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Found 4 results

  1. Good Afternoon CAG Firstly i would like to thank the people that helped me in my first two issues that are now resolved you know who you are much appreciated. I have another issue that involves opos limited in 2012 i was being contacted constantly bu this company they were even harassing my employers switchboard trying to contact me. in July 2012 I was asked to attend a HR meeting with my employer to discuss informally the nuisance calls that there switchboard was receiving from Opos Limited asking for me and being very aggressive with staff, I was asked for this to stop as company switchboard was not my personal secretaries and if it continued we would be coming back for a more formal discussion. Immediately i contacted the ICO who advised me to send them a section 10 notice for them to remove my details and i did state they should correspond with me in writing, I also sent an email as well stating the same thing Everything stopped for 3yrs 5mths, Then December 2015 i received an email at work from Opos followed by harassing calls to my mobile, I once again asked them to remove my details and they were in breach of the section 10 notice sent to them in July 2012, They once again removed by details and said they would only correspond via Letter as requested. You would think this was the end sadly not Roll on March 2016 once again start ringing me sending emails to my work wouldn't stop, I contacted Opos which i am very lucky to have a call recorded on my phone which records all out and inbound calls and has been very handy in the past, I wanted to make a complaint which i was told i couldn't and they wouldn't take one , Spoke to a manager who also refused to take the complaint same time also refusing to remove my details stating they sent me a letter to an old address saying that if i do not reply to them via letter they would re-instate my details and start contacting all over again, I sent an email to Opos expressing my dissatisfaction on what was happening they responded via letter to say they would investigate my complaint and would supply me with a final response, Many weeks had past and approaching the 8 week deadline, I called them to be told it was sent out on the 27th March and still in the post, I asked if they could sent a copy to my email. Next day they started harassing me once again two calls 8.00am & 8.01am Yesterday morning i answered second time the agent from Opos was so aggressive and rude i asked to make a complaint and be put through to her manager, I explained to her manager very clearly i wished to make a second complaint in relation to the agent i had just spoken to, They once again like the first time refused to take the complaint stating they had already sent a final response and i should take it up with financial ombudsman, I explained that this second complaint is nothing do do with the first complaint and is in relation to whats happened on the call today, Once again manager refused to take complaint and hung up on me, I email Opos complaints team after this, They responded saying the manager may have be confused by what i want to do and want me to send them the complaint again, I will be refusing i have made it very clear twice on that call in great detail of my complaint so should have to do it all over again they have already sacked somebody over this the first time as you will see from final response. Now there repeating the same thing all over again Here is Opos Limited's Final Response --- I have removed identifiable contact numbers and email addresses Further to your recent communications with our office, I am concerned to hear that you have been dissatisfied with the service that has been provided. At Opos Limited we always welcome customer comments as it helps us to review our processes and where necessary put things right for you. Please note that this debt was purchased in December 2014 by Kapama Limited and as a result is now being managed by Opos Limited. My understanding of your complaint is that: 1. You were contacted by email to an employee email address which you had previously requested was removed from our systems 2. You were unhappy that a complaint had not been logged on the first occassion that you expressed you were dissatisfied In reference to the contact information we held for you, the email address of @bri was supplied during the application process for this loan, along with a second email of @live.co.uk. On the 10th July 2012 we sent an email to both of these email addresses requesting that you contact us to resolve the above balance. At this point we were acting on behalf of Mini Credit and both of these emails were supplied as a contact method for yourself. Following this, we received an email from you requesting that the contact emails were removed and that we contact you only by post. At this point we did remove all other forms of contact, which included both email and telephone numbers. We did send information to you by post as requested on three separate occasions; 19th July 2012, 24th July 2012 and 9th September 2012. This account was then passed back to Mini Credit in 2012 as we were unable to contact you. In December 2014 this debt was purchased by Kapama Limited, and the account was then reopened with Opos Limited on 16th October 2015. We again attempted to contact you by post, however had no response. As a result of this we reinstated the contact telephone number of 07 and the email addresses we had on the system, as we had no other way to contact you to discuss your outstanding balance. We spoke with you on 7th December 2015 and again you stated only to contact you by post. Our agent advised you at this time that if we had no response via post then we would reinstate other contact methods, as we had an outstanding balance to resolve with you. Again, we had no response from you by post and no payments were made towards your outstanding balance. As advised, the contact information we held for you was reinstated as we had an outstanding balance to discuss and had been unsuccessful using the contact method you had stated you would respond to. In terms of the annual account statement, this is a document we send out in line with the regulatory oblilgations set out by the Financial Conduct Authority. These were all set out by email and it was appropriate to send this to you as we had no contact from you to resolve this balance. I understand that you called in on 15th March 2016 as you were unhappy you had recieved this. Our agent did advise why this was the case and explained why the contact information had been reinstated, but at that point you advised her that you wanted to make a formal complaint. Although you did end the call, this complaint should still have been logged and I can only apologise that this was not done at that time. This was down to the human error of the particular agent who dealt with you. It is unfortunate that in this instance we have not achieved the high standards we set ourselves and can confirm that the right level of feedback has been given to the individual concerned. In addition, further steps have been taken to ensure that this cannot happen again and the individual concerned is no longer employed by Opos Limited. Feedback has also been given to the collections team using your case as an example of how human error can negatively impact our customers’ journey. For the record i did not hang up i was transferred to a manager who also started stating i could not raise a complaint backing up here colleague, So looks like they sacked the agent and not the manager even though both equally responsible, Here are some other points they make not relating to my complaint do not know why they included it since i have never acknowledged this debt and never will, The credit agreement sets out the borrower: your name and correct address, the duration of the credit facility, the amount of interest charged per day and the APR, the charges applied should you not pay back the amount in time, as well as all terms and conditions associated with this information. According to the information provided by Mini Credit at the point of sale, the default date of this accountis 5th July 2012. Unfortunately, a copy of the default notice issued to you was not included in the documentation provided but it should be noted that whilst it is good practice and should ideally be done, lenders are not required to issue default notices before recording defaults on a credit file. Because of this, I have to tell you that I am only able to partially uphold your complaint. I appreciate that this is likely to come as a disappointment to you but I hope that my explanation has been helpful in setting out clearly why I have taken this view. That said however, in an effort to put things right for you and by way of apology for any inconvenience caused, I propose to remove the debt collection fee from your outstanding balance, which will reduce Opos Limited Registered Office: 2nd Floor, 15 Meadowbank Street, Dumbarton, Dunbartonshire, G82 1JR Registered in Scotland: SC338837 Telephone: 0141 428 3990 Email: general@oposlimited.com Secure Website: www.oposlimited.com Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority: IP616281 Calls may be recorded for training and quality purposes your balance by £100 and leave an outstanding balance of £1,089.00. Upon repayment of this balance, this will also be reflected on your credit file. If you wish to accept my proposal as final resolution of your complaint, please complete the section on the bottom of both copies of this letter, retain a one copy for yourself and return the other to me within 30 days of the date of this letter. If you fail to respond to this offer within the given timeline my offer of resolution will not be binding and the full outstanding balance will be due. To date i am in the middle of taking my complaint to ICO as a Section 10 has no time limit and feel my data is not been processed correctly. I need somebody help me put a case together to send to the financial ombudsman, Also is what they say correct lenders are not required to issue default notices before recording defaults on a credit file Thank you for taking the time to stop by and thank you in advance for any advice you can give me as the harassment is non stop, Regards PCR
  2. Hi I would like to were I stand about requesting my landlords details? The reason for this is about two months ago they tried to fit prepayment meters in the property, which I refused to let the engineer to do. I live in a shared house, we pay one sum for rent and all bills expect TV license. We have a sheared kitchen, utility room and bath room. I rang my local council for information regarding this and was told we should be a HMO (house of multiple occupancy) and the house is not registered as one. The council are now requesting me to let them do an inspection? so I called them about it and got fobbed off, so I requested my landlords details as no one has it in the house. I have sent numerous emails, calls and texts and had not received any reply. So I sent this to them on the 13.04.2016 and no reply. Any help would be very appropriated. Strongdumplin I am the tenant of the above property. Under section 1 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985, I hereby request you to provide me with a written statement of the landlord’s name and address within the period of 21 days beginning with the day on which you receive this request. You should be aware that a person who, without reasonable excuse, fails to comply with this request commits a summary offence and is liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding level 4 on the standard scale, which currently stands at £2,500. I look forward to receiving your prompt reply. Yours sincerely.
  3. Hi, I was wondering if anyone can clarify something for me. I received a "notice to owner" and made a formal appeal against a PCN, however the council have not sent me a notice of rejection and it's now gone way beyond the 56 day limit in which they should respond. I was of the understanding that if they didn't respond within 56 days the PCN was cancelled, however I've since been sent a charge certificate, which I've challenged, they then sent me a letter offering to let me pay a reduced amount as "a good will gesture" which I've declined and they've now sent me an "order for recovery of unpaid penalty charge" through the county court. I've returned the witness statement and challenged it on the grounds that they didn't respond to the formal appeal. However, on the PATAS website it states that if the witness statement is accepted, the case goes back to the council who can then re issue the "notice to owner" letter, effectively giving them a second chance to enforce the PCN. So I was wondering what the point of the 56 day limit is, if the council can continue the process of enforcement regardless? Can any one out there clarify this for me? Many Thanks
  4. Hi Just found this PDF on above interesting read:
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