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  1. Hi I recently posted a thread on a final notice letter from the drs, about they would take me court within 14 days, and I emailed them and nothing happened, and today received a letter from the drs saying they had no response, and they are sending a doorstep collection ageny to my house, this is stressful as I didn't take out the loan and I even got the police involved, and was told to leave it to them to provide proof, which they aint, will someone come to my house ?
  2. yh when you ignored them did they contact you ever since ?
  3. hi im in the exact same situation and was wondering what happened when you ignored them ?
  4. well the police even told them that i have no knowledge but they said they aint recieved nothing from the police, and i told them on the phone today, prove it to me then get in touch, was that right ?
  5. Hi im a young male, and has recieved a letter from mini credit saying i took out £80 loan which now has turned into over £1,000 (which i didnt and have no knowledge of this) so went police station and was told to ignore it, which i did, then got a letter saying about people coming my house to collect my money, i told them if they come there causing trouble and the police told me they aint got the right, so i ignored them again but i replied to all there letters and even phoned and they were really rude, and recently got a final notice letter saying: FINAL NOTICE OF INTENT "We have b
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