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  1. So, as the car has already sold at auction without any work be carried out on the car. They will be a bit silly trying to bill be for anything!
  2. *UPDATE* I received a letter from Moneybarn on 13th July 2018 explaining that the final balance on the account is now being calculated. FINAL BALANCE In accordance with the terms and condition of your agreement, various charges may be applied to your account before the final balance can be established. These may include Replacement V5 Admin Fee, MOT Replacement Fee, Replacement Keys Fee. Repairs or Refurbishment Fees and Loss of Value (If you have not had the vehicle service to the manufacturers recommendation this will reduce the resale of the value). So, I was able to downl
  3. No proof whatsoever ........ The driver turned up later today to take the car and he did another inspection and report!!! He checked windscreen wipers, tyres, coolants, oils, lights, seat belts and CD Player
  4. BCA have been to inspect the vehicle today with his magnifying glass!!!! He has 2 items on his report. 1. OFF-SIDE SILL DENT 30MM to 100MM 2. FRONT WHEEL ALLOY Scratch/paint defect over 125mm The car is 9 years old so would this be general wear & tear?
  5. So, BCA (British Car Auctions) are collecting the vehicle on 4th July. BCA said make sure there is fuel in the car and that it has car tax!! a) Car Tax runs out on 1st July and I am not renewing just for them! plus I have already transferred the car back to Monerybarn. b) They can pay for there own fuel!!
  6. funny how they start to try & sneak in terms & conditions 1. Please note that you must keep the vehicle fully taxed until it has been returned. (Being kept off the road and will be SWORN on 28th of this month) 2. Please note that if you fail to return any of the above items, we will charge you for costs incurred in replacing them. Please be advised we are able to claim from you any loss we suffer as a result of your failure to take reasonable care of the vehicle and service the car to the manufacturer’s recommendations. (Open to interpretation)
  7. So, sent my VT notice off last week and Moneybarn have sent me an email today. It looks like things are going smoothly so far, so let's hope I haven't spoken too soon! Dear drob, Your contact details will now be passed to a company called BCA (British Car Auctions) who will contact you directly to arrange the inspection and collection of the vehicle, which we will agree to carry out free of charge. Please note they will be only able to inspect and collect between the hours of 9am until 5pm weekdays only. BCA will now contact you within the next 2 working days to arrange the
  8. The yellow slip (V5C/3) has a declaration that must be signed by both the registered keeper and the motor trader, finance company, insurer or auctioneer. The registered keeper must then return it to the DVLA. i take it that whoever collects the vehicle must sign the yellow slip and that I can't inform the DVLA until the collection date?
  9. Yes, I will send it recorded delivery. I have had no issues with Moneybarn, YET apart from the extortionate 60% apr, however I can see them being awkward regarding the VT. I have taken lots of pictures (date stamped) but no videos yet.
  10. Re: V5 Registration Document I am about to send my VT Notice off to Moneybarn. What do I do with the V5 Registration Document? Do I transfer the ownership to Moneybarn once they have acknowledged the VT?
  11. VOLUNTARY TERMINATION OF AGREEMENT UNDER S99/100 CCA 1974 . Account No: (xxxxxxx) . Dear Sir, I am writing to notify you that I am exercising my right to terminate the above Agreement under Section 99 of the consumer credit act1974. . You will understand that the aforementioned section permits the debtor to terminate the agreement at any time before the last payment is due. . There is no restriction regarding the exercising this statutory right, particularly none in respect of any perceived arrears or monies due on termination . I understand that I shall be lia
  12. My plan is to send the VT letter by recorded delivery on Monday and via email. Once they have signed for the VT letter on the Tuesday I then want to cancel the Direct Debit which is due to go out on Friday 15th June. I estimate that I will have to pay £93.00 to bring payments to 50%. shall i enclose a cheque or wait for a final bill from Moneybarn?
  13. Thank you for your help. I will just have to wait to see if Moneybarn want to play games?!????
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