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  1. Well here's another company failing to adhere to the GDPR I requested a DSAR from Opos on 23/06/18 and have just received the following email - Dear XXXXX I am in receipt of your below email and I have noted the contents accordingly. In order for us to proceed with your request, please complete the attached form and return this, along with the requested documentation, to this email address. Once the completed form and requested documentation is received, we will progress with your request. Regards, Rob Sands Data Protection Officer So they are failing
  2. I defaulted on an old minicredit loan in 2012 and the default is due to drop off in 2 months it's now with opos/kapama I have not paid anything or contacted them in nearly 3 years. ive found a few emails in my inbox about the debt, most recently a few weeks ago telling me it is now in the pre-legal stage they sent me a statement loan amount: £100 interest chsarges: £121 debt collection charges: £100 default charge 1: £25 default charge 2: £50 attempt charges: £685 i've paid £20 towards the debt according to the statement through token payments (sounds a
  3. I took out a loan with Minicredit for £100 (minus their £20 for a faster deposit, so only £80!) in May 2011. In July 2011 I offered to pay the original loan + one month's interest (£125) but never received a reply, but they did continue to add charges to the amount outstanding right up to them defaulting the account. The account defaulted with all their made up charges at over £800 by September 2011. Opos/Kapama have chased this debt since some time in 2012. They stopped harrassing me by email and voicemail messages (I never pick up) last June 2017. The debt fell off my credit f
  4. Good afternoon. I am back under anew guise. I posted last year about a Minicredit default a £200 that ended up a £1200+ one after non payment. I hate the companies & now the default stands at £522 with Kapama & shows 5 years of non payment on my noddle file but is not present on my Experian or ClearScore files. It's on there till march 2018. Do I let it slide, I've still been getting voicemails from Opos demanding to speak to me (I blocked their numbers so that's their best way of trying to get in touch with me) for all I care they can do 1.
  5. Hello everyone, I am new to this group. I received a letter from Opos (a DCA) back in November 2016, saying I owe money to an energy company for an unpaid energy bill. I replied saying that I did not know their client and the debt was not mine. I asked them to send me copies of the unpaid bill(s). I received a new letter from Opos last month, containing a settlement offer. Again, I replied stating that I did not know their client, nor had I ever received any services from them, and the debt was not mine. I used a template similar to the one shown under "You
  6. Good Afternoon CAG Firstly i would like to thank the people that helped me in my first two issues that are now resolved you know who you are much appreciated. I have another issue that involves opos limited in 2012 i was being contacted constantly bu this company they were even harassing my employers switchboard trying to contact me. in July 2012 I was asked to attend a HR meeting with my employer to discuss informally the nuisance calls that there switchboard was receiving from Opos Limited asking for me and being very aggressive with staff, I was asked for this to stop as com
  7. Thanks for everything you do here – I hope you might be able to help with Opos and Kapama. Although I've read lots of threads about them, I'm struggling with some particular parts of my situation. Brief background – in 2013, lots of foolish unaffordable payday loans to pay more payday loans, including a written off Wonga. Most now dealt with, with my credit file looking like it will be clear by 2020. A few monthly payments still going, including to Opos for a MiniCredit debt purchased by Kapama - notice of assignment issued in late January 2015. The initial Minicredit loan was £450,
  8. Good afternoon A few years ago to cut a long story short I developed a gambling issue and became silly with payday loans. In the midst of that I took out a minicredit loan for £200, it became £1,100 with opos. They were calling me and harassing me constantly. No chance I were paying them that bac ad I have no trace of the loan other than whats on my nodde report. There is a balance on there from Kapama ltd and I just want rid of it & start the credit history from scratch. Any advice on how I could tackle this people, any input would be greatly appreciated I just wan
  9. Hi I am being pursued by Opos for a minicredit payday loan taken out in March 2012 for £150 which was to be repaid in 25 days. Opos are claiming around £764 saying that the original amount owed was £1189 - they came on to me back in 2013 and I paid Opos a total of £400 by installments. Last payment I made was in January 2014. Opos has sent me a 'statement' showing the following: Status Debt collection Loan sum £150 Order date 07. March 2012 Interest £238.5 Due date 01. April 2012 Penalty £80 Attempt fee £640 Debt expenses £100 Total £1208.5 Balance £1
  10. Hi all. A few years ago, I got myself into a mess with various payday loans and have spent the last couple of years paying them all off. Earlier this week I received an email from a company called "kapama credit" stating an account of mine had been passed onto them from Opos. The loan in question is from minicredit. A loan for £100 of which I only received £80. Due to being in the midst of my payday loan mess, this wasn't paid back.. As my head was firmly stuck in the sand, I did nothing. I was in touch with opos back in 2012 and at one point was offered the chance to pay a set
  11. Can somebody help please, I'll be honest I've not really got a clue where to start to deal with this so I may as well start with my situation. I'm now 23 years old ,Back in 2012 around Christmas time I stupidly took a minicredit payday loan the usual 100 pound loan of which I only received 80. In the following weeks I lost my job as I worked for a self employed builder who due too work had too move over 3 hours away so I couldn't keep the job. I panicked and as a result took a wonga loan out as well which I have since fully settled. I managed too agree too a payment plan with wonga but al
  12. Hi Guys, I have had ongoing correspondence with opos regarding a loan I took out with MiniCredit almost 2 years ago. After repeated requests for them to provide me with a completed breakdown of the claimed debt including charges/fees/interests I have finally received the below. They are attempting to claim £1,187.50 on an original loan of £150! Would appreciate any advice on how to respond. I am sure the Debt recovery fee and attempt fees are unenforceable. Here is the requested statement : Loan reference: Date issued: 01/09/2012 Due date: 25/09/2012 Loan principal
  13. Hi, So I have never done this kind of thing before so any advice is much appreciated. Recently had a letter from Opos regarding they now own the debt that I have with Minicredit. I emailed Opos for a full breakdown of charges and they have came back: Loan sum 250 £ Interest 377 £ Penalty 80 £ Attempt fee 645 £ Debt expenses 100 £ Total 1452 £ Balance 1167.5 £ Now this loan was taken out in 2011 so a while ago and understand this is when interest rates were a lot different from what they are now and I admit I haven't paid back.. I have paid back a total so f
  14. Hi Please help OPOS are threatening me for a debt I had with access fast money. I borrowed 175 from access fast money 18 months ago with a total amount payable of 227.50.. I have made payments of 55 pounds to them via step change. I have sent several email letters of complaint to access fast money but they just ignore etc. they have now sent a final demand for 448 pounds. I have also told them to stop harassing me. They want 488 pounds off me. The original debt access fast money and Opos aren't on any of my credit files at all.
  15. I'm writing on behalf of my partner who took out a loan with Minicredit 2012/2013. After receiving all the usual threatening letters and the ridiculous charges that was added by Minicredit/OPOS, he set up a DMP with Step Change giving the outstanding balance of the debt at approx £700+. Now, having read these forums it is very clear that the charges added are unenforceable. He emailed OPOS asking for an up to date balance and a full break down of the debt. The reply.. Balance : £240.33 Principal : £100 Interest : £85.00 Penalty 1 : £25.00 Penalty 2 : £55.00
  16. Afternoon All, I have been paying these people through Payplan for a few years now and I am coming to the end of the plan. I contacted Opos Ltd to see what the balance was and to make sure it matched the Payplan estimate. To my shock I found that I still owed over £1000 after having already paid over £500 on a £100 loan. Opos tell me that the interest and charges were added to the debt by Minicredit before Opos took over the debt. I have now emailed them giving them 7 days to clear the debt otherwise I will be taking the matter to trading standards and t
  17. I had an alleged debt that was passed to Opos Ltd and to cut a long story short I have sent them may letters and emails asking them to supply proof of my liability to the alleged outstanding balance and a full and accurate breakdown of the alleged outstanding balance, including payments made, payments received and additional charges. I received an email today from Opos Dear drob *£250.00 borrowed on 18/7/11 and are records show no payments rendered to your account. *Your request has been considered a stalling tactic and have therefore been referred to our legal departmen
  18. Hello guys, to cut a long story short I took on a loan a month ago with minicredit or microcredit as they're also known as of £100 (wish I hadn't of now) but heres the deal. I set up a DMP with a charity called stepChange who are really helpful in helping me get through the whole process of sorting everything out so far. The thing is, a couple of my other creditors so far are all being cooperative about my current financial situation I am in except for minicredit(suprise,suprise). minicredit passed the debt onto another company called opos ltd, which i'
  19. Hi all, I have no idea what to do, Mini credit are saying that I have taken out a loan with them when I have never even heard of them. There isn't a date when I was meant to have taken out this loan, but I'm being harassed by their company and they've sold this debt to OPOS limited saying that I now owe £815.96. They also said that my card was used, I have a new debit card now so it must have been my old debit card which was used but I don't know the dates. I haven't used my Barclays account or my card in months and months. I use a different bank account. I emailed them and told them that it m
  20. ive been reading loads of posts etc on these muppets,i have made massive headway in all our debts, due to me being seriously ill and unable to now work,ive taken advice from this brilliant website and payplan's website and got nearly all of our creditors to accept £2 per month, most without any problem apart from OPUS/minicredit, they have dropped the £100 debt i should have paid back from £1100!! since november!! to £459, like they have done me some massive favour by reducing the amount! ive emailed and emailed daily to say i will only pay the initial loan plus one months default and one mon
  21. Hi there I'm quite distressed and my heart is beating as I write this. Opos having accepted an agreement with my dma, have since said that I made a fraudulent claim because 3 weeks later after taking a loan with them, I entered into a dma. My dma have suggested I call them myself to see if I can set up a repayment plan direct with them. A £180 loan has grown to £2100! I want to call them in the hope I can resolve this, but I am very anxious on how to proceed, whether to call or email and what to say. Could you help please Thanks
  22. Hello, I am in the position of receiving continued telephone calls and text messages on my mobile asking for aand aimed at a person unkown to me. having googled the telephone number 01618 501460, they appear to be coming from a company called Opos. They ask if i am this named female which I obviously am not since I am male. They then continue to ask if they can speak to her and make all sorts of allegations and comments when I inform that they have a wrong number, I do not know her and they must be mistaken. I also continue to receive repaeated Text messages asking this fema
  23. Hello. In early November i took out a £100 loan from MinniCredit. Sadly in late November i lost my family, so as i needed every penny i had, i put the debt of £150 pounds into my girlfriends debt management plan. I was not contacted by anyone up untill january.... when Opos called me saying i owed them £2,000 as i have committed fraud. They would not listen as i attempted to inform them that i lost my house. Only they kept going on about how, when i handed them over to a Debt Management plan so fast means i have committed fraud. My girlfriend took a £100 loan out on the same day
  24. Hello, I am a new user on here and would like some advice about an issue that i am having with a mini credit pay day loan which has been sent to the debt recovery agency of Opos. I have always had a good credit history with my bank and other financial institutions my whole life until about a year ago; I needed credit in order to pay off credit cards, overdrafts and to assist my parents. I was using loans and other credit facilities in order to pay off other debts. I had got myself into a pickle as my hours at work were severly cut instead of being made redundant. Eventually it got the sta
  25. hi there, new cagger here, could anyone please tell me who OPOS debt collection may collect for. Been getting various phone calls off a man called jim and they are becoming more frequent and rather more annoying. Any help would be great, thanks in advance, mcblizzard.
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