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  1. Thanks, Andy. I am keeping all the letters I have received, and I have checked on the Royal Mail website that the DCA has received my replies. Thank you, I have registered with Noddle and ClearScore and there is nothing there relating to this debt (also, the energy company does not appear in the list of my utilities).
  2. Hello everyone, I am new to this group. I received a letter from Opos (a DCA) back in November 2016, saying I owe money to an energy company for an unpaid energy bill. I replied saying that I did not know their client and the debt was not mine. I asked them to send me copies of the unpaid bill(s). I received a new letter from Opos last month, containing a settlement offer. Again, I replied stating that I did not know their client, nor had I ever received any services from them, and the debt was not mine. I used a template similar to the one shown under "You know nothing of the Debt / Prove It" in the CAG Library in the Debt Collection folder. I have now received a "Final demand" letter from Opos. Again, there is no acknowledgement of my two replies to their previous letters. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
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