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  1. No. I refuse to pay £2,000 to them. thats way over their interest rates. I said if they drop it down to £600 (which is still over their rates) i would pay back £50 and month, which is more than enough. But they refused and demanding the £2,000 in full
  2. No.... But then they wouldnt listen to me tell them that i dont have a permenant address. So i wouldnt know. Thankyou for reply
  3. Hello. In early November i took out a £100 loan from MinniCredit. Sadly in late November i lost my family, so as i needed every penny i had, i put the debt of £150 pounds into my girlfriends debt management plan. I was not contacted by anyone up untill january.... when Opos called me saying i owed them £2,000 as i have committed fraud. They would not listen as i attempted to inform them that i lost my house. Only they kept going on about how, when i handed them over to a Debt Management plan so fast means i have committed fraud. My girlfriend took a £100 loan out on the same day
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