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  1. Thank you. I am certain it is SB'd, but I'll see how things go before I sock it to 'em with the SB letter/email. Coincidentally, I haven't heard anything from them since I originally posted...hmmm...!
  2. I took out a loan with Minicredit for £100 (minus their £20 for a faster deposit, so only £80!) in May 2011. In July 2011 I offered to pay the original loan + one month's interest (£125) but never received a reply, but they did continue to add charges to the amount outstanding right up to them defaulting the account. The account defaulted with all their made up charges at over £800 by September 2011. Opos/Kapama have chased this debt since some time in 2012. They stopped harrassing me by email and voicemail messages (I never pick up) last June 2017. The debt fell off my credit files last September when the debt became Statute Barred. Last week the phone calls started again. They are phoning almost daily and telling my voicemail I have until 8pm the following day to make contact. They are also emailing about my 'outstanding balance' that needs paying in full! I know that this debt is Statute Barred, and if they bothered to read their own paperwork they'd know this too. So, my dilemma is this... do I just ignore them as I have done for 6+ years until they get bored and stop again? Is there anything they can do if they are truly ignorant of the fact this debt is SB? Or, should I let them know this debt is SB and tell them to get lost and not harrass me any further? Any advice gratefully received, thanks.
  3. I don't live in the most private of places and whenever there is a new face around asking where someone lives it gets the neighbours talking! And people do need to ask where I live as it's a little out of the way. It's a small community. I try to avoid having DCs calling! I received further communication from RW yesterday at my address, and it doesn't look like they're writing to next door. They want me to set up a repayment plan with them - not likely! I've also been mooching around the internet and called the National Debtline as it could just be that this debt is already statute barred - I've just got to determine when Nationwide initiated the demand for repayment, the 'cause of action' apparently. I believe it was during 2009, which means that 6 years have already lapsed. The Nationwide started reporting a delinquent account on my credit file a full 17 months before they got round to reporting the default. I'm sure they must have demanded payment within a month or two of reporting the account was in arrears. Only one way to find out I guess. Will initiating a request for a SAR wake them up to the fact that I'm still around, or are we past that now the debt is with a DCA?
  4. Hi dx100uk, I can't scan it, but this is what it says: Dear Ms Bloggs Previous address: Neighbour's address next door We wanted to write to you at the previous address noted above, but have been provided this as a new contact address. If you are the person named above. please contact us on the telephone number below between the hours of 8am and 8.30pm. If you are not the person named above, please contact us to ensure we update our records. Freephone 0800 085 2958 Yours faithfully Customer contact manager I can see that this is probably a phishing letter. However, they have been writing to me at my address about the debt until this one turned up and I have ignored their correspondence. Am I panicking unnecessarily? Are they likely to try to doorstep me?
  5. Hi all, I'm resurrecting this thread because there have been developments of late. When I last posted on here I was being pursued for this debt by MKDP. That was in 2014. As per my usual self I continued to ignore them and they did go away. Then last October I started to receive letters from Robinson Way and a further default for the same debt appeared on my credit files from their parent company Hoist Portfolio Holding 2 Ltd (I now have 2 defaults for the same debt showing). Robinson Way have been sending letters roughly once every 3 weeks to a month, which I have continued to ignore. This debt becomes statute barred in November. The last letter they sent was one where they said they were going to write to another address - one which is on my credit file which was put there by Motormile Finance, even though MMF have always dealt with me at my address and I've never lived at the other address, which also happens to be my next door neighbour. My neighbour and I don't speak - he's a neighbour from hell - and the last thing I want is them corresponding with him. He won't post any mail through mine, but will open it and gossip, so I don't really want that to happen. If Robinson Way have accessed my credit file to find the info about the other address they can see that there's nothing of mine at the neighbour's address anyway. All my credit history is on my address. So, my dilemma is this. What do I do? I want to let this thing run so that it is statute barred at the end of the year. But at the same time I don't want RW to force my hand because of the other address they think they have. How can I make this run so it just times out without RW 'winning'? I need to know what I can do legally to delay them. I've never acknowledged the debt, and I'm so close to it becoming unenforceable. I don't know anything about RW so I need to know what I'm up against. Any advice is welcome, thank you.
  6. Thank you. So if I send a SAR to Nationwide (I assume the template is on here somewhere?) they'll send all statements in reply will they? And then how do I go about a penalty charges reclaim? What is the account in dispute letter? Is it a CCA request?
  7. Yes, I only had the one account with nationwide. The default amount showing is the amount MKDP are now trying to get out of me.
  8. I don't have up to date credit reports. The last ones I have are 18 months old and they have the defaults marked by Nationwide. The default date is November 2010.
  9. Hi all, please can someone advise? I opened a Nationwide current account in January 2009. I had an overdraft limit of £1000. By June of that year I was in financial difficulty and the overdraft went over it's limit. I think it went up to about -£2K. I've always been scared of confronting debts and did my usual burying my head in the sand. Nationwide closed the account and demanded repayment and I ignored it. Since then every so often I get letters from various DCAs demanding payment but I've ignored them. More recently a company called Redhill and latterly MKDP have written wanting me to set up a repayment plan, which I've chosen to ignore. This week MKDP wrote to me saying they've done searches with the CRAs and other databases and have reason to believe I'm still at my address and they are instructing their pre-legal dept to review the account blah blah, with a view to CCJ. Help!! What can I do? I'm a year off this being statute barred. Is there a way to delay things by putting it into dispute? The debt now stands at nearly £8K - mostly made up of charges put on by Nationwide before they sold it. How can I legally challenge this? If someone can point me in the direction of the letter I perhaps need to send to stop them in their tracks it would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  10. Must admit I do tend to ignore any attempts like this. It's just that with MMF pursuing me over something else I was hoping it wasn't another MMF rearing it's ugly head and needing dealing with pronto before they start visiting. Mind you, no Notice of Assignment has been received and they're already phoning and emailing... sounds very much like MMF tactics
  11. Thanks, will do. Just to clarify, is OC the original creditor by any chance?
  12. Sorry, only just seen this. Thanks for your answer. I need to know exactly how they've arrived at the figure they have before going any further. I do have the original contract on the original email from CG, but should I ask MMF to provide it and a breakdown of charges/interest first? In which case, do I need to request a CCA first? Thanks
  13. I took out a Minicredit loan some time during 2011. It wasn't paid back and in no time at all increased from about £80 to over £800. I emailed them on numerous occasions using the info I'd gleaned from this forum and didn't receive one reply. They passed the debt on to someone else (can't remember who now) and then on to Opos. I was receiving emails from Opos for a good 18 months - 2 years asking me to contact them. Apart from the emails there was no other correspondence and no phone calls. And then quite recently it went quiet. Yesterday I received an email from a company called Allsquare and this was followed up with a message on my landline voicemail. This is a number I never even gave minicredit, so heaven knows where they've got this number from. The phone bill isn't even in my name and we're ex-directory, so I'm mystified (?) Does anyone have any experience with this company? I need to know what I'm up against as to what tactics to adopt in my approach, if any is made. I did a search on 'Allsquare' and 'Allsquare Law' in the search box on here but it throws up nothing. Just wondering if it's a new DCA on the block. A google search of their phone number 01628 200215 didn't enlighten me either. Thanks in advance.
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