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  1. Can somebody help please, I'll be honest I've not really got a clue where to start to deal with this so I may as well start with my situation. I'm now 23 years old ,Back in 2012 around Christmas time I stupidly took a minicredit payday loan the usual 100 pound loan of which I only received 80. In the following weeks I lost my job as I worked for a self employed builder who due too work had too move over 3 hours away so I couldn't keep the job. I panicked and as a result took a wonga loan out as well which I have since fully settled. I managed too agree too a payment plan with wonga but always found minicredit hard too deal with. They kept adding charges, I couldn't afford too pay just those never mind the actual debt. A combination of this situation and being unable too find work made me suffer from severe depression and anxiety. After the debt reached over £800 I just buried my head in the sand and hoped it would all just go away. September 2014 i finally found solid work and became much happier but still ignored the debt. Finally now in March this year I thought it would actually be gone as I checked my credit file for minicredit it wasn't there they removed all defaults as well. I have just checked my credit file again too see I now owe £1041 too Kapama for what is the £100 minicredit loan. I searched google for help and found this forum. I would really appreciate anybody's help who has been in a similar situation or knows how I can deal with it I really don't want too feel down over debts again as this is the only thing I now owe. Sorry for the long post hard too explain over short text. Thank you
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