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Found 6 results

  1. Some two years ago cooperative energy received a request to switch us to a single tariff not a day and a night tariff. Over two years they have failed to carry it out despite numerous phone calls and letters. Not only that their staff seem to think that their responsibilities cease when they pass on the matter to somebody else. I have a computer printer out probably three ft long concerning the written requests and responses and I never get anywhere or find anybody to act responsibly over the issue. Letters to the managing director have gone unanswered and each member of staff thinks the issue is closed when they pass it on to somebody else. Naturally we have changed our energy supplier. it's an appalling situation and they seem to treat their customers with total contempt and indeed some of their staff appear to radiate complete indifference when you speak to them.
  2. I would appreciate some advice on opening a business account. Myself and a group of other people have just set up a cooperative. It is a not for profit organisation and we are a registered cooperative with FSA. We desperately need to open a bank account in the cooperatives registered name in order to meet the requirements of potential funders. However we were declined by the cooperative bank (irony!) and I need some advice before applying to other banks in case we jeopardise our chances of acceptance. I think that I am the problem because as a result of a recent bereavement I'm not on the electoral role (I moved in with my sister for almost a year and I forgot about filling in the form when I moved into my new place). I suspect that my credit isn't good anyway. Is it possible to just have 2 other members as signatories on the bank account or would that make no difference ? Is it easier to get a Community bank account ? We need to have 2 signatories for withdrawals so I'm not sure if something like cashplus would meet funders requirements. We don't need/want borrowing facilities, just an account where money can be payed into and we can operate the cooperative. Advice please ?
  3. Good Afternoon All and thanks for your help in advance. This is my first post, so apologies if I haven't followed the correct format etc. On 30th April 2015, I came home to find a Claim form from the CCBC Nothampton dated 28/04/2015 regarding a debt to the Cooperative bank for £858.63 which has been assigned to Lowell and for which I am being taken to court by Bryan Carter Solicitors. On 2nd May 2015, I received a letter from Bryan Carter Solicitors dated 29/04/2015 stating that as I have failed to repay the debt, they have now issued litigation proceedings. The problem: I have never banked with the cooperative bank!. I have viewed my CRA file and can see that this account appears as a default and dates back to 02/03/2010. I have lived in a number of shared occupancy accommodations in the past and mail is often intercepted and personal belongings stolen. My suspicion is that this account may have been opened fraudulently. From the 16 digit reference number on the claim form, it looks like a credit card and again, I have never applied for one through The Cooperative. What I have done so far: After doing battle with the MCOL website for 2 days, I finally filled in the acknowledgement form and returned to the court by 2st class signed for post (No defence included) As soon as I received the claim form, I dispatched a prove it letter to Lowells and a CPR 31.14 Request to Bryan Carter Solicitors. These went out by 1st class signed for post on Friday 01/05/2015. What next: I have acknowledged the courts claim form, but I don't know what my defence is? Do I wait 7 days for Lowell / Carter to provide the required paperwork before composing my defence? As it is bank related, I would assume the bank hold ID documents for KYC reasons. Can I contact Cooperative and ask for these? ****I don't know how long this post allows, so I will include the CPR 31.14 Request and Prove it wording which I sent. Again, your help is greatly appreciated.
  4. Hi, I have bought Toyota Corolla Verso, 54 plate on last week of Decemeber 2013. Within Feb 2014 first week it broke down. AA recovered it. (Air Con compressor Pulley fallen off and with it Belt came off) Spoken to the seller, he asked me to tow to his Garage, Spent £60 to tow it next day... Seller calls me back saying it's not covered on Warranty., He's looking for second hand replacement kind of.. from then on I was spending on public transport around £40 a week for family and by this weekend it costed me £160... However whichever email I send him to know update he does not reply., from last week he stopped answering my phone calls.. So After spending £2800 on a car and traded in my 51 plate Suzuki Liana (Which was still good runner for £300).. I'm now left with no car no information. Not sure what to do., As seller agreed to repair but making me at his mercy!! I need car desperately. Any suggestions how to approach? Anvesh.
  5. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-20909763
  6. Hi All, just received my SAR pack back from Coop (late but I'll forgive them due to bank holidays etc). In it are credit agreements for 3 loans, all are governed by CCA 1974 if that makes any difference. Loan 1 is from 1994 and has PPI, Loan 2 is from 1995 and is barely legible but has premium something which I think must be PPI however loan was £4k then this is another £900 which seems high, Loan 3 is from 2002. Loan 1 was eaten up into Loan 2. My query is that none of the credit agreements I have in front of me gave an option for PPI no tickbox or anything, can this be right? I'm fairly sure it was intimated that the PPI was not optional however its so long ago my memory is sketchy. Advice please? Would I have a case for missell on that ground alone?
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