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  1. I understand that but what I'm saying is do I just email them back and tell them I have reported them and then do nothing else? Will the usually try and work it out once they know that they have been reported?
  2. Will i mention anything else in the reply? or just that i am reporting them in the hope they come back to me minus the crazy charges they have added? Thanks for you help by the way
  3. I emailed them back telling them the amount that they are trying to get back from me is crazy and i had this reply Dear ******* ***** Re – ******* Toothfairy Finance Thank you for your email dated 9th April 2013, the content s of which have been duly noted. Please see below a breakdown of the balance; Original loan amount - £400.00, Total Interest - £504.00, Total Fees - £400.00 leaving the balance at £1306.00. You have paid in total £385.00 leaving the balance at £919.00. Under the terms and conditions of the agreement you remain liable for the full balance. Failure to pay this amount in full may lead to possible legal action. Please contact us by the 22nd April to avoid this. Kind regards, Customer Services GPB Solicitors LLP (T) 01789 404782 (F) 01789 404783 litigationsupport@gpbsolicitors.co.uk http://www.gpbsolicitors.co.uk The contents of this e-mail including the information contained Does anyone have any advice on what i can do from here? This is really starting to annoy me
  4. I really do not understand why myself, i also don't understand why they are just contacting me now either..
  5. I've just got home from work to a letter pushed through the door from GPB solicitors regarding a debt that i have had with Toothfairy finance. The client name on the letter is Northern Debt Recovery Ltd and Toothfairy is listed as the creditor. Basically, GPB are saying that they have been instructed to recover the sum of £919.00 from me. The letter is dated 04 April 2013. They have said in the letter failure for me to pay up "could leave us with no alternative other than to take legal action against you" I have had a loan with toothfairy in the past, but it was in the summer (july) of 2011. I have checked through all of my contracts that they emailed me and my reference numbers on those matches the client reference on the letter that i have received. The contract says that i borrowed £400. Slightly confused by this letter as in my mind i had paid this off a long time ago. I have logged into my internet banking and checked my statements. Toothfairy deposited £400 into my account on 14/07/11 They then took out of my account £72 on 02/08/2011 Then a further £315 on 31/08/2011 And then nothing after that. This means that i owe them the grand total of £13 Just wondering if anyone has any advise on what i should do about this letter?.. clearly there is no way they are getting £919 from me when i owe them £13 from a debt almost 2 years ago. GPB's website is gpblitigation.co.uk
  6. Ive also received a text today, convenient they have a similar name and exactly the same reference number.. bunch of monkeys!
  7. These guys are playing so hard to get. Ive sent them emails every day for over a week and still no reply, yet they still try and contact me by phone. Ive also received a text from "Optima solicitors" (very professional, no?) regarding this debt, as it has apparently been passed on to them.. conveniently with the same ref number.. they really dont think these things through. Ive just sent another email requesting they send me a full break down, and also that they stop harassing me by phone. I've also CC'd myself in to all emails as a back up.
  8. Firstly i would just like to say, i have read these forums and they have been such a big help to me. Its great to see that im not alone in the situation that i have with these crooks! I have received numerous times the email that everyone gets from Opos regarding the loan i took out with Minicredit. For a £100 loan that i took out with them, my balance now apparently stands at £749.00. I have emailed them to ask for a breakdown in the total that they say i owe and i have not received a reply. These guys have now started calling my house up to 10 times a day and its really getting me down, and the rest of the people that live here. I spoke to them yesterday to try and sort this mess out as they wouldn't answer my emails, Basically the guy on the phone said that i needed to make a payment today of £45 and he would then after the payment had cleared "get back to me to see if Minicredit would accept monthly repayments of £250" I refuse to pay them any money in the hope they will accept a repayment plan, not only because if they say no then that is my money gone, but also because i dont believe i should be repaying any where near the amount they say that i owe. Does anyone have any advice of what steps i can take next, and also how i can get these people to stop calling me? Thanks
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