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  1. I think I will go after QQ now. Having just spent the last 3 1/2 years clearing my debts I think I deserve a holiday
  2. I complained back in October for the very same reasons and they gave me £1200 last week. Worth a go I would say
  3. Thanks for the reply renegadeimp. Is there anyway I can prove they are the same company? I have done a search on the net but cant find anything linking them
  4. Afternoon All, I have been paying these people through Payplan for a few years now and I am coming to the end of the plan. I contacted Opos Ltd to see what the balance was and to make sure it matched the Payplan estimate. To my shock I found that I still owed over £1000 after having already paid over £500 on a £100 loan. Opos tell me that the interest and charges were added to the debt by Minicredit before Opos took over the debt. I have now emailed them giving them 7 days to clear the debt otherwise I will be taking the matter to trading standards and t
  5. I have written them putting my case forward for a refund of interest and charges. I told them I am will to pay the principal and what would be considered a reasonable amount of interest. Lets see what happens
  6. Hi, Quick Quid continued to add interest to my debt even after I started my dmp with Payplan. I am coming to the end of the dmp and still owe them more than when I started. Is there anything I can do ? Cheers
  7. Having just taken a look at the FOS site I think Wonga is going to have a lot of problems. The fact that they have been found to have lent money to people that they shouldn't have is just the start of it. I have asked for a statement showing my balance as it stood when I went into my dmp and also the balance at the point when they wiped the debt. Time to start a fight
  8. Wilko, that's exactly the same situation I am in and you are thinking the same things as me. I have no idea how to approach this as I feel I may only get one shot at it. Anybody have any ideas how we progress this ?
  9. That is the figure I have paid, now if the loan should not have been given then I should never paid the interest
  10. I have just received an email this evening telling me that my debt has been written off - Woo Hoo Now to claim the interest and charges back. Wish me luck
  11. Has anybody actually heard from Wonga yet ? I have spoken to a few people and nobody has heard a thing. They stated that everyone would hear by the tomorrow, so they seem to be cutting it fine.
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