merely to 6 years of historical information. Additionally, where there has been any event in my account history overthis period which has required manual intervention by any member of your staff,or any other person, I require disclosure of any indication or notes which haveeither caused or resulted in that manual intervention, or other evidence of thatmanual intervention in relation to my banking business with you. If you are unable to supply this data becausethere has been no such manual intervention, then please be so kind as toconfirm this in your response Yours......
  10. Hi all I am just after a bit of advice. I put a claim in with MBNA following a SAR. I received a letter from them in June saying that they were currently investigating and would reply in 28 days. Well today I received a letter stating that they were not able to proceed as they had not received sufficient information to identify me and that it was their final decision and enclosed the FOS leaflet However I have never received any request and my other point is why did they send all the info for my SAR without the proof? What are my options now? I have emailed them but not had any reply
  11. hi my 4 year old peugeot has started (done 3 time) completely loosing revs after filling with petrol when i change down into 1st. i presume its something to do with filling up but i cant be sure it could just be a coincedence? i change to 1st and the rev counter drops like a stone and then either jumps but to normal sitting rate or stalls the car completely. each time it has happened i have stopped the car, cut off engine, waiting about a minute and restarted and the problem has gone?? my garage hasnt a clue, has anyone hada similar problem??
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