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  1. Hi all, apologies if I'm in the wrong place. I'll try and make this as short as possible. I have an account with Ace Catalogue, and at the moment I'm paying the minimum each month which is £40.00 but my wages have been reduced at work so I'm unable to pay £40.00 a month. I contacted ace as soon as possible so we could sort out some sort of reduced payment plan. At first I received an email off them quite quickly, I explained my situation and they replied with "yes sure we can do a reduced payment plan, how much would you like to pay a month?" So I sent an email back stating how much I could pay (£25.00). And this was on the 31st January. I haven't heard anything back since. I keep emailing them but they're ignoring me. My bill due date is coming up soon, the 12th February, I checked my Ace account online and they still want £40.00 on the 12th February. I can't pay this, and I'm worrying because no one has got back to me, I have to pay this in 2 days! What should I do?? I can only pay £25.00... All answers appreciated, thank you in advance.
  2. Hi all, I have no idea what to do, Mini credit are saying that I have taken out a loan with them when I have never even heard of them. There isn't a date when I was meant to have taken out this loan, but I'm being harassed by their company and they've sold this debt to OPOS limited saying that I now owe £815.96. They also said that my card was used, I have a new debit card now so it must have been my old debit card which was used but I don't know the dates. I haven't used my Barclays account or my card in months and months. I use a different bank account. I emailed them and told them that it must be a mistake and they want proof that my card was used fraudulently but I knew nothing about this until a few weeks ago. Luckily I have a new debit card from Barclays and I haven't given out the new details to anyone or any website. I have applied for loans in the past but I was rejected, so I'm wondering has a dodgy site sold on my details? It's funny because they like to send me harassing emails but they ignore all of the emails that I sent back, it's like talking to a brick wall! Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated thank you.
  3. Hi there, I will explain in as much detail as possible. i was looking for loans and didn't realise that these two companies Loans Direct and Money Warehouse charged for finding you a loan as they didn't specify this when I applied. Loans Direct have taken £69.99 and Money Warehouse have taken £27.33 from my bank account. I phoned BARCLAYS and they told me to contact the companies for a refund. Which I did, I was well within the 14 days to apply for a refund. I phoned Loans Direct on the 15th July, they said write a letter and we will refund you within 10 days. I sent off the letter the very same day, I heard nothing back I phoned them back up again and asked them why I hadn't recieved my refund, they tried selling me more bull cr*p on the phone, it's now been 10 days and I still haven't heard anything from them (I was told I would recieve a letter) the only letters I have from them are ones telling me that I'm still a member! With Money Warehouse I also did the same thing, I emailed them a refund form. I had an email back saying they had recieved it and I would recieve the money within 7 working days. I emailed them yesterday asking where my money was and they said they hadn't recieved my refund form when I have the proof and emails proving that I DID send off a refund form!! the cheek of it. I have contacted the obudsman and trading standards but I have heard nothing back. I'm at my wits end, what else can I do?? I needed that money to pay my bills and put food on my table and they have left me broke. Please can someone help I'm desperate. I've saved all my emails as evidence. Thanks.
  4. Hi there, long story short, I recieved a letter on the 21st June saying that I was no longer entitled to ESA. I have had no benefits since, so I'm living at my parents rent free not contributing because these vile people have left me with no income. This letter was from the Tribunal service, I had failed my first tier tribunal. I was told by my legal advisor to put a new claim in for ESA while she was sorting things out for me. I have put in a new claim and I am awaiting the outcome. She found an Error in Law, which means that they have to rearrange another date for a tribunal appeal hearing. I'm now awaiting a new date for an oral hearing. So my question is, even though they stopped my money (which was the assesment rate) now that they are arranging a new date should they still carry on paying me at the assesment rate? Sorry if I confused anyone, it's all confusing for me aswell. Thank you in advance.
  5. Ok thank you Antone, first thing Monday I will be making a new claim for ESA, I just hope it doesn't take to long as they have left me in major debt and I'm severely depressed as it is which is making it worse. (sorry for the rant) My medical certificate doesn't run out until the 19th July though? Also I checked my bank account today and I have recieved half of what I normally get 4 days earlier than my usual payday, which is meant to be next Wednesday. Hmm I would have thought they would have atleast paid me up until my medical runs out? Thank you to all the others who helped and gave me advice aswell.
  6. my main question is because I failed are they not going to pay me my basic rate of pay (assesment rate)?
  7. Hello honeybee13, sorry I meant that if I do have a second tribunal I will be attending. I've only had one so far and that failed. I was hoping that they offer you a second chance at appealing. I don't really understand any of this
  8. Thank you, I'm going to ring my legal advisor and the JCP on Monday, and I will be attending the second tribunal, but in the mean time I'm still worrying, will they now stop my assesment rate payments?
  9. Hi, I'm new here, so I do appologize if I'm in the wrong place. I desperately need some advice, I'm young and scared, and haven't got a clue what to do. So please keep answers simply. I failed my medical with Atos in June last year, so I appealed, in the mean time whilst I was waiting for a tribunal date I have been on the assesment rate. I've just recieved my letter from the Tribunal, I didn't attend for health reasons, and the decision notice says the appeal has been REFUSED. So what happens next how can I appeal again? and am I still entitled to the assement rate? I am so worried that they will just stop my basic rate of pay leaving me with nothing. Signing on at the JC is not an option. I am praying that I will still be paid in two days time. Surely by law they have to still pay you something if you're appealing for a second time? Thank you in advance. I really appreciate all comments and advice. P.s Sorry for any spelling errors.
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