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  1. Hi all Back in 2011 when I was in my late teens, struggling for cash and stupid I got a quick payday loan from mini credit for £200. From what I can remember the repayment date was set up a couple of days early, it bounced and they then began adding charges daily and with every payment attempt... I contacted them to try and pay the original amount, I think they wanted nearly double at this point so I panicked as I couldn't afford it and buried it. Years later, it is showing on my clearscore (equifax account) under Kapama Limited for £1033, under closed accounts last updated in 20
  2. I know Chris very well and have done for many years. Sadly it seems I'm another one of his victims. I paid Chris £600 upfront in January this year to repaint my mk 4 golf anniversary. He stated that as the body shop side of his business was quiet over winter he could do mine between other jobs and it would be done in 3-4 weeks from then. Nearly 6 months later and I'm still waiting. The car is sat in the same place I parked it back in January. Last month (April) I had a talk with him and told him I wanted the car and cash back and that i would get the work done elsewh
  3. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?480924-North-West-Mini-Centre-Glossop-Marple&p=5061443#post5061443
  4. I be interested to know if people have had dealings with this company and what their experiences are. Thank you
  5. Hello, Sorry for the long wordy post. I recently paid a £500 deposit and signed a new vehicle hire contract for a Mini with Chilli Pack from Halliwell Jones. 3 days later they contacted me via phone to say that Mini had increased the price of the Chilli Pack and it's now roughly £1000 more expensive (this wasn't advertised on the Mini website). The sales rep said that there was nothing that they could do apart from try to find another car that's already been built with the old chilli pack. They managed to find one that had everything I wanted but was more expensive because it had hea
  6. Hi, I am hoping for some advice. I took apparently (I don't remember but I have used payday loan companies so its probably true) took out two loans with minicredit both for £100, one in Feb 2011 and one in April 2011. On my credit file there is entries for Kapama, one for £866 and one for £793. These were not on my credit file a year ago. I have contacted them by email to question what they are and they replied giving me the dates etc. I know I was not working at the time and they did not search my credit file (I have old copies that I checked). Where should
  7. I'm looking for some advice if possible as I believe I've been mis-sold a car. The car in question is a 2015-plate Mini Cooper SD and picked it up back in March this year. It was 'bought' on a 4yr PCP deal and the car was already at the main dealer premises having been 'pre-reg'. I stressed to the salesman on three separate occasions that I go kayaking and therefore the car must be compatible with roof bars. On the evening when I collected the car I explicitly mentioned it again and he responded by saying that "yeah, there is something available that clips onto the trim a
  8. My wife bought a Mini Cooper from Masters Mitsubishi in September 2014 - They sold it saying the car had run flat tyres - She had an issue with a flat tyre and took it to a tyre specialist who told her they were normal tyres not run flats. We contacted Masters and told them that they have not provided the tyres as detailed in the sales pitch - The managers said nothing he could do now and said the sales agent does not remember saying they had run flats and that there was nothing he would do for us. As far as I am concerned this breaches SOGA / Trading Standards - pleas
  9. There was a serious flaw in the software of BMW, Mini and Rolls Royce that come equipped with ConnectedDrive and affects some 2.2 million vehicles leaving them vulnerable. The flaw allowed the cars doors and windows to be open from a mobile phone. Researchers working for German automobile association ADAC discovered the security vulnerabilities and the potential for vehicles to be broken into last summer, but kept quiet about them. BMW have now uploaded a patch. If you are worried that your vehicle may not have received the update (perhaps because it has been parked
  10. Hi, So I have never done this kind of thing before so any advice is much appreciated. Recently had a letter from Opos regarding they now own the debt that I have with Minicredit. I emailed Opos for a full breakdown of charges and they have came back: Loan sum 250 £ Interest 377 £ Penalty 80 £ Attempt fee 645 £ Debt expenses 100 £ Total 1452 £ Balance 1167.5 £ Now this loan was taken out in 2011 so a while ago and understand this is when interest rates were a lot different from what they are now and I admit I haven't paid back.. I have paid back a total so f
  11. Travelling on the M25 at 9am lots of traffic, sudden and increasing knocking noise. Indicated, changed lane and decreased speed but within seconds there was a bang and the engine light came on. Engine stopped, but luckly managed to pull onto the hard shoulder. Car was covered in oil around the sides and bumper. AA towed car to garage. Timing Chain Tensioner had failed so they carried out a compression test to check damage, which showed a failure on 1 of the cylinders. Thinking this could be fixed they removed the exhaust manifold and found that the bottom end w
  12. Hi has any body contacted watch dog on this problem as we just got told by BMW that a noise coming from the engine was a hole in the flexi pipe and needed to repair it ASAP having done this we now a light on the dash board ( engine management light and now they're saying it's the timing chain ?? I have had the car 3 years and is only done 58,000 miles and I drive it 20 miles monday to Friday for work and I have put more in to this car than its worth really I think I was sold a lemon as am for ever putting money in to it I spent over £2000 la
  13. Dear members In the last few years, I had been receiving excellent service from MINI, unfortunately, I have received poor customer service. I noticed that my mileage allowance per year was very low (sadly, I did agree with it on day of making HIRE Purchase agreement) Back in April (I have been accumulating charges that I will need to pay unless I purchase the car at the end), an advisor called Liam told me that I should pay £20 in order to receive a mileage quotation. He told me that I would receive the quotation after 5 working days. I made the payment. After more than
  14. Hi all, This is my 1st thread so go easy on me ;-) I have a few issues with BMW Mini, after purchasing a car last year & am looking for some advice as to what to do: 1) I was advised the car had service package until Dec 2014 and a major service was scheduled for September 2014. I have now been advised this is not the case & I was incorrectly advised upon purchase. 2) After 3 months of driving I had a knocking noise, upon inspection 2 litres of oil had been lost, whilst their warranty doesn't cover oil loss surely they had to check the oil prior to my
  15. In 2011 I was getting married, and was short on £100 for the wedding photos, so decided to try a payday loan company, I ended up with minicredit. Well they sent me the money - £19.50, which was not on the website, As soon as the money was in the bank, I sent them the following email Good evening Can you send me your cancelation details, under the distant selling regulations, as I did not expect you to take £19.50 from me, also I do not see on your website, you do that. Also I have noticed there is a lack of information informing me of said charge, and also a lack of infor
  16. Can anyone assist me?. I have been a vodafone customer for 17 years and last November, I upgraded to a HTC mini. A few weeks ago, I noticed a fault on the phone with the lock/unlock button. I returned it to the Vodafone store and they sent it to their repairers. A few days later, I received a call from the repair team who advised that there was a crack on the inner screen and this invalidates the warranty. They advised it was easily done and could have been caused by dropping the phone. I advised that I had never dropped the phone and this in any event could not be related to t
  17. I have been stupid but trying to sort a repayment plan with them. I am not due to pay until the 1st April, but this is the response I got. I am sure adding 60 days interst is wrong. Can someone please advise me A MiniCredit Hardship Department member has replied to your application, #221624 with the following response: The following e-mail is sent according to the Formal Hardship Procedure. Our hardship team has tried to contact You over the past few days, unfortunately we were unable to reach You by the registered mobile number. After assessing Your account de
  18. I'm so angry right now I could crush a grape I, like many others dont have the opportunity to have our broad band routers in the same room as the TV and sky box so we can have the pleasure of watching on demand TV. So when I heard about this little device I though yippee I can now watch on demand on the TV instead of my laptop. So I ordered one. It came today, I got quite excited, I know, small things please small minds and so on.... So I set about setting it up, then I heard on the sky start up page that existing customers can get them free. Oh I thought, I didnt see that whe
  19. Hi all, I have no idea what to do, Mini credit are saying that I have taken out a loan with them when I have never even heard of them. There isn't a date when I was meant to have taken out this loan, but I'm being harassed by their company and they've sold this debt to OPOS limited saying that I now owe £815.96. They also said that my card was used, I have a new debit card now so it must have been my old debit card which was used but I don't know the dates. I haven't used my Barclays account or my card in months and months. I use a different bank account. I emailed them and told them that it m
  20. Hi everyone this is my first time posting on these forums and i find myself in need of some advice! i took out a payday loan with mini credit which was due to be paid back on the 25th of October 2013, i started college and had a reduced income for that month and the forseeable future. after looking around mini credits website i realized there was hardly any way to contact them! i requested a call from them on the 20th of october and also sent an email asking for a repayment plan that same night only to have an automated response saying: Dear Sir/Madam Please use ww. minicredit .
  21. Need some advise, my other half has bought an iPad via three on contract and it has gone faulty out of the initial 28 days warranty they give, after that they state it has to go to Apple. I don't really want to go to my nearest store as it is about 60 miles away. So the question really is, are 3 responsible for the replacement or refund for the iPad as I am covered under SOGA, the contract is between me and 3 and not Apple. Any help would be great. Cheers
  22. Hi, today I had a letter from minicredit.co.uk about a loan that I knew nothing about I don't know what else I can do I have talked to my bank and they are sending the money, they apparently sent to me says in this letter they tried to call / text / email me but this is the first time Ive heard from them why would they start a loan without getting confirmation from the person who is meant to be setting it up! what can I do ?
  23. Hi All, As most are aware, Mini Credit charge £19.50 faster payment fee every time they issue the loan - 1) there is no option when you apply for the loan for this not to be added 2) Faster payment is free 3) the faster payment charge of £19.50 is excessive and misleading as it is being advertised as a "faster payment charge", rather than actually being profit for Mini Credit. Additionally, Mini Credit also charge £5.50 for using debit card for repaying the loan early - I believe this is excessive and misleading, and charged as a profit. I am not 100% sure but I thought debit card t
  24. so i have a loan due tomorrow and i cant pay i have already rolled over the loan once and i cant afford to do this now. I phoned them up and they said they could not freeze the interst but could set up a 4 month plan with added interest taken the balance to 400 pound can they do this? My original loan was 100 paying back 125 please help
  25. Hi All I have an unusual problem so i'm going to state all the facts: I called a cab to pick me up from home to take me to my local tube station as i was running late for work. The cab pulled up to a nearby set of traffic lights and was in a line of traffic waiting to turn right (it was a red light). There are two small lanes on the approach to the traffic lights, one to turn left and one for right. the left lane was empty. I asked the driver if I could get out there and cross the road to the station instead (I was in the rear passenger side seat). He said yes and i
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